Pet emotes

Disclaimer – these are not neutral emotes, They typically are assigned to a particular type of pet so what you find below will be a real mish-mash of emotes. I also usually assign a gender to my pet and design my custom pet emotes around that. In addition each pet has a particular personality and apperance that I try to convey… and on top of all that I have a twisted sense of humour and my own unique take on the english language.

  1. Role play a bit and decide what your pets personality is like.
  2. Think about the types of actions such a pet would make
  3. Keep it simple and classic so peeps don’t bite your head off for “wall of text” syndrome
  4. Make puns, even terrible puns are funny O_O

I load these into the pet emote addon’s editor because that is much easier than typing them everytime!

This mish mash comes from the following pet collection

  • A very serious young wolf (protector of a low level teenaged hunter)
  • A staid lady warpstalker with a lot of battle experience
  • A jolly bear
  • A snotty bouncy scorpion
  • An emo superior black cat
  • A sadistic evil minded cunning white cat

Pet Family Renaming Suggestions

Wolf: puppy, dog, worg, coyote, mutt, mongrel, cur
Cat: kitten, lion, tiger, lyger, panther, cheetah, puma, cougar, catamount
Warpstalker: lizard, thing, monster, beast, beastthing, swamp monster
Bear: grizzley



knows many secrets.
is a bit of a poet really.
shakes her spines impatiently.
grins vacantly.
cranes her neck with pleasure.
rolls her tounge out and licks an eyeball.
flicks her tounge around her muzzle.
tosses her horns.
sniffs at the breeze.
lashes her tail-fin.
rolls one eye back to stare at you.
bares a japing maw of needle sharp fangs.
licks a scale on her flank.
stands motionless with jaws hanging open.
looks completely unimpressed.
waves its pinchers in the air like a cheap floozy.
blows a snot bubble.
gives you a weird look.
makes a zoom-zoom noise… freak.
does the happy dance.
claws at her master’s boots…
lashes his tail.
coughs up a hairball… hrrruk!
rolls his shoulder blades and stretches.
is contemplating the universe and his role in it.
has an enormous bear butt.
parks his big-butt in his owners face obscuring all vision.

/a paw.
/his eyes to your face.
/his snout, scenting the air around him.

/his mane.
/his massive head.
/his tusks.

gives you a sly

/on her master’s new ilvl 365 cloak – the little sod.
/on a bone.
/on her own back leg.

/with great gusto.
/her tail end. Oh my!

/like a little weirdo.
/in tune with his master’s humming.
/dancing sideways.

is a very serious beast
/he looks at you seriously
/do NOT laugh!
/with bright gold eyes.
/his ears pricked forward.
/he levels a solomn gaze in your direction.
/for such a young beast,
/do NOT laugh at him he might bite you.
/he is ready for anything.
/he pretends he knows nothing of play.
/he knows his duty!


tanks with his face!
bares his teeth of mass destruction!
is ready and willing to eviscerate.
wonders why his mistress isn’t out here with him?
wonders why his owner isn’t out here slugging the enemy in the face with him?
does all the dirty work!
enjoys the smell of blood and combat.
is full of fury.
will bravely defeat his foe %t.
will become a better warrior for his mistress.
snaps and bites at %t.
attempts to hamstring %t.
rips at %t’s throat.

searches for a throat to rip at,
/doesn’t %t have one?
/where is the throat?

will kill or be killed…
/and he does not feel like dying today

plans to live forever…
/which means %t must die!
/he will die another day.
/which means %t cannot be allowed to do so.

Feeding (or Pet hunger conditions)

crunches the bones and gobbles the marrow.
gulps the food without chewing!
chews on the meat greedily.
looks for more even though his mouth is stuffed full.
would like dinner to get in his belly!
is starving, someone call DEHTA!
snatches around at the air with its pinchers. Hunger!
snaps an insect out of the air.
stretches her throat upwards while searching for something to eat.
looks for water.
is going to rip someones face off if the kibble is not served shortly.
eyeballs the local wildlife.
is giving you the ‘starved kitten’ look.
chews some grass and looks miserable.
wants a pic-a-nic basket hey-hey.
pokes his snout into his owner’s backpack and helps himself.
digs for truffles.

Target is Friendly

rubs up against %t.
purrs at %t.

Traget is Unfriendly

snarls at %t.
growls at %t.


EDIT Check out Petopia forums for news about PetEmote 2010:

EDIT Check out the Three Hammers for update on PetEmote 2010:

EDIT: Efindel & ethancentaurai’s Updated PetEmote addon on Curseforge (FEB 2013):


6 Responses to Pet emotes

  1. Maria Abair says:

    Hey just wanted to give you a brief heads up and let you know a few of the images aren’t loading properly. I’m not sure why but I think its a linking issue. I’ve tried it in two different browsers and both show the same outcome.

  2. Bytes - Shaman says:

    Yeah… i pulled a lot of content off my old wordpress hunter blog (great green Hunter) and the pictures are all over the shop … sigh. Some day I’ll have to back track through all these posts (years of posts) and fix it all woe.

  3. Stormageon says:


    Thanks for sharing your pet motes! This is one of my favourite addons!

    My hard disk crashed and I had to reinstall WoW and addons. To my dismay, the link to the editor is no longer available .

    I would appreciate if anyone could email me a copy of the editor if it’s still usable for the latest version of pet emote. p9535422(a)

    Thank you!

  4. Bytes - Priest says:

    Try this webpage: (its a fan update of the old addon from Ammunition Studios and the download included the editor when i checked it 🙂

  5. Stormageon says:

    Thanks for the link! I extracted the executable file from the zip file. Unfortunately, the Editor is not compatible with the latest version of Pet Emote v1.8.1. 😦

  6. Bytes - Priest says:

    hmmm i am pretty sure before the editor came out (and peeps on MACs who could never use it) what we used to do was open the custom-emotes.lau in notepad (or note pad ++ I guess now its available it may work better) and edit text manually. Big Bear Butt had a post on how he did this in notepad ++ [ ]- its time consuming but I always thought it was worth it back in the day.

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