How to start crawling out of your shame hole: Returning to raiding tips and tricks

Well this week we aim to love the floor less in the public arena of the Raiding Environment, so here goes, lets consider the process of a returning raider attempting to knock the cobwebs out of their game-play:


TIP: don’t accidentally touch or pull your cats tail when he drapes it on your keyboard & mouse setup unless you want to play bitey bitey chomp chomp (his fav game)

  1. Learn to move again: Humm if you’ve ever moonlighted in any other game… guild wars, eve online … steam games like ori and the blind forest (ee hee hee) then you have to know movement in each game is very different. You need to get comfortable with your keyboard, mouse and gaming UI. Spend a week dicking with your wow interface and doing some high learning curve activity like PVP. This will have you casting, help you find your buttons and start moving to the rhythm
  2.  Setup UI and addons: As you learn to move you will naturally start adjusting your interface. But check out your favourite addon sites like or whatnot. Ask your raid leaders and fellow raiders if there are any new standard addons required by your raid group for this tier. Some great addons for the rusty raider are things like DBM and GTFO. Most useful I found for 6.2 elemental shaman was Binkenstein’s Weak Auras set up:
  3.  Research – Theres a lot to brush up on: class, spec, gear, best in slot, rotations & raid fights. First off you are going to need to read a good guide for your class and you need it to be authorative and up to date. Unfortunately Google is not enough to help you here … with the way wow shifts and changes and little things like tier impacting on gear stat and play priority guides can swiftly be not quite what you need or want. Sure google them and read a bit (and be damn sure to cross-reference your sources, then you’ll probably notice the inconsistencies between say Noxxic and Icy veins advice). Best bet… ask an active guild member you trust for a good place to read up. Raid leaders, friends who play your class well or just throw it out to the guild. Guildies threw me toward Binkenstein’s Guide for Shaman 6.2 elemental. For fight strats if you aren’t into deep research or forum haunting then my guild recommends something like Line Of Sight Gaming 2min fight videos:
  4. Practice: Get some practice with the LFR scrubs, that’s what LFR is for (that and collecting  your rune-stones).
  5. Self analyse: While you are licking the dirt and bleeding on the floor in your shame hole try to pinpoint what it was you did that got you killed:
    • Problem: Been out of range of healers and died in raid wide damage. Solution: I need to stay with the group.
    • Problem: that F’ing Fel-Reaver thing’s barrage gets me everytime. Why? I am trying to move? Solution: Eventually it clicks… standing at max range I cannot avoid the widest part of a cone attack… I am a idiot. I need to move in.
    • Problem: looking at my rotation messages and buttons makes me miss the DBM warnings and ground effects. Then I die. Solution: Use weak auras to bind loud alert noises to certain buffs needing to be renewed, so I can spend more time looking at the screen. 

At this point don’t worry so much about your dps… new blood is going to be sitting on the meters down with the tanks anyway… focus on not standing in the wrong spot or dropping the ball during team play. Put your hand up for the odd raid job, make sure you carry out your task. crack some jokes, be humble but positive. Do what you can do well, heck be back first from wipes if that is all that you feel you can nail with confidence – start small and work from there. If you can avoid making the same mistakes over and over your raid team will appreciate it more than an extra 5k dps on their farm content.


TIP: Move coffee cup or swill it down swiftly if cat looks as if he will kick it onto your lap and/or keyboard in T-3 seconds, coffee lap does not improve performance at any point… and your guild will just laugh at you.

100% honest my best bang for buck has been adding alert noises to the weak auras strings from Binkenstein 😀 I am old now and can only process so much visual information while raiding and while my cat is chewing on my gaming setup.

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