RL Fail ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ (aka Is this a sign? aka Why now? aka Wrong hole was the right hole! FML)

I’m picking up the idea of fail posts from Frostwolf Edition. Fails are great reads (I should say you are as always a great social read Navi, inspiring creative output.)

My fail wasn’t in game amusing. But it was a full fail.

It’s been about a year since I’ve played Warcraft, due to physical necessity not due to disinterest… but when gaming becomes the equivalent of two hours of hitting yourself with a hammer… you learn to put it down. You start to hurt just thinking about it. Brains are weird… all your so called “muscle memory” is just about how your brain tightens up its communication efficiency for things you do over and over … brains are oddly motivated by pain memories.

So anyway I’m a lot better due to remedial massage and medications and figured that I’ve hit the point where I can go back to all my old bad habits… hooray woot three cheers.

I did some updates and had a very excellent weekend of gaming before Christmas mowed me down, after which I returned to host the friends that use me as a way-station between the Australian capital cities NSW Sydney and QLD Brisbane; which is a 920.53 km car trip of about 8hrs give or take.  I’m situated smack bang in the middle of the two on the top of the great dividing range – I’m the perfect pit stop and stay over location for the Christmas migrations. Anyway I’ve had a few guests and haven’t been able to lock myself in the computer room despite my new enthusiasm to catch up to this missed xpac.

This weekend I finally had the chance and loaded up the computer – opened up like 4 quest lines that are obviously all major story arcs and was just in the fancy new draenei/demon hunter / I-didn’t-read-all-the-quest-text-I-think-this-is-ExodarMarkII spaceship, landing on the new creepy green world frontier, when “bpzzzzpffft”… flash bang – my computer dies. Numerous restarts some cleaning with cotton tips to get at the fuzz gremlins and dirt, vacuuming (trade secrets), replugging and hummm my gaming experience was terrible and laggy and horrible… and familiar and I realised!!!

I HAD AS ALWAYS I stuck the HDMI cable in THE WRONG HOLE. [*Insert sexist at-expense-of-man joke here – we ladies be vicious.]

Anyway I always stuff the HDMI cable in the wrong hole because the wrong HDMI slot is more easily accessible … and the box is under the desk where its dark dusty and this is easy to mix up in the dark [*the bad jokes keep knocking] I was thinking of taping over it actually just to prevent accidents. [*go away bad jokes]  Stormed out to living room and had a mad rand at current house guest about wrong holes and HDMI cables – came across as insane. Stormed  back in to the office and rectified my mistake.

And blizzed the computer all over again. Hello white teal tinged screen. Hello Blankness of the technical abyss. Anyway taking it all apart again it turns out my main (dedicated) graphics card has died (or the fans in the card have died and are shorting it) woe.

I’m now running everything off the integrated graphics card in the motherboard (WRONG)… its sad so sad so fail. So Fail that the fail is now the solution.

Looking up graphics cards the GFORCE in my machine is only like a 560 or something (it was more than 4yrs old) … GFORCE cards are up to past 1070 digits grief. I feel like Orphan Annie. My antique integrated graphics card reboot and I aren’t good enough to play Warcraft in any populated areas… my present game experience is like the Ironforge lag of vanilla all over again.

I’ve been trying to reconnect with all my Warcraft social media accounts again: the wordpress, twitters, Flickr and what not while I ponder if I just buy a pre-made game box off scorptech or move onto a gaming laptop :/ decisions decisions. I also have to scrum up the money I don’t have to do this by selectively not paying some bill… decisions decisions.


=^..^= Bytes


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Returning wow player, one of those elderly burnt out ex-officer types. My current main is a Hunter (MS the under-dog talent tree Beast Master), but thats shifting back to hybrid Shaman. Together with my virtual cat I battle evil, kick butt and take names.
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