Died last night in my dreams

All the machines
Had been disconnected

I’m a bit lost in raids at the moment, I am like a spare arm grafted on an existing beast…. Oh! The literal third wheel on a war machine. I don’t know the fights (I have to live through 100 wipes to get the rhythms down… guides and LFR are nothing on learning a particular groups habits and dynamics), I don’t know my class, I don’t know my spec, I don’t know the player habits, I can’t recognize the healers on toon-sighting, and I sic don’t have a niche yet.

Every player has to find their niche in a team… even if it’s just to yell “I’m sorry” prior to a wipe or “Hurry up” prior to a pull.

Thank god for the fluffy presence of tanking bear butts, familiar dps meter stars, boisterous healers, and our little midget gnome players. I’ll give this to Horizon as a guild, it is stella for being welcoming, for adopting friendly and likable players into the ranks, and the raid crew always seems to retain a number of steady stable old faces. Cross-realm guild-ability and raiding has not impacted on this at all. Ha I guess gnome war machinery probably has quad-drupel the number of third wheels as regular machinery… so maybe they can take it.

Shamans are utility knives of combat anyway, I’m confident that once I have my feet under me I’ll find ways to be useful to the group… when I stop wiping my face down the walls and crawling into holes of shame.

So speaking of wiping, (my dreams filled with spectacular raiding fail moments), let’s look at some of the more interesting playability issues I have had in this attempt to get raiding feet back under me. Its interesting trust me.

I was experiencing this bizarre character movement lag, I’d be trying to move and cast or even type to get a very small localized rubber banding. No character animations stuck, just long periods of nothing (in raids 10-30secs is a long time, long enough to look death in the eyes and meet your maker) followed by sudden rushes of awkward burst of character activity. In ghost wolf I could literally “bunny-hop” my character. I’ve also been experiencing periods of on-off-on-off-on dis-connectivity from my home network, I thought the two issues were connected.

So that’s what I decided to troubleshoot prior to raid:

  • I looked at the in game latency information
  • I enacted standard wow quick fixes for lag issues: I dropped graphics to something butt ugly that could still display floor textures. Then disabled all non-essential addons. I made sure nothing was downloading for blizzard or in the background on my computer. The only action on my network was one flatmate streaming Netflix on my TV through a hardwired playstation, but I have Quality of Service rules set up to give both my computer and the Warcraft game priority on our home network. I was well in the green. Yeah try this stuff: https://us.battle.net/support/en/article/world-of-warcraft-performance-issues
  • I enabled a quartz timer add-on to judge my cast latency
  • I conducted a NBN speed test using one of those generic sites we all prod these days to see if our service providers are up to snuff. I looked up my service provider issues notifications. I used windows command prompt to ping google. I pinged google repeatedly trying to capture any sign of the intermediate outage. Everything looked fine at a glance. More about latency:  http://wow.gamepedia.com/Lowering_latency_(ping)_times

I was sitting there considering wiping my WTF folder *I say this as ‘what-the-fuck’ in my head by the way* ( or replacing cables … alas I have no other 15 meter cat-5/cat-6 cables… and it will be a couple of pay checks before I do for I am riding the working poverty line at the moment dang it… I should not have splurged on so many things… when raid is about to kick off and it seems like I’ll be doing more than nattering at people on vent all disruptive like while they try to kill bosses.

In a panic I dash into my room to find the box of randomly horded batteries (seriously dick smith has sales sometimes and they drop from like 10bucks to a couple of dollars a packet… who cares if they are old, they can still go in a remote). I run out with a huge packet of AAA’s and spill them all over the desk trying to ‘re-battery’ the mouse and keyboard prior to raid kick off. Wrong sort of batteries. I dash back to my room (past confused netflix flat mate) to get a big packet of AA batteries and then past again and proceed to spill those batteries all over my desk while chanting “fuckity fuck fuck fuck.”

… by now I am being judged by my household for the amount of batteries hidden in my room that are all over my desk. What people?? I am a damn gamer! Take your dirty minds away from me and be done with your foul thoughts! Don’t judge me 😮

Anyway judgement aside I am as well prepared as someone who wasn’t planning to raid can be. I zone in … and proceed to experience even worse “bunny hopping issues” and difficulty moving.

After some floor loving I look down in despair at my keyboard (surrounded by packets of spilt batteries) wondering if I’ve what gummed it up with icecream or something. I bash the buttons more adamantly. I die more effectively.

I’m looking at batteries when it occurs to me.

I’m on a wireless keyboard and mouse setup.

One receiver.

A fucking wireless piece of Logitech hunk of crap.

It’s not even backlit.

How many signals can a Logitech receiver cope with anyway?

My standard mode of play is 50% keyboard and 50% point and click. So on my shaman currently for example say to move, I am hard pressing E for forward, sometimes at the same time as S for strafe left (old DOOM setup) and I am also pressing V with my thumb for my key bound ghost wolf (on hunter this is disengage) then Shift+V  (on hunter this is cheetah) for my minor speed boost unleash elements. With the mouse I’d be clicking on screen (sometimes buttons for extra cast sometime mobs) and spinning/panning the camera, the mouse wheel zooms me in and out, and I’d be bashing keyboard Ctrl+Tab to get a hold of a new add target… while hitting mouse button 4 for a burst buff (on hunter that’s my pet attack and roar macro).

Indeed how many signals can a Logitech receiver cope with anyway?

My wireless internet can push out Gigs of data.

The router has more than 6 antenna … I already know the ones inside it work better than the outside variety that are so showy. I did some research on the ramifications of over clocking my network hotspot using DD-WRT firmware the other month.

The keyboard and mouse set up have a reciever the size of my pinky nail.

As I get more frustrated I would have been spam hammering W more too – that’s my main rotation attack button. Yup its ‘q’ starter, ‘w’ filler, ‘3’ big hit (burst or kill command or some such). F is aoe, V is speed/movement, T/G interrupts / C slows and debuffs. Mouse button 4 something you need to refresh constantly.

There’s a lot of signal going on.

Ha. This is the right fucking tree to be barking up. I’m working on a fucking wireless hunk of crap. There’s more to wireless issues than running out of battery life apparently. I’ve never had a combo setup before… I guess you learn the hard way.

I ran around the house during raid break opening cupboards and emptying boxes (my flatmate thinks I am insane now) trying to find my spare G18 keyboard only to remember I lent it out to a friend that plays EVE online sigh.

After raid I did some testing in notepad… and sure enough I would get the delay then the spam or even just a dead zone of no text input… the bunny hop effect. It’s something like four simultaneous signals before I can bug the receiver out.

Since then I’ve gone an purchased a basic USB keyboard and mouse. Turns out I can’t use the mouse (no extra side buttons damn it… how will I do the things), but I was able to plug in the basic keyboard. My game play is heaps easier (oh I’m still stuck in a hole of death and shaming because I suck as a raider at the moment… but it’s all my own stupidity not bunny-hopping)

Our monkish-raidleader has introduced me to a term Yak-Shaving… I like this term. I’ve been using it at work once a day to  inspire my workmates.

But seriously … its troubleshooting games that has pushed me into an IT job in my library head/desk.

Next great adventure… looking at new peripheral equipment that may be easier to use with RSI and sore bits :3




About Bytes

Returning wow player, one of those elderly burnt out ex-officer types. My current main is a Hunter (MS the under-dog talent tree Beast Master), but thats shifting back to hybrid Shaman. Together with my virtual cat I battle evil, kick butt and take names.
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