Relearning the ropes – switching to shaman in 6.2

First off a disclaimer: I have never ever picked a class based on what’s coming out on sites as the “best class” for XYZ. Not I, I don’t even pick my spec like that… I’ve run in Beastmaster through most of warlords with my pet out because that’s how I enjoy hunter play not because that’s what will get me the highest meter DPS. I just really like looking at my hunters pet … I named him after my housecat 😀 I gets the happies.

Anyway back to topic, I’ve been bored of hunter DPS … also DPS jobs are harder with a smaller pool of dependable peeps and hunters are perfect for DPS jobs… so this role I picked up to do some take it easy raiding … err wasn’t really cruise controlled raiding … more mad bouncing around the board with disengage doing everything but tunneling the boss because blizzard are sick sick bastards and I guess they saw me coming for a hunter holiday. Also I was getting a bored not being able to change roles. So I want to trundle back to hybrid classing.

My options were druid/monk/shaman/priest. Because if it’s not ranged I flail and fail quite a bit now with my decreased keyboard/mouse reaction times.

I ended up boosting my shaman (race changed to the panda because I am used to the lasses panda face now, name change to Shockbytes … because Electricbytes was too long woe (and I forgot about bad spelling options.) I boosted to 100 for a whole 10 levels (and I am not ashamed so there … okay yes yes I am … but I could not face all that questing again.) I’m not going shaman to be best of anything and I haven’t bothered investigating where they land on the dps/heal curves in 6.2 … I was just really enjoying ghost wolf and chain lightning :p

In anycase when you boost they deck you out in this shocking ilvl 640 gear (hah actually that’s pretty decent of them as they could put you in rags :p), hum and noticing that the guild had a normal raid listed I figured I’d sign up and meet and greet the current raiding team this week … totally giving the old-panda raid leader a small heart attack with my sudden “unknown scrub from nowhere” Pokémon move when they were looking at the nightly roster sign-ups. This is much much funnier if you are not the one organizing the raid and if you are in officer chat to see the twitching happen :p Honestly I did not intend that they take me, lol for though my guild is very inclusive, having been a RL back in the years of 10man… it feels far far too rude to ride the farm-run-train without contributing for a few weeks with turn-up and funny jokes or some such… sic however in the end I did run on my hunter ilvl680 and /sob… loved the floor all evening… (more about that later, its actually pretty interesting, the floor story, trust me.)

The main ways to gear – listed very nicely in this video are currently:

Complete WoD Patch 6.2 Gearing Guide: Get High Ilvl FAST!

  • Heroics – I found these were not so great for gears now actually – lol and guess who had not done proving grounds on this character >< that’s right meeeeeeee. HOWEVER Silver proving grounds and heroics are required for legendary ring quest chain. Which is required for my raid team and for being a good healer according to research.
  • LFR ilvl640-680 – at first I could only do the really old LFRs and ilvl rise was very slow this way, it’s not the way I went. HOWEVER this is required for legendary ring quest chain.
  • Garrison missions which leads you to also opening shipyard and gives you little crates of gear that once your followers are geared is much better than your own gear (not really an option on a boosted because pffft my followers are sparse)
  • The Tanaan Jungle place everyone is hanging out in, it’s super cheesy. My guild leader and her main-bear ran me around it as an introduction (because they can magically fly now) and it’s full of tasty rare mobs and little hidden treasures that give you resources and gear tokens, as well as the usual daily token quests. To make the best of the zone download the add-on handynotes and its supplement handynotes_draenortreasures
  • LFR ilvl680+ – The latest LFR tier. I really do want to buck for the 4piece of the latest raids in this LFR, apparently when I get far enough with my ring I need to grind things in here for it.
  • PVP… and this was my winner. You heard me PVP was the fastest least grindy gear grind and in the end the most interesting way to get myself from ilvl640 to ilvl700+ to enable myself to be able to play with the guild raiders.

Ha so all weekend I actually just ran PVP random battle grounds and that new awesome PVP playing field that is Ashran that I’ve never bothered with before … it was so much fun. For one thing there are class specific tokens that drop in this zone and the one for shamans turns you into he equivalent of a greased pig in PVP scrums… epic mount speed ghost wolf (which remember you can cast in battle whenever, and which you can glyph to drop movement gimping) that stealths you after 5secs. I was totally  Blitzhund the lightning wolf of totem bomb dropage /cackle. First I netted myself the trinkets to get the whole takes less player damage buff… some other gear dropped from Ashran event objectives. By the end of the weekend I am fully kitted in PVP ilvl 700 gear with a couple of items of ilvl710 from conquest points. Very nice!

*next I relearn my classes, then I start focusing on finding non pvp trinkets, getting the teir buff even if from LFR gear and getting some non PVP gear with more appropriate stats so they don’t toss me out for being a scrub. 

It seems alas elemental shaman want to be stacking multistrike and restoration shaman want mastery with a slice of spirit so it will still require two gear sets to play well /annoying

Resto Shaman 6.2 – by Tuskeh

(site referred to:

Elemental Shaman 6.2 – by Tuskeh


About Bytes

Returning wow player, one of those elderly burnt out ex-officer types. My current main is a Hunter (MS the under-dog talent tree Beast Master), but thats shifting back to hybrid Shaman. Together with my virtual cat I battle evil, kick butt and take names.
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