I should be working but screw that really

Yeah… I should be testing a baby PERL script or writing a user acceptance testing document or poking an application upgrade with my little poking unix sudo stick…

Instead I’m sitting here alternating the Frozen music video Let it Go with Disc POV  Garrosh kill videos. It’s nice. My work boss got bitten by her cat (cats are made of knives and blades. I stand by that, and I have one so I should know) and the antibiotics they have put her on have her throwing up, so she went home anyway. All my other workmates have left for the day and I’ve just finished a huge personal computer migration as they took my desk top system away from me to lock it down and take away my administration access… stupid campus policies of standardization and risk management /pout.

Maybe I can let myself indulge a bit hey.

Its been a long long time since I sat and looked at a particular fight in regards to how I can heal it better… you know from a purely Disc POV. Normally I don’t have the time, I just wing it, I’ve been too focused on sorting out the progression strat and making notes on kill orders or tank rotations or where the bloody raid markers should go. I have to wait for my own rotation refinement to blossom as the guild moves a particular fight to farm content. It really oddly relaxing… I missed it I think, just looking at my own turf of class and role dirt in wow raid ecology.

No fault of my guild, but I have been well game withdrawn, borderline quitting. Mostly its just the survivor in me – retreat and cut your losses if you aren’t coping  – slice and dice your time and drop back to the things you can cope with … I remember there was a year where I didn’t come out from under my doona except to work and to buy food to feed the cat, I mean that’s all I could handle so that’s what I did. I’ve been under a lot of RL time constraints and it hasn’t let up for many months on work or the home front… and due to there being zero give at work or in RL it was the game and other hobbies that ate the bullet for me. I don’t even DnD anymore.

I’m a commitment-phobe you know? So maybe that’s weird from someone who has played wow since vanilla and shows no signs of bouncing to another MMO platform (oh I have GW2 in my back pocket but i can guarantee that time not spent on wow isn’t actually channeled into GW2 … I just don’t play any comp games at all, if I am not on wow I’m not playing any games O_o.) Maybe commitment phobic isn’t the right term precisely… maybe expectation phobic is more the thing? It’s a social anxiety thingy to do with people and you can set it off all sorts of funny ways, like maybe by looking at me after I agree to let you flat with me and saying “It’ll only be four years” *insert-small-heart-attack, or by asking me to sign a twelve-month rental lease when I was all hyped for a six month one *insert-actual-sweaty-palms, or by requesting my Real-ID back when they were new *insert-a-socially-awkward-response-and-withdrawal. All true story examples… I have no idea how I ended up guild officering…

I’m the sort who reads a book in the back of the room, I’m the sort who attends a pool party and just watches a group go swimming. Happy all solo, with minimal interaction, minimal acknowledgement. A lurker and a ghost and a coaster. Honestly my self concept is that I’m not really leader material. Booger knows why I’m always organising real-life social events or standing up to ass-hats or playing social diplomat. Booger knows how I ended up telling a bunch of cyber types where to stand or which groups to decurse.

I think can cope if I’m a beta or a team member. So a healthy officer team is essential if I want to maintain a healthy lush head of hair… pfft and not watch it all fall out. I’ve been really lucky in that as my grasp on guild human resource style jobs has been becoming lax and near void other guild members have stepped up to pick up work… and honestly if you are ever in the same boat, be assured that you can relax the reigns and the war-machine that is guild management and raiding and what not will continue as others fill the voids you leave. I believe that absolutely – that guilds are some part system and some part ecosystem and can be developed so that they are somewhat self-sustaining if you build them on a good foundation. I think our guild has that.

So yeah, my warlock co-raid leader left due to babies and then I had to take a break due to house moving; I come back and we have a brill raid-leader on the rise for progression content, thank the fricken blizz-gods. The pally tank I’d conned into picking up open raid (and thus flexi management) has really thrived and become confident at raid leading the flexis (just needs some guild go-to policy for how to deal with oversubscription and benching, always the way) Pffft and on that note the new raid leader was surpised he ended up raid leading flexi progression too bwahahah dunno  how to break it to him but such will be his lot in life now – until the patterns (read farm) is established the 10mN raid leader will be asked for assist on the flexi should they be fool enough to go, such is life. We have a druid willing to do combat logs, the holy-roller has picked up heal team leadership  and DKP management (although will be afk for 2 months… which is forever in wow time lol.) I feel like I can stop hyperventilating in the corner.

Oh we have the usual late xpac guild issues; we just lost a loved-vetern player who returned after a long break and was unable to reconnect with the guild member base, we lost the fellow who was going to run my training raids that apparently our non-raider membership are gagging for, we lost my warlock raid-leader buddy to lack of sleep, we’ve lost our potential social officer to RL issues that sort of thing. Oh and we have lots of new recruits that would like to raid that aren’t putting out the hps / dps or having the fight experience & team synergy yet to step straight into the core raid team on progression content (so many melee dps /cry – please note if you are melee dps; a hybrid is like gold to a 10m raid lol.)

But all in all I have a positive feeling about the state of the guild and well some interest in my game again.

Maybe I’ll get to have a looksee at heroic content (I love me some heroic content.)


Oh good officering post here: Extend or Reset from World-Of-Matticus http://www.worldofmatticus.com/raid-leader-questions-reset-or-extend/




About Bytes

Returning wow player, one of those elderly burnt out ex-officer types. My current main is a Hunter (MS the under-dog talent tree Beast Master), but thats shifting back to hybrid Shaman. Together with my virtual cat I battle evil, kick butt and take names.
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2 Responses to I should be working but screw that really

  1. mattticus says:

    Thanks for the nod, Bytes!
    Glad to see your management team is in good position for the expansion.

  2. Bytes says:

    Ahh matticus your blog is gold it really is, I’m just happy it’s still here for me to read!

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