Seige of Orgrimmar: Norushen 10mN [Disc Priest POV]

This was a pretty straight forward fight – the key to success is in how your guild sends in the peeps to be tested to maximum dps on the boss, yet how it balances that with how many adds the raid can handle and also with how good the raid is at picking up the aoe orbs.

On 10mN you get two golden orbs allowing two raiders to take a test at a time. Our guild went with:

  1. 2 DPS (blowing cooldowns to deal with increased adds, but saving hero for when all the dps have been cleansed)
  2. DPS + Tank (tanks are a priority)
  3. DPS + Healer (make a case for yourself if you are disc – sure the hate buff is nice for other healers but save yourself target swapping hell … and a lack of targets after 50% by getting cleansed so you can conduct atonement healing)
  4. DPS + other Tank
  5. any other DPS remaining – priority cleansing

Who is picking up the large orbs dropped by adds? Well it should always be the next crew scheduled to be cleansed. Once you are cleansed as DPS picking up orbs is something you only do to save the raid because it decreases the damage, so it will be the job of the healers and tanks to collect them.

Okay Disc Priest things: If you know you are going to be cleansed your setup will be very different from the setup you should take if you know you are not going to be able to get yourself cleansed. Being cleansed as disc will = more effective healing. Beg if you have to.

Setup for cleansed & test taking:

You want a maximum burst DPS spec.

  • Take your improved mind bender, as it packs a punch
  • Take Twist of Fate (although Power infusion is also a viable choice)
  • Take Halo – halo will heal the NPCs and damage the sha in the test = BAM!

There was no particular need to switch glyphs up. I stuck with penance, Inner sanctum and humm it could have been fade.

This mouse-over macro was reasonably important:

/cast [target=mouseover,help] Purify; [help] Purify; [harm] Dispel Magic; Purify;

In the test I usually popped angel wings and halo as soon as NPCs were up and a penance on an NPC – then holy fire on the Sha and mind bender, straight into an atonement smite rotation. A fast thinker can also void shift one other NPC and use Desperate Prayer to top up own health. Then just watch for DBM warning and look for the purple cloud over an NPC for a quick mouse-over decurse with the above macro. The sha will be down in no time.

Set up for a non-cleansed run:

Well your atonement is neutered, especially once the boss hits 50% and the raid will be focusing on him alone because you run out of adds to smite with your smity goodness. You will also be without the haste buff a cleansed healer gets (no biggy as disc.)

  • If you can afford the reforge you can stack mastery for super strong shields instead of crit
  • Talents such as ‘from darkness comes light’ (flash heals) and ‘divine insight’ (extra shields) will probably give you more output on the last 50%. I still prefer Solace and Insanity over From Darkness Comes Light because I have to maintain my angel wings in any case and this reminds me to always be casting solace/holy fire. Mana-mana-mana.
  • The Divine Star talent will also get a lot of use with how the raid has to stack
  • Use your Spirit Shell with Prayer of Healing on cooldown after the 50% hits and everyone is focusing the boss
  • Remember to keep Prayer of Mending up
  • Penance players rather than the boss (unless adds are up, usual smite rotation on adds)
  • Use your Holy Fire / Solace to maintain your angel wings
  • If you have the legendary meta gem then use weak auras to track the buff and conserve mana by spreading your Power Word: Shield around when it has procced… you should get 3-4 casts… on top of your regular rapture cast that’s pretty mana efficient

The little glyphs will mean more than if you are relying on the atonement rotation; such as the disc shield +heal and perhaps PoM glyph 🙂



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Returning wow player, one of those elderly burnt out ex-officer types. My current main is a Hunter (MS the under-dog talent tree Beast Master), but thats shifting back to hybrid Shaman. Together with my virtual cat I battle evil, kick butt and take names.
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