10c an hour is good money if you are me

I was thinking about the past faces of this blog – because some guildies know where it is, and they check it out which is fair enough and that came up tonight in flexi vent, pfft amongst small talk… lol of all of my 6 regular readership peeps I am thinking maybe 2-3 are guildies that have time on their hands. Even my co-posting co-raid-leading warlock buddy just doesn’t have a lot of time for reading what I put up here, and no one reviews my posts for me before they are … well posted … lol not even me sometimes as they are often written at work during coffee breaks or other lulls.

Since I left the hunter community to become a somewhat ambiguous blog without a class focus (and then a later a healing blog) the traffics been quieter for me… hunters are a fantastically social class, they want to know where the pets are, they find the weird things in wow (because they are always out looking for pets) and they are very much into the extrinsic value of things … fantastic scenery (hiding pets), mogged clothes (for traveling around looking fabulous with pets), matching mounts… and different coloured ‘rare’ pets. All this leads to a community with is bubbling with information about why “my cat fluffy is special” and it goes above and beyond the raiding tips and what not. The hunter community really connects on the gossipy level (or so I found it.)

And originally … not being a raider, just a traveller and a seeker of ‘awesome’ pets I found some enjoyable company and connections in the fellow wow hunter community, where peeps were really actually interested in reading about nonsense like how my warpstalker kept warping behind the Red Orcs a-dragon back out in the void of Shadowmoon valley only to fall into oblivion (weird bugs ftw.)

Its quieter here running a blog, a healing blog, that doesn’t have a lot of informative healing or raiding guides because I am still pretty much mostly a gossipy writer. I write what’s on my mind when I need a rant, I write about what happens in LFR, I bemoan what feels like my constant pending wow burn-out, I complain about my RL pet cat and gush about my guild. I link a vid or talk about my lunch.

Healers read for different reasons… we are usually trying to save virtual lives, there is a responsibility or an expectation or something you are trying to understand in a team work environment. What I mean is if I head off onto the net to do some reading, well as a Disc priest what I usually need to know is “why do my tanks keep dying on boss XXX” and “why does a particular fight cause me to heal at like 30% my usual output. How do I fix that?” or “Wtf has this patch done to me I feel like I am casting in jello” IMO… that’s what a healer will go seeking for in the wow blogoshere: Sites like the Icy Veins forums, Healiocentric, World of Matticus and How2Priest… That’s what we really want as healers, answers that will help us save ourselves from yet one more graveyard run.

My blog was born because I used to read wow insider when it wasn’t actually called wow insider O_o it was wow.com or something, and on wow insider they posted some things written by Big Red Kitty a dwarven hunter (quite ranty) which lead me back to his blog and from his blog I found other interesting hunter blogs – all of which I read avidly. Then my warcraft friends were off to teach for two years over in Korea and they were whom I spoke to most about wow. My family doesn’t get wow, most my friends in town don’t get wow, my workmates in the library say that listening to me relate anything about wow sounds like alien lingo (although it has been noted that we have virtual servers showing up with distinctly wow names like silverpine, so in the past someone over in ITD in charge of campus server naming conventions played wow) … and now the people who knew why it was funny when I tried to ask IT to ‘misdirect’ my phone to the front desk (rather than ‘redirect’ it) were leaving.

So I started a blog to keep in contact with them… and rant. I can swing a great rant when I get going.

I used to delight in using the most appalling grammar and gaming terminology – I still do really (MOAR DOTS – feel my significant pauses… full of full stops MUWahahahaha haa ha heh hee ha… cough.) I guess working on a university campus makes me feel like excessive punctuation and weird game slang is much much funnier than what it is. I have been greeting people with “Ni  Hao” both in game and in real life instead of hello since the gold farming Nymn song came out on youtube and I realised why, when I was a NElf noob, the Chinese kids in stranglethorn were the only people who would play with me … we killed so many tigers… so many!

I am honestly not sure what my ‘blog face’ is these days, a lot of my creative and wow related energy is sunk into maintaining the guild forums or preparing for raids (oh the valour and gear and rep grind) … sometimes I do officer business but its a friendly low maintenance guild. Preparing the Raid is the biggest time sink – there are out of game emails, paperwork, research, logs, strats, groups, benching, addon to sync and load, raid markers to set up and assignments to hand out and a butt load of other decisions to make. The raid is the war machine and we are all just cogs in the system. Even though you know a new cog will be found if you fall its hard to stop grinding away once you are embraced by the war machine.

However I am not dealing in cutting edge content, so no ‘just out’ posts from me… and I don’t explore the game facets and have as many enjoyable stories as I used to about the little things. I am too tired to connect to the priest and healing community the way I did with the hunter one… higher responsibilities at work, more things to do outside of the game and what I do do inside the game can be quite dull… a lot of it is keeping up with the joneses so that I can succeed in current content. [Still don’t have that legendary quest line in the bag /sigh]

So as usual I no real idea about my blog ‘face’. It just is what it is – much like me (there’s a certain amount of prevarication, as I am prone to it) but really this place is just… a stream of consciousness… or dot points… I think in lists… well when I get the time to type. Cough and its probably a bit immature compared to what I have to be and do at work – but the lines blur.

Do I mind guildies coming by? I know a lot of bloggers are reluctant to allow their place of great venting to be touched by their guild (as that way lies the massive fat drama lama usually pffft.) But no I don’t think I mind… I think they are all intelligent enough to realise that on this site you get Bytes the blabby and her personal blog, but on the guild forums and raid channels it will be Officer Bytes with the official officer team line.

I don’t believe in bad mouthing my teammates or running anything down (very anti that sort of thing) so I don’t think my wow blog site will worry them. Pffft but I suppose they are going to discover that my personal opinions don’t always align with what I decided is diplomatically the agreeable course of action as a guild officer and man (how embarrassing) I guess that they will probably notice that the more I hang out with someone the more weird nicknames I plaster on an individual in my head and blog (familiarity breeds fondness with me … I LIKE the people I know, sometimes simply because I know them and that in cat-like fashion makes people mine… in my head anyway <—space case)

I mean I once had a goldfish called Hercules Frank Malone ‘The Fish’ … he was given a name for every year he lived. The virtual world feels like it cycles 2-4 times over in the time one real life year passes me by.

Peeps have so many different names on the inside of my skull, its hard to articulate the correct one sometimes.



About Bytes

Returning wow player, one of those elderly burnt out ex-officer types. My current main is a Hunter (MS the under-dog talent tree Beast Master), but thats shifting back to hybrid Shaman. Together with my virtual cat I battle evil, kick butt and take names.
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