Seige of Orgrimmar: The Fallen Protectors 10mN [Disc Priest POV]

Hmmmmm well to be honest I am still wrapping my head around the Fallen Protectors, oh not the fight I even made an LFR raid my minions and did a bit of PUG raid leading on top of flexi and 10mN … its just that for a Disc priest to shine better than the raid aoe kings like holy priests and druids on this messy messy fight either (a) all the DPS have to take little damage outside of the stack phases or (b) you need to know the fight so well you have all your talents tuned in to suit a bunch of circumstance you know are going to arise!

I’m not quite there yet, and I’ve noticed a lot of priest tips are just sort of skipping over the protectors fight, probably because there is not a lot to say really. But I have had a great chance to test a lot of the different talents out and experiment, so here is my 5 cents.

I trialed all three of our talent tree end tier spells: Divine Star, Cascade and Halo. the winning two were Divine Star and Halo… now I run with a holy priest who had specced into halo and I was on tank healing, thus Divine Star was slightly more effective for me … why? Well for these reasons:

  • It fitted in very well with Sun’s ‘Calamity’ attack, I could cast it regularly after the aoe damage went down on the raid to help top them back up… if they were not stacked I aimed it at the melee/dps/tanks grouped on the current DPS target I was always sure to get someone… if we were stacked then we were taking lots of damage and this spell was more useful than halo in such situations.
  • I could rely on the druid and holy priest to be hotting the raid up outside of stacks – meaning halo wasn’t really needed in between stacks (And if it was the holy priest would pop it)
  • Mana efficient – tank healing can require more juice, especially if you have to be careful which targets you are solacing for the mana return

The big choice between the lvl 75 talents: Twist of Fate, Power Infusion, Divine Insight.

Twist of Fate – Right off the bat atonement is difficult to be consistent with on this fight with all the target swapping and then the heavy damage healing periods… let me tell you if you are focus healing a tank it is marginally worse… so although I trialed this talent it didn’t particularly help me do my job – discarded.

Power Infusion is a great panic button and lets you get a little extra juice out of Spirit Shell … so its a reasonable choice if not particularly full of bells and whistles.

I took Divine Insight… it gave me extra bubbles for the tank – and other peeps after a penance – this wasn’t a bad deal as far as I was concerned.

The choice for my mana regen talent seemed pretty straight forward  once I realised how careful I was having to be to not touch the Bosses because our DPS were having trouble finding the balance to prevent more than one popping their desperate measures, I went with the From Darkness Comes Light talent and used the flash of lights mostly on the tank.

… all over this fight wasn’t made with a smite happy disc priest in mind /sigh.


  • Harass your raid group to mind their /5 range spread between stacks – it can really help
  • Set a marker for the stack point in Rooks desperate measures, peeps will take more damage here than when you go into Sun’s mediation bubble so this is a great time & place to use barrier.
  • Glyph your purify – decursing on this fight is crucial. Assign one healer to each group and make sure the get Shadow Word: Bane off as soon as it hits (starts with three stacks) or if you are slow at two stacks… it will spread on the last tick. Mass dispel should be used if you are stacked for Rook’s or Sun’s desperate measures if the spread has started (just clean it up and take the hit to your mana.)  This DoT is a raid killer if not managed properly. Having Bane spread in a dark measures phase can lose you raiders.
  • It is a good idea to add Mark of Anguish to your list of custom debuffs in healbot (or whichever addon you are using), the raid should already know who this will be passed to – usually a tank and then if needed an iceblocking mage, warlock etc. If you can see the mark you can monitor the players cooldown to give them a little extra time with pain suppression or shell should it be needed. Communicate with raid when you do mitigate for the player so they don’t just pass it or pop bubble over the top.

…hum to be honest that’s pretty much it for tips on this fight… it was a bit of a butt for disc priests, my rotation was pretty disrupted by petty tasks: save the tanks (bah), decurse the dps (bah) move out of things (bah) stop DPS (humbug). Disc priests the hunters of the healing circle. It is not unmanageable but with the spread of the raid … and the amount of crap for them to stand in the hotting classes will be shinier in here.



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Returning wow player, one of those elderly burnt out ex-officer types. My current main is a Hunter (MS the under-dog talent tree Beast Master), but thats shifting back to hybrid Shaman. Together with my virtual cat I battle evil, kick butt and take names.
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