Proving Yourself: Gold Healer


But really this post is somewhat a ‘how to’ for Disc priests.

The bronze and silver challenge fell over before me without me thinking about it much more than “I had better save my cooldowns for the end”. However Gold was an actual challenge, mostly due to mana, partly due to cooldowns and finally certainly due to the fact that your NPC team are the biggest bunch of nimbats Blizz could program and roll up to create team “super happy noob friends”.

Some notes:

  • CC – All CC options on the first tier of my talent tree seemed shit… mind control “very shit”. These aren’t teammates that notice your CC and try to move away from it or not break it… nor can they survive while you are MCing a mob. Wasted global cooldown really.
  • Talents – I required as much mana regen as possible so took Solace & Insanity and kept the lower levelled shadowfiend. I selected desperate prayer (because I use it after void shift), Power Infusion (it looked like the most mana saving ability of that tier) and Divine star because the other two top tier talents looked like overkill and a mana draining death.
  • Glyphs – Inner Sanctum (for damage reduction), Powerword: Shield and Purify (yes no moving penance … I didn’t want to burn the extra mana)
  • Spell Mix Ups – I swapped binding heal off my healing interface for heal, I can’t recall if I even used it on the attempt that won me the show as If I recall I went back to my style of shielding & atonement smiting to heal in the later attempts T_T
  • Reforging – I girded my loins and walked over to the reforger and removed all my reforing (this for me just returns spirit in bulk)
  • Consumables – I flasked for spirit but only had int food on me
  • Gear – I didn’t do anything special with gear…. but I know the Soothing Talisman trinket from the shadow-pan assault helped. I have also heard that the legendary meta will not proc in here (I don’t have that so it means little to me.) Ideally you would walk in here with some sort of custom proving grounds set that is heavy in spirit, I hear 4-piece gear bonus doesn’t take either so no worries for me as I didn’t have that.

Next wipe your face on the content till you get a feel for when the cooldowns and regens are going to have to be blown… the unfortunate fact of playing in disc spec is you must be able to premeditate the fight (like the back of your hand) before you will be able to shine. I highly recommend looking up the mobs& their particular attacks and watching a video:

This video is both useful and funny! Even better it is from Disc perspective.

I had to sit for an hour while my internet failed and lagged out on me, when bubble is no longer instant cast you will not succeed at healing a damn thing. If I had to estimate it took me perhaps an hr? Give or take… and more than half an hour of that time was honestly spent on attempts I could have avoided if I had not been stubbornly refusing to reforge my gear back to spirit.

My thoughts: Gold wasn’t that difficult – does this mean I will have to wipe my face in here for no reward with the “super happy noob friends” team to get the Endless 10/20/30 achievement before people will take me seriously in pugs / open raid as a healer. …. Horror, it’s really not that entertaining! (If only it gave valour or something then it would factor into my valour grind time I suppose)

Links for the next task:

Lol! The first guide almost sounds like it is narrated by “Tales of Mere Existence” I keep imagining the drawings!


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