Seige of Orgrimmar: Immerseus 10mN [Disc Priest POV]

Main Phase

Tank Healing:

Well pray you don’t get the pure tank healing assignment because it is a pain in the buttock. If you do get the tank healing assignment (and the assignment is not split with one tank to a healer slightly off the side) then you should make sure that your tank team will communicate when they will be taunting to take the cone effect ‘Corrosive Blast’.

Also make sure they clarify the following

  • Will the taunt off come directly before the cast so the off tank can eat the damage? In which case you should be standing behind the tank currently tanking until you see the cast go down … then you can move in behind the off tank (who will be currently holding the boss)
  • OR will the tank next expected to eat the damage taunt off … wait for cast… where upon other tank will take the boss back? In which case you want to be sure you are standing behind the offtank not the tank currently being whaled on by the boss….

Basically don’t eat the debuff with your tanks because it will splat you like a splatty thing. Then all you have to worry about in the tank damage, the puddle damage and the swirl damage @_@.


  • Shield and POM the tanks (wouldn’t hurt to glyph POM for less bounces a bigger initial heal because there will be butt all stacking for it to bounce around )
  • Maintain grace on the tanks with penance
  • Make sure you atone enough to have your angel wings ready for the split phase and to get the solace regen
  • Greater heal is your slow and horrible friend (shield then cast it)
  • Flash heal will hopefully save a tank that decides puddles are fun /sigh it will also make you run mana dry but you can deal with that problem in the split
  • Keep heal around for when you have nothing else to do to help you clean the weakness off tank for next shield cast (you probably won’t use it smite and solace are far more important and then you will be avoiding ground poop)
  • If you need to, there is at least the opportunity to use your cooldowns when tank healing: pain suppression, spirit shell or the barrier can be placed on a tank directly before the cone effect… however wasted if you are wrong about who is going to eat the damage.

I can say as a disc priest this will stuff up your enjoyable smite and atonement rotation…. /sigh. Tank healing is the pit job on this fight O_o

Raid Healing:

Raid healing will be much easier as you will have 3 or so DPS and you will simply have to float up and down the game board making sure you can get the little blighters within LOS for healing. If they are not in LOS point it out in vent and they can work out their own pit stop for healing… maybe they prefer the holy priest the little ingrates O_o

Atonement should spread your healing to the sides you can’t reach physically. Fade glyph can help until you understand how the swirl mechanic works, and the glyph of Glyph of Inner Sanctum is always brilliant for a little extra survivability (spell damage reduction /fraggle dance)… if your dps are maintaining a respectable closeness then binding heal (perhaps even glyphed) is also useful here. You do this fight enough and you are going to get a feel for when a puddle is about to spawn under your feet in any case.

  • Atonement healing is raid heals king –  solace smite smite smite, rinse & repeat
  • Shield and penance your DPS sheep when it looks like they are not minding their feet, or the wave… mind you if they insist on standing in the wave there isn’t a lot you can do for them (head/desk)
  • If the DPS sit in a puddle for any significant amount of time you are going to have to drop a greater heal… just make sure you shield something first so it’s not one of those slow and constipated casts


Splits a disc priest is well tooled to gear with:

  • Make sure you are specced into halo!
  • Make sure you are specced into void tendrils
  • Either set up your healing interface to see targets/NPCs etc or create [ /target Contaminated Puddle ] macro.
  • Make sure NPC nameplates are showing so you can see the name change etc
  • Make sure you have your wings ready for a healing burst (in later phases a healing cooldown ie power infusion’ can also be blown
  • Use Inner Focus! <— its good use it
  • Slow them all and be standing on the first one you top up completely to catch the healing bonus and mana regen

On the first split you probably won’t need halo as there will be less healing adds dropping (they will increase as the splits continue)

Watch the oozes being shot out of the boss and start legging it to where you can see the most healing ones are going to land on your assigned quadrant (the colour is slightly lighter than the ‘need to be dps’ed adds.)

Wait a few seconds for the blobs to start moving (and thus be targetable by abilities) and if you have no other CC in your area pop the void tendrils to hold the DPS targets.

Get a powered up flash heal or penance on your target to slow it down (if its penance make sure you are moving in on top so that you can get the mana and healing buff.)

NOTE: the healing blobs will not stop moving to the boss; however they will change colour slightly (and grow a face – weird) and name to “Purified” if you have succeeded.

Move on to another asap.

On the first split you will probably have time to help on the DPS blobs… stand near for the damage to blobs bonus O_o

2nd Split onwards:

On following splits you should use Halo to slow as many DPS and healing targets as possible. (You can probably pull halo on 2 & 4.) You cannot love the Halo enough on the splits!

Void Shift will work and will top something up right fast

Leap of Faith can pull them to you if you need extra time on one.

Other TIPS that may help increase your survivability:

  • When the DBM warning for the wave comes up just move to the back wall and make sure you don’t touch the smaller moving puddles … if the wave is spawning near you it will then miss you … note tanks cannot leave their positions so if you are tank healing it will put you dangerously out of LOS. However you can spin around reasonably quickly to see where the wave is and move back in if it’s all the way over the other side. … feathers are a good idea for the speed burst if you are good at double tapping a keybind to drop them under your feet (if not just put them out before you need them … they last a long time these days)


5.4 personal Disc priest STAT PRIORITY: most our guild heal team has gone back to pure spirit gems, flasks and foods to cope with the increased damage the raid is picking up on the new fights… my guild not being a heroic guild our gear does not allow us to face roll through normal. If you are looking at me in the armory my stat priority is indeed spirit 10K at least > crit > haste > mastery. I do not have the T15 4-piece bonus. I may have a little more haste stacked than you would expect, this is because my raid team does not have the spell haste buff unless we take a hunter who is kind enough to pull his spore bat out… my greater heal casts are unbelievably slow with out this haste raid buff, and that is a required spell for the occasional tank healing assignment (poo-poo I say)

I still flask and eat for int when possible (int also = crit), but accept the spirit on some fights… like fallen protectors which has a butt load of decursing and aoe healing required.


About Bytes

Returning wow player, one of those elderly burnt out ex-officer types. My current main is a Hunter (MS the under-dog talent tree Beast Master), but thats shifting back to hybrid Shaman. Together with my virtual cat I battle evil, kick butt and take names.
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