A controversial opinion: I think I despise flexi raiding

This is where I am at: I raid heal in a guild that runs a sweet casual 10man raid three nights a week. I aspire to heroics I will never get to do because as a working adult I really just don’t have that much time to sink into wow. So 10 man normal it is.

I like my guild a whole fuck-load. The peeps are friendly, mature and generally around my own age so say 20s-40’s, the drama is minimal even on my page of the story as an officer (and officers have to sort all sorts of stuff out the regular members never have to hear about), the environment is stable and laid back. I would say we are a ‘safe’ place to come play.

However my guild will never be the first on the server to ace content… we were very chuffed to have cleared Throne of Thunder before the next patch rolled in. We will generally roll in at about 20-30 sever ranked on guildox. Due to the fact we foster inclusiveness… the raid team can change to integrate new up and coming raiders … due to the fact that we foster ‘family-friendly’ and ‘your life is more important’ we will often lose a main raiding tank to marriage, a healer to babies or a DPS to work and then have to train up a new peep. I believe changing even one dynamic in a raid team slows you down on progression content (in my guild I am sure of it because the most success we have is with the little tight-knit raid teams we end up with at the end of xpacs where everyone else is falling away from the game lol.) So heroic content for me is unfortunately rare, and a casual guild doesn’t have the manpower to roll out a 25 man. But I can settle for 10man normal because it is so worth it to be able to have this casual friendly three nights a week environment /no sweat.

I feel like Flexi raiding is in danger of coming along and buggering that all up for me.

Currently I am raiding 3 nights a week, I don’t really want to do LFRs or flexi… but I will for the gear and valor like every other raider. I was hoping to do it on my terms through open raid once I have a little more experience with the normal & LFR fights. Perhaps after I’ve posted all our fight strats for the first & second wings of SoO … wouldn’t want to be that duffer that doesn’t know what’s what.

So whats my issue? Surely I should be celebrating this opportunity to roll out with guildmates and avoid LFR PUG drama with guild mates for slightly better than LFR gear?

No! No, no! and stuff that!!!

Did you know you must have 10 or more players to flexiraid? You cannot raid with 9 players as the raid difficulty is something like a level between 10 and 25 man (I swear this is proving to me that 10man is the most difficult form of raiding lol) and the boss health simply increases incrementally as you add raiders to your flexi raid group, but it is not face roll difficulty, not at all. It is a real raid. And its not a solution for being under-subscribed for the evening.

So 10 people … or more… that’s my 10man raid right there … and our bench raiders. So you are telling me we should not bench people with their DKP on our very fair rotation system (which is not even based on performance… just rank and last out priority) just to be inclusive?

“Oh but it will be easier” you say.

Fuck off it will be.

I am currently a heal team leader, I have one and a half stable regular showing healers (the half is a paladin with commitments outside wow) that means if I include myself I am understaffed on the healing team as it is. We haven’t benched a healer for months… rather we two healed ToT content early before our gear was really there just to keep the raids a rolling. We make our top melee DPS who happen to be hybrids heal because we have no choice (when they are signed up.) I seriously think we don’t see them that much because they had to heal whenever they did turn up.

You can’t give the rough assignments to an off-spec or casual healer which means the holy priest and I often have to shoulder them… good thing he is like a genius child.

So you have taken my 10man raid from me … to include the extra DPS that have turned up and you are thinking it will be “easier” because as you add more players we get a few extra battle rezzes and mechanics aren’t as brutal?

I have 2 healers. If I am lucky this evening I have three. Now I need four. For sure my team is going to have to be contributing 120% effort to get through this…

Wait you’ve decided to open it up to our casual members that are thinking they would like to raid, it’s for me to get that extra healing I pointed out we didn’t have?

AAArrrgh that’s great that’s just great…. The DPS requirements and healing requirements have just increased… and you have given me an under experienced peep to fill the hole … and 4 melee, that hunter has a PVP chain on his bow instead of an enchant… this is not easier!!

Oh the gear is only 8ilvls lower – you’re telling me don’t be gearist? That more peeps get the roll so its more gear all around?

Bah! Humbug. I coulda been in a 10man raid, I coulda had a chance at pulling that trinket that would have been a real upgrade to this thunderforged item… I coulda been a contender Charlie!

We had a full raid signed up, with our bench support even in the wings to help us.

Why on earth should we flex it… because this fight is a DPS check, and you don’t want to wipe to learn content, you are bored?

No no no – god why don’t we go do heroic ToT then to get some gear?



End rant.

Oh I love the idea of flexi… I just don’t want to give up regular raiding nights for it. /sigh.

I don’t want burnout.

A flexi raid needs its own raid leader and a resource of tanks and healers from amongst the old vets, casuals and non-raiders … so that I can have a go at DPS for a change 😛 But mostly so that it is a stable event, being run by the peeps most invested in it.

The cross realm aspect is invaluable. The inclusive aspect is invaluable.

However I really got the grumps when an older vet was articulating in guild chat the lowest possible ilvl needed to get in … its not LFR! People should all come with an appropriate gear level for that raid 496-510 ilvl I would say, with consumables and enchants. I am not interested in wiping my face on content I already see 3 nights a week (on raid nights) and weekends (raider LFR obligations) because there is some expectation that the regular raiders chuck in and help peeps that haven’t even gotten their butts over to the time-sink alt gearing isle or even watched the fight videos to see what the fight mechanics are.

I don’t want anything to do with having to raid lead for a fourth night.

On the other hand I really don’t want the guild flexi raid to flop. I want these awesome guildies to have their day in the sun with friends in a laid back, once a week atmosphere!

How to avoid burnout? I think it will have to be a DPS role thing for me and I cannot promise a consistent turn up for it.

If I lose raid nights to flexi I am surely going to be pissed.

[EDIT: that’s two regular raid nights that have been done as flexi instead of progression now /weep]


Hahaha found an appropriate youtube song… think I will play this on repeat


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Returning wow player, one of those elderly burnt out ex-officer types. My current main is a Hunter (MS the under-dog talent tree Beast Master), but thats shifting back to hybrid Shaman. Together with my virtual cat I battle evil, kick butt and take names.
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2 Responses to A controversial opinion: I think I despise flexi raiding

  1. Bytes says:

    Another raid night spent doing flexi raid instead of progression, as a healer and raid group organizer… sigh. Maybe I’m like the 40man raiders from wow yesteryear and I should let it go, sometimes you just have to accept that it is time for a changing of the guard.

    >_> or I could recruit another MS healer and hope it goes back to normal! So if you are an ilvl 500+ healing peep on Khaz’goroth alliance and interested in light 10mN raiding Australian NSW time three nights a week then hear my shout! “I need you!” [Disclaimer: Resto shamans will be loved more than others with bias /lovelove for the spell haste buff they bring with them. Cough]

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