Where have I been?

Well I haven’t really been posting lately and there is a very good reason for this… well two actually.

  1. I have no internet at home (still);Telstra, when asked, tell my flat-mates that in fact more than 2000 people in our small country town are in the same boat so we should shutupa our faces and stop whining at them. No net and no phone service for more than 2 weeks for more than 2000 people in one small town… Why you would admit to this I don’t know O-oA friend jokes that perhaps 2000 is the good number and in fact there are actually far more people who have been disrupted by the NBN lines being laid out around town. Sigh in any case it means no net outside of my workplace and my smart phone … (oh so deprived pfffft… may my life always be so harsh eh?)

    So no blogging really outside of work hours and that’s a little against my work ethic… staying at work till 9pm however is possible and blogging etc usually happens in the hours of 6pm-9pm at work. I am so tired, why I am more tired for conducting my usual net habits at work though instead of at home I don’t know.

    WoW time itself has also been limited despite camping at fellow guildies house for raiding and what not.. can’t really stick around after 11pm or raid end to do questing and such /sigh.

  1. The guild website went down and my fellow warlock officer and I have been madly moving things to a new site.This is the real reason… deciding to archive parts of the old website and bring them over into the new is actually labor intensive because my fall back programs like HTTTrack which can rip entire websites to mirror folders on a desktop do not succeed when half your webpages are returning the “server is smoking” error.We plumbed the brains of some IT types down this way and apparently the sort of errors we are seeing are likely caused by server failure where the website data is kept across a number of server harddrives and some are dead – it would explain why the guildzilla website was so slow to load before the big burn out too come to think of it. As it stands you can view our old forums but any updates and changes don’t take at all.

    Our guild officer team have chosen to go with guildlaunch for a working site that accepts updates and changes, the decision was made mostly because of the ‘free 90-day paid access’ vouchers that guildlaunch were handing out on forums where peeps were discussing the guildzilla problem… many thanks guildlaunch! That saved our bacon in the officer team because it gave us an easy solution and helped us dive into providing the guildies with a fast solution.

    I am actually impressed with guildlaunch – it appears to have all the same widgets that we could get on guildzilla and the admin interface is much more modern and versatile. If I can transfer enough of horizons guild history before everything dies I will be very happy. 


About Bytes

Returning wow player, one of those elderly burnt out ex-officer types. My current main is a Hunter (MS the under-dog talent tree Beast Master), but thats shifting back to hybrid Shaman. Together with my virtual cat I battle evil, kick butt and take names.
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