Telstra Woes: Day 5 Without Internet

…its the end of civilization as I know it @_@ and we are all barking…

So my flatmates and I watched the Ditch-Witch (that’s council ditch digging machinery that is going around our town to install super fast optic fiber cables for super fast internets) go past our house with glee a fortnight ago. Then days later our phone and internet cuts out… right near-on (I speak some good Australian don’t I? … yeah-nah?) ANZAC day, distracting us from the small scandal across the road of the church billboard vs the local war Vets.

Turns out, according to the Telstra boy who came to our house today, the Ditch-Witch ran over the regular phone lines … or something. I think it is a conspiracy. They send the machine past the house that is installing the new faster government sponsored fiber optic NBN internet and it runs over your regular old shoes phoneline and ADSL – completely taking out any potential competition. Conspiracy I say.

In any case my landlord (played a pally healer in burning crusade) gave the phone company what for via mobile phone call while my other flatmate (cough toy-boy druid) contemplated piggy backing his smart phone to the computer to use the 3G internet. Ex-pally-heals got us a faster line fix (thus Telstra boy is in our house today and not on the 7th of May like first promised) and a couple hundred off the next phone bill… never underestimate the determination of a paladin healer I guess.

I myself was reduced to moving my computer box to fellow guildies house where I could set up for raiding. Our Guild Leader being in hospital birthing a bouncing baby this week, it is kinda all hands on deck to keep the ship rolling. So after taking measures to make sure I would be able to raid (and honestly having to go home and thus away from game at some point),  I returned home and surfed the internet on the smart phone myself.

What a loss though, four day long weekend when I could have been playing GW2 or WoW all weekend and I had no net for games. Oh well, I had lots of coffee dates, a hair appointment.. and volunteered to work two days for extra cash, as without net I had nothing better to do.

Still bless our pocket civilization tools O_o I’ve manage to do banking and find phone numbers, post codes, opening hours etc etc all on the phone. Boy have I had a crash course in how much I use the internet for small things though.

Back to the tale of small woes; when the Telstra lad turned up and left a weird orange thing attached to our phone today while he ran off to poke a telegraph pole the ex-pally-heals had to be restrained by the toy-boy-druid from kicking the “probably worth thousands” weird orange thing. Take note: long term internet outage can cause extreme stress in the average net addicted female.

I suppose it was a little evil on my end to use Telstra boy as a prop for teaching the wolf-dog to bark on command for cheese (though honestly I think he was more amused then afeared by our mad lounge room antics with the cheese.) The wolf-dog and I have been endeavoring to learn to bark on command for three days now… this too is what happen when you take the internet away.

Thanks to Telstra we had actual barks rather than Malamute howls and moans for a change. Pally-heals (who owns the wolf) has threatened to end me if I don’t complete the wolf-dog’s training with the promised complimentary “Be quite” command.


But its finally looking up, fingers crossed I’ll have net tonight 😀 and can move my most important belonging back into the house, stop camping on friends carpets and lurking at work, stop burning expensive mobile downloads for kicks, let the pets relax, that sort of thing… because seriously this morning I started trying to train the cat to meow for frozen prawns when I make a quacking duck hand signal at him….


About Bytes

Returning wow player, one of those elderly burnt out ex-officer types. My current main is a Hunter (MS the under-dog talent tree Beast Master), but thats shifting back to hybrid Shaman. Together with my virtual cat I battle evil, kick butt and take names.
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