Dachicki Guest Post: Green with Envy

So Blizzard, once again you rope me in and force me to spend many hours of torture being bludgeoned and chaos-bolted to death at the hands of some green freak!! And for what?? Something I actually didn’t even feel that I needed O.o.

Let me regale you ye fellows of the interwebs and comrades in armoury… with the tale of my quest for the green!

So when they first let on that Warlocks would be able to get the green fire through a quest chain starting on Thunder Isle I was to be honest a bit MEH!! I figured as the quest started from a rare drop from an elite that it would be a LONG time before I would even get it and overall I didn’t feel the need for the green fire that my fellow warlocks did – maybe purple or multi coloured but to limit it to green seemed a tad odd but hey – they had finally decided the artists had nothing better to do so they gave us the opportunity!

I was quite surprised when myself and a hunter teamed up to knock off the robot on the beach and the tomb dropped! So I took up the mantle and thought – well a bit of a change can’t hurt J and off I went to lala land thinking that this quest would be no harder than others of its ilk, after all it was an aesthetic change – no epic rewards for me this time I thought?? This will be simple!! Alas it was not to be as I soon discovered! Traversing the Black Temple and its traps was quite challenging but again this was what I had expected from my past experiences… BUT HOT DAMB!!! DEMON BOSS IS A BAD BAD MAN!!!!

After the first taste I realised I would need to research and through that I understood how difficult this would really be… The first few wipes were “in the name of green fire” and saw me getting destroyed over and over by that pack of Fel Hunters. Back I went to do some more research! Now I came back, armed with new macros and a new spec and glyphs… more wiping… for over two weeks I tried almost every day – I think that evil prick killed me over 100 times at least, but now it was a matter of honour and revenge and by god I wasn’t about to let this thing beat me! Slowly I made progress, inexorably I moved forward. Learning to replace my summoning portal, learning to multitask like it was going out of fashion! Then learning… that I couldn’t do enough DPS TO GET THE MAN!!!! /sigh

TO THE LFR’s!!! O.o I then did dailies… LFR’s… quests… Heroics … all so that I would have the VP to get the gear to put down just that bit more dps… I think I worked harder to kill this guy than I have for almost anything else in the game!! AND STILL I was running out of time at 10% of his HP… that’s another 3mill HP… I was pretty miffed as I didn’t see one or two pieces of gear making that much difference. It was then that my wonderful wife came over to see how I was going. I explained to her what was happening and straight away she comes out with “Well why don’t you just use a potion to remove the curse late in the fight thereby avoiding the time limit?” I almost face planted on the desk it was so simple!!! How could I have not thought of that! She then jumped on her rogue (her alchemist) and whipped up 10 of the potions in question!!

As it turned out I only needed the one (THANK GOD) and I managed to nail that green freak!!! I was so ecstatic !! Then I posted about a jillion screen shots and hit the sack – We were off to Supernova the next morning and going to meet David Hasselhoff 😛




About Bytes

Returning wow player, one of those elderly burnt out ex-officer types. My current main is a Hunter (MS the under-dog talent tree Beast Master), but thats shifting back to hybrid Shaman. Together with my virtual cat I battle evil, kick butt and take names.
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