Throne of Thunder Trash Between Jin’rohk and Horridon

I am adding these as I go 🙂 because there is rarely enough information out there about how to handle new trash.

Mind you one of my favorite parts of raiding is watching the curiosity a raid group has about new trash and their general enthusiasm and “learning on the fly”ness that they exhibit at such times. I still have fond memories about the stir the Firelands Turtles caused and the ever after “not the turtles Lith not the turtles” that would be directed at one of our mages as we edged past the sods in later raids lol.

So this here is my guilds first contact with the normal 10man trash on the two bridges of throne of thunder. Its a bit of a mess, but you can see the learning curve as the first bridge is 30mins of video and the second only six. Sadly I had my share of “fails”  because just like the rest of the raid team I am only human and relax after a kill… and then go stick my nose somewhere I shouldn’t … like a warlock portal… and a blue circle and what not.

So rules of this trash.

First Bridge:

  • get all the snakes (both sides)
  • blue circles have knockbacks on normal
  • wind blows harder than on normal from left side to right side, and the safe spots are NOT the edges but rather when you are standing between two bridge columns (so the placement of our warlock portal in the vids)
  • pull one add at a time (important due to healing debuff)
  • have a pet pull – by moving to far side of bridge to collect desired add (hunters locks)
  • never have the pull-ee walk center bridge or they will get both add
  • kill first bridge adds on stairs
  • these large adds also have a knockback have tanks put their butt against something solid so they don’t get sent flying off the edge
  • tanks can attempt to run out range 50 to drop the healing reduction debuff here, or have raiders use pally bubble / mage iceblock etc to drop it
  • however with one add healers should have enough cooldowns to manage the debuff
  • healers will need to blow healing cooldowns
  • there are 4 adds to collect
  • warlock portals are wonderful for moving the raid across this first bridge


First Bridge – the learning curve. 30mins

Center Platform:

  • tank large add in center of island platform
  • stay out of the blue circles which have a knock back – seemed quite straightforward, healers did their healing thing

Second Bridge:

  • rinse and repeat first bridge strats for single target pet pulling of second bridge
  • the wind is actually more forgiving her as it is a ‘push-back’ not a ‘push-off’ and it blows into your face. We burnt a druid roar to travel this.


Second Bridge – 6mins

Final Trash Add Lightning Caller

  • get snakes on both sides
  • this add was pretty much the same as the first enraged Storm-Caller, we blew hero and DPSed him down with a spread out raid
  • healers healed the raiders who received storm cloud
  • the raid seemed almost disappointed that he was not difficult

lightning caller trash

Final trash add – Lightning Caller

My Bloopers

See video one if you want a giggle at me :p

Testing to see if those side bits were safe in normal mode:


Accidently clicking on a warlock portal and getting hit by the blue circle waiting for portal cooldown to come off:


Least we got to third gate on Horridon – weeee.


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Returning wow player, one of those elderly burnt out ex-officer types. My current main is a Hunter (MS the under-dog talent tree Beast Master), but thats shifting back to hybrid Shaman. Together with my virtual cat I battle evil, kick butt and take names.
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