Creative Writing – The dreams in which I am running are the best I’ve ever had

I had this weird dream about being a white arctic wolf running in a snow storm, and on my flanks was this interesting paisley-ish pattern that is the same as the insert material we used on the homemade jean-flares costume… It was in fact a bloody awesome dream. It’s rare to remember the good ones imo.  Usually its the ones that make you wake up in a fever sweat of fear that stick to the insides of your brain.

I dunno I’ve always wanted to get into writing proper literature (like every other person I know) but I am never sure how I can take the snippets that get put on paper and make real fiction out of them. Actually once when I was an orc hunter I really wanted to tell the tales of Fessran & her wolf Rue – but I am alliance these days… and a panda priest event. Pffft and my love of using excessive amounts of punctuation, jargon, slang and descriptive verbs is probably a death knell to the whole idea, but here is a shot at creative writing from yours truely:


The dreams in which I am running are the best I’ve ever had

Alone she ran against a storm of sleet and snow, her ears tucked flat down to her skull, a wedge-shaped head cutting the wind and easing the way for her massive furred shoulders and springing haunches; running, leaping, loping, body contracting and expanding, the crystalized ice below crunching under her paws in rhythm to her pounding heart.

‘There should be music’ she thought idly.

Alone she runs, a white creature in a landscape made blind with snow, all sound and scent iced away to nothing in the onslaught of the storm. If not for the burning of her muscle and the heat of her blood perhaps she wouldn’t exist at all.

Fleeing from, running towards, searching for, or hunting? Her purpose is a mystery even to herself, and still she runs against the storm, just as the snow is driven before it on the wind that howls across the land so she is driven into the face of the weather. To run is to be and should she pause perhaps she would simply melt into the sky, or fade away dispersed. To run is everything she is.

‘I believe I am the music here’ she thinks.


Brown eyes open to fuzzy flannel sheets and sleep-smeared paint-chipped walls. The mobile-phone alarm is a dominating electronic buzz that will not let up until it is fumbled at with sleep heavy hands. She flops from the mattress and stumbles slowly towards the bathroom, driven by a half-asleep and conditioned mind that has had this routine ingrained from a lifetime of identical mornings spun out to the monotone of the weekday alarm.

‘First you should take a shower, get it out of the way. Then you can return to bed and to the storm to find your reason.’ she thinks.

It is only as she turns the taps of the shower that does she realise and think to herself   ‘Oh, I’m not really any kind of arctic wolf.’ A sigh breaks free and she raises her face to be doused in lukewarm water, opening her mouth to taste the metallic water. With the taste of civilization the day’s itinerary floods her mind, mundane decisions clamber for attention; what is to be for breakfast and what should she wear today, who must she visit, where she must go and what must be done left over from yesterday and the dream is washed away down the drain.

She wears white to work that day.


Gravity – Wolfs Rain

Consequence of watching nature documentaries before bed I would say :p

NB: Oh yeah also I totally recommend Wolfs Rain for any anime lovers who are interested in odd post apocalyptic storylines.


Easter Holiday updates (aka how I was merrily unproductive over four solid days of wow):

So I had the entirety of Easter to get some of my to do off my list, and of course I did nothing on my priority list.

MONK ALT: Mostly I didn’t log onto my main much at all, instead as it was a holiday I indulged in finally starting a monk alt (my blond-kin boomkin friend has returned to wow and we always did better playing lowbies together.) So the blond-kin kept asking me if I was playing a tank and I kept putting him off thinking actually I wouldn’t mind mastering monk healing… in the end I went tank (apparently this was no surprise… lol but I did dual spec into mistweaver as well.)

  • I discovered there were a number of new heirloom items for me (woo hoo), pants on the guild vendor and weapons on the JP vendor to check out!
  • I had to look up a monk heirloom guide: Psynister’s Guide
  • I had to look up a leveling as a monk/brewmaster guide (although it came pretty naturally): World of Monkcraft & Icy Veins Guide
  • Brewmaster tanking is pretty damn fantastic – so much aoe threat and mobility, as well as having damage reduction and self-heals.
  • Then we did a butt load of dungeon runs – as other guildies complain about revisiting outlands, so I am determined never to see the outside of a dungeon wall – ha!

WARRIOR ALT: I rolled a warrior tank for comparison and I have to say starting tanking at lvl 15 I really felt like the poor cousin of the brewmaster – no thunderclap until level 20, it’s a good thing that tanks are rather unnecessary in the low level dungeons because I had nary a hope in hell of managing to maintain agro on multiple mobs with mages, hunters and warlocks in heirloom gear merrily aoe’ing everything in sight /sigh.

  • I finally found my PVE heirloom plate shoulders… on a hunter I had server transferred a month earlier [insert soul crushing disappointment in self here]

I won some guildie brownie points by crafting a pair of gloves for one guild member and Leap of faithing another to one of those pieces of chamberlain statue in the Lizard zone on the isle of thunder (they hadn’t their lizard form yet), oh and our GL had computer issues on our MON raid so I had to handle DKP and lootmaster on the fly … with lack of planning you can guarantee I am a total twit-monster – even forgot I had shadow form and pulled half a room of trash etc etc. Head/Desk.

I upgraded a ring from the Pandaren Assault Faction (goodbye my VP)

I received a (dammit) shadow OS pants upgrade on our Jin kill this week via luckydoo coin roll. Mutter mutter – forgot to switch specs.

Nothing from LFR this week.

I didn’t really touch my blog at all.

I did farm and cook a little bit and finally finished all my Tillers friendship grinds.

I’ve toppled the World Bosses all at least once… and I had a look in at that Treasure Trove of the Thunder King scenario (or whatever it is actually called), I could make it to the end in the 5mins given but I couldn’t get the boss down. In the end I just farmed the first room for some of the lower level luckydoo coins so that I am ready for the next weeks raid.


  • I read the entirety of The Walking Dead graphic novel series… frankly the art is actually rather poor and there is nothing ‘extra’ story wise in the images which was all-in-all rather disappointing. The graphic novel series is very much the story of a man and his son and women are mostly fuck fodder /sigh which okay is to be expected of a macho action comic series. The TV series (which is totally a zombie soap) is very much ‘based on’ not a retelling of the graphic novels. I think I’ll donate these to the public library or something.
  • Watched the latest Walking Dead episode
  • Watched the latest Supernatural episode
  • Watched the UK version of the Being Human Series
  • Updated anime list (of anime owned) for a friend who has kids that want more One Piece and stuff
  • Began construction of a piss-take board game for work colleague over in ITD (It will be awesome – we have challenge cards where every choice you make ends up with the patron setting themselves on fire. Heh we even have raptors that get released on the game field and can send a player piece to the sick bay 😀 snarky home made games ftw.) We plan to post this through internal mail – because internal mail should always be used for something nefarious.
  • Went to a 70’s themed party in homemade flares and drank a whole bottle of vodka, resulting in swearing off vodka for the rest of the year. Honestly it does not matter how many hipsters are at a party you really should not turn to alcohol to get you through.
  • Made Irish stew – with real potatoes and real meat O_O
  • Congratulated little sister on impending mother-hood
  • Congratulated another friend on impending babyship
  • Vaccinated the ginger-ninja against feline-aids (colour me surprised he is a reformed alley cat for sure I thought he would have had it already but apparently not.)
  • I moved all my Google reader RSS into wordpress because wordpress offered an easy import function – but I can’t say I like their reader setup at all, you cannot create folders or see the updates (or non updates) of individual blogs – it is all one messy stream and I can only see maybe 10 of the posts at all. I suppose it is searchable… but searchable content isn’t why I RSS at all.

About Bytes

Returning wow player, one of those elderly burnt out ex-officer types. My current main is a Hunter (MS the under-dog talent tree Beast Master), but thats shifting back to hybrid Shaman. Together with my virtual cat I battle evil, kick butt and take names.
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