What am I doing? Updates-Smupdates!

Disc Priest Homework:

  • Increase uptime of Prayer of Mending to 80% (using POM Tracker addon)
  • Review personal heal channel announcement macros for major cooldowns
  • Increase rapture efficiency with rapture addon
  • Learn to use void shift (it’s my current never touch it meh spell /sigh)
  • Rep grind Rep grind Rep grind
  • New LFR gear grind (weekends? Or Tuesday before work?)
  • Craft a darkmoon card DPS trinket worth using

Officer to do:

  • Post raid fight strats on forums for new raids – prepare for actual raid leading again (if not calling)
  • Get my game streaming working again
  • Update combat log reports on forum (if only for recent ToT boss kill on breaker)
  • Sort out next month competitions (finally kick off the Guild bank comp)
  • Sort out prizes for this week’s competition
  • Follow up on a couple of heal team issues (OS DPS and Log feedback etc)
  • Sort out an approach to heroic content now that raid make-up shifts have settled for a couple of weeks
  • Double check that we have either 2 returning dps or two new up and coming new dps to replace GL & MT raid slots when they disappear for baby business

Desired in game activity I may never get to do:

  • Finally level an alt (druid or shaman)
  • Do some pet battles to unlock and clean up final pandarian battle pet quest lines
  • Machinima – make one even if its just a meet your guildies style clip that can be posted on forums.
  • Level a monk
  • Level fishing on my priest
  • Level archeology on my priest
  • Make one of those account bound staves
  • Ride a pony around darkmoon fair and try to find out more about this mysterious rabbit
  • Level my cooking on the priest o-O (shame!)
  • Remove rep grinds from my mains to do list by getting everything to exalted O_O
  • Play my hunter, I miss my hunter
  • Make a machinima of me wiggling my butt at our guild mage (the elf mage not the gnome mage … this has been a backburner project for about a year… I have mailbox footage and everything)

Blogging to do:

  • Write some sort of relevant thing about Disc Priest healing
  • Write something relevant (anything relevant – my style is mostly blah blah blah)
  • Update Flickr screenshots
  • Actually have time to read my wow twitter feed
  • Catch up on RSS blog posts so I can write about them (for example I really wouldn’t mind having a rant about Google reader being on the way out /pout)

Things I have actually done

  • Unlocked some increased rep gains for alts (Klaxxi & Shadowpan)
  • Regigged main gear, reforges, gems etc and researched how to improve healing (anything to keep up with our new Holy all-star healer lol)
  • Purchased a  trinket upgrade from new faction
  • Trialed all the new LFR’s and received the bounty of my first piece of tier gear (LFR T15 gloves woot)
  • Purchased my farm on the main so I can do work orders
  • Updated guild forums
  • Given feedback to one raider (out of the two on the to-do list)
  • Written this post O_O /sigh


On the upside at least i am finding it easier to think of things to do 😀


About Bytes

Returning wow player, one of those elderly burnt out ex-officer types. My current main is a Hunter (MS the under-dog talent tree Beast Master), but thats shifting back to hybrid Shaman. Together with my virtual cat I battle evil, kick butt and take names.
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4 Responses to What am I doing? Updates-Smupdates!

  1. hasteur says:

    Good News,
    I found your blog from the posting at WoWSugar‘s site and have added you to the Group Quest‘s Community discussion feed. The feed is designed to harvest interesting topics for the 2nd half of the show in which we talk about the week’s community reactions. Let me know if you have any questions


  2. Bytes says:

    ^_^ WoWsugar is great reading – I’ll have to check out these community discussions too hee

  3. Alystasia says:

    T-Rex with arm extenders…. now if only we could get the laser beam installed on his head! Your commitment list looks as long as mine! I never seem to get anything done that I really want to. I love your blog! 🙂

  4. Bytes says:

    T-Rex arm jokes always make my day! 😀 – Many thanks hee-hee (& oh is it ever – I’ve been naughty this weekend and leveled the monk alt favouring the fun priority over my must do list sigh)

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