Stepping up to the plate – anaylsing raiders and giving officer feedback

Okie… kinda a guild officer topic for me today.

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I come from a rather small guild, when I rocked up as a casual raider from a small guild being absorbed into horizon we did have one fellow (one of our druid raiders I think) logging raids on WoL. But that was pretty much it, and when he discontinued raiding the logs left too.

At some point I was absorbed into the healing team.. even though I generally played as an elemental shaman with a heal OS – I guess the thing is a raid team likes to take the people they know and have a history with. However if there is no one else they will take a guildie, and if you are the sort who improves at what you do eventually you join the ‘people we rely on’ club… ha and unfortunately if you can heal then healing is what you will end up doing (ditto tanking.)

After a while as officers fell away as they do to burnout (lol and babies) I was popped into the officer team, the thing about being an officer and a heal team member is that eventually you will get asked to analyse someone’s healing for improvement, or a fight strat that keeps breaking – even if your official job started out as being ‘help out on the forums’ and ‘assist in sorting raider groups for raid prior to raid time’.

I already liked researching my own class so that part was okay – I have hundreds of well written blogs at my finger tips and I have Ask Mr Robot and Elitist Jerks and other class specific forums such as Totemspot & Howtopriest.

But bugger me if I could tell what people were doing during raids with just recount. I needed proper combat logs and to be honest I missed the one the druid fellow had been posting, so off I trekked to WoL to create an account for my guild. Lol and surprise surprise we had like 10 idle/dead accounts for our guild… I made one active by paying for it and then contacted their administration for a clean up and I have to say they were damn helpful (seriously you get some of the best customer service from unofficial wow services such as WoL, GuildOx and Guildzilla – they always get back to me well before Blizz does on tickets.) Once I had WoLs up and rolling (learning curve) I bossed some local friends into learning how to do it too – between the three of us we manage to log most of the guilds raids now… and having multiple loggers has helped when I needed to point out issues (recount epeens) on phased fights.

With Wol in my hands I didn’t feel like I was just making arbitrary judgments about classes I was not an expert in – I was actually able to look up things like the fricken damage explosions on slimes in Dragon soul and see which healers were having difficulty seeing the deep corruption debuff on their healing interfaces.

I have to say that if you are a new officer, and you have been asked to give feedback on some aspect of raiding then WoL combat logs will empower you to at least start sounding like you know what you are talking about.

But hell lets be honest, we will still need help knowing what we should be looking for in these damn combat logs (even in my own healing this is the case) and on that note these are some of the best guides to using WoL for analysis of healers I have touched lately (bless your hard working souls):

Some other things I am working on are easy raid videos using Twitch TV and xsplit (at first like with the  combat logs raiders were made nervous by these but our benched players really appreciate them, and strangely as people get used to the new logging they seem to forget about it.)

I have also implemented a custom healer chat channel… lol which is in fact very verbose as the healers are all quite chatty and have asked all of the heal team to macro their large cooldowns such as mana  regens to this channel.

So yeah I suppose it helps that I am the sort of peep who likes organisation and activities such as writing minutes O_o but without all these wonderful out of game tools I have no idea how I would have managed the role of “giving officer feedback” or “analysing raid problems on progression fights” as my old way to improve ingame was simply to do my own reading when patch changes hit and visit a dps target dummy like every other average casual raider.

I like the outside tools because they add a little bit of professional distance and factual support when you are trying to give feedback – it becomes a lot less “in my opinion I think you stand in the fire too much” and more “According to our WoL data you are taking more damage than any other player to SpellXX is there a problem with our raid placements for you? Do you think the ‘Getthefuckout‘ afddon would help?” – cough actually thats the same thing said two different ways isn’t it, I should go do a post on the wonders of diplomacy.




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