STAGE THREE: Being Lead Astray – That awful and short affair with haste in early patch 5.2

I had a brief affair with madness when patch 5.2 hit – I read somewhere that theoretically I would get the most output with haste, and then for all of a day it popped up on Ask-Mr-Robot (without the little note that it is intended for 25man raid healers with proper completed xpac gear.)

In the Haste Vs Crit and Haste Vs Mastery arguments and thoughts bouncing around I wanted haste to be the answer.

haste vs crit

My healing was suffering after the patch changes and I still had too much spirit really (I’d never gotten around to sorting out how much as just enough and was toddling & waddling around like some sort of fat-mana-filled-toad.) There is nothing worse than casting your butt off and ending a fight on the bottom of the food chain with half a bar of mana feeling like you haven’t worked hard enough even though you are breaking the sweat barrier.

So yeah I thought that haste might be the answer… it sounded so good and logical. When I was a shaman back during Dragon Soul raiding I would switch between a haste build and a mastery build for normal vs heroic progression and haste had been tasty. For the entire time I have played disc (Pandaria) I have been feeling like I am casting in a barrel of honey my casts are so slow if they are no channeled or instant.

So I went and for a very brief time (maybe 2 raid weeks) I gave haste a run for its money and it was actually quite dreadful. That’s a total of about 6 raids. For sure my atonement healing liked it but I dropped even lower on the heal team output… I was running out of mana even with the new solace talent, my atonement healing actually dropped despite the extra smite casting, my spiritshell 30% or higher healing was ever so low still because of the patch changes… haste didn’t change that.

Perhaps this is because the haste it only really improved my big heals (prayer and greater) … and honestly not enough to let me cast twice the amount in the time I had before damage phases were past or the other healers popped a cooldown or whatnot.  NB: In part it could have been my gear, my toon has never gathered any teir (T14 has passed me by… I already have 1 piece of T15 from LFR … that’s the first tier gear I’ve seen all xpac). If I need haste burst I am specced into power infusion, I penance or I use flash heal O_o so yeah XX extra haste did nothing for me that was good. I think it makes my renew tick faster… and a renew from me in nothing in the face of the HOTs my fellow druid and holy priest team members are dropping on the raid.

So it was a mistake. There are some good posts out and about about why a 10man raid healer might in fact be better off gemming and reforging for crit > haste > mastery … and honestly it makes a lot of sense. I’ll post next about how much better it has been for me lately.

Read these two posts, they are very good for highlighting the new 5,2 stat priority (thankyou Ashleycakez of How to Priest forums)

  1. [H2P] Into the Mists: Discipline Priest Edition 5.2
  2. 5.2 DiscWorld

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