Spark Post: 13/20 Days – People (players/bloggers) that you admire

Spark Post from: 20 Days of… WoW Blogging Challenge: by Saga of Spellbound.

Day 13 – People (players/bloggers) that you admire

Players… hum well let’s see I admire the raiders that turn up consistently, it’s because I see them most in the game I guess. So here’s a rundown of the Horizon raid crew:

Gruff Main Tank – We have this gruff bear tank that has been main tanking forever for the guild, or at least ever since I started playing with them. That would be because his honey is the guild leader. Even though his vent is muted you can sort of imagine him gripping all the way through the boss fight about slack dps who make the tanking job harder. I bet he swears too – the imagined idea about what’s happening on his end of the computer always makes me smile. But he keeps turning up, he soldiers on .. frankly I think Big Bear Butt & Sunnier would like this one 😛

Friendly Guild Leader – our guild leader is actually a people person, someone who takes the time to get to know the new recruits… bet she knows what their real names are if they are sharers, she’ll know if they have family or if life has em down and the like. She organises the annual Horizcon event and she actually knows who is who on the guild facebook site. The guild leader plays a hunter and she lets the raid team rib her endlessly about hunter related jokes: bow vendoring, pet pulling, healer misdirecting – you name it. I think the mutual amusement and gentle hazing helps creates a cohesive guild environment.

Equally gruff off tank – lol well our off tanks often change I notice… sometimes even mid xpac (we have in fact had four just during pandas), unlike our main tank position. Currently I would say the guilds main off tank is pretty much set. He is a New Zealander who actually stays up or gets up super late to raid with us. Its terri-bad to find it amusing but lately all the raid accidents seem to happen to him. I mean last raid our GM raid kicked him when trying to assign roles. He takes it on the chin even when you can hear in his voice via vent that he has been stressed by a situation and generally has a joke for the raid at some point in the evening. He does make our Raid Jokes board reasonably often, heh but that may just be because I tune into his commentary more when I am going back over the videos.

Good natured tank understudy – we have a new peep onboard, a little pally lass who is our new tank understudy. She is friendly and affable over vent and easy going. It’s nice to watch her integrating with our main tanks because hey you really can’t take a smooth tank partnership for granted.

The healer team that sticks with it – Our heal team is 3 regular shows (Holy Pally, Holy Priest and myself as Disc Priest extraordinaire) and a couple of occasional resto shaman, who turn up maybe once a week if we be lucky. Really this xpac I have watched more than the usual number of healers throw in the towel and either give up raiding or switch completely to DPS. One of our occasional shamans is currently having a hanker for DPS actually. Seeing as our holy pally is 2 days out of 3 raid days due to  family commitments we are yet again recruiting from the inner ranks … and while it does look like we potentially have a couple of resto druids in the wings it will of course take time to gear and mesh them into the team. Sigh and my offside Holy Priest has been asking to switch to a Lock so those on the heal team experience a lot of pressure to show up. Hats off to us guys.

The melee DPS – we have our tanks who dps in their offspec, an enhance shaman who whoops butt, and a friendly DK who recently had to leave to raise babies. Oh and a new peep who likes to fit himself around the guild which is sweet, he has been tank. Off tank and is now rogueing it up for us. This crew always are up there competing for top slot on recount and WoL ranks. Ahh but I love them a lot because if they get themselves jasper chained to me they will actually follow the clueless healer and let the dps suffer until Bytes-the-blind-to-everything-but-healbot notices them foot tapping and hauls butt to the boss.

The Mages – We have two – they are hilarious and hilariously completive. Last raid they started poking each other about who was to be known as “The other mage”. Hum but they are our top contributors honestly; the gnome is always on time for raid and equipped with reforge mounts and feasts and the elf is always given the tricksey jobs like flying the bird or driving the legs or handing out loot and generally bossing us about where needed in officer chat  etc etc. Our mages are damn solid.

That hunter with extreme DPS – There is always one isn’t there, he can go toe to toe with our enhance shaman in partly blue gear while quietly bemoaning the fact he isn’t really ready for raiding. Lol alas occasionally absent these days for babies also … everyone in the guild has babies at the moment… it’s a guild thing O_O.

The off heal yo-yo – Previously of the heal team our main off heal for when we don’t get our full allotment of MS healers is an elemental shaman. And I have to say it can’t be fun having to constantly switch it up fight from fight and try to change mental gears from heal peeps to smack the smack out of the boss. Happily our ele shaman is one of those ‘I want to do and play everything all at the same time’ kinda peeps.


So yeah – I do admire the peeps that come a-raiding. Oh course there are many other excellent guild members I like and admire too. But maybe I’ll save that crew (like the Eky-moo and the AH whizz for another day.)


About Bytes

Returning wow player, one of those elderly burnt out ex-officer types. My current main is a Hunter (MS the under-dog talent tree Beast Master), but thats shifting back to hybrid Shaman. Together with my virtual cat I battle evil, kick butt and take names.
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