Spark Post: 1/20 Days – Introduce yourself

I don’t usually pick up challenges, because I rather feel like I’ve snuck into someones backyard BBQ and pinched a sausage sandwich without being invited. Heh but I really  need the blogging fodder something bad so I am going to have a roll with the 20 day challenge I saw floating around the blogger-sphere. Spark Post from: 20 Days of… WoW Blogging Challenge: by Saga of Spellbound.

Day 01 – Introduce yourself


Who am I? …Well explaining that’s harder than expected actually.

What to say? Currently my online handle is Bytes. I play a Priest. I spend most my time reading like a fiend, listening to music, working, watching TV series (Most recently: BBC Jekyll, Supernatural, The Walking Dead, Misfits … oh and BBC Sherlock – how I love this take on Watson and Holmes.) Oh and I walk the dog every morning at 5.30am and make bento for lunch.

2012-11-23 08.03.41

mmm lunch

I’m an Australian with no real cultural heritage. I have a small and rather crazy family who honestly have so much in common with The Castle movie would be funny, if it wasn’t emotionally scaring at times. I have no religion, because I had too much once upon a time. I am rather unpolitical but more left-wing than anything else.

I own a cat, he is a hobo that likes drains and honestly I came by him by being ‘that’ sucker that agrees to pet sit for two years and then the pet never leaves. I taught the cat to high-five, beg and come to a whistle because (a) I’ll be damned if I get stuck outside calling “here pussy pussy” ever, and (b) I think people who say a cat can’t be trained really just aren’t putting any effort into understanding whats in front of them.

To complete the stereotype I work as a Librarian at a University, not the cataloguing or service desk type of librarian for the most part. One of the research and academic liaison ones (this type of librarian tends to be spoilt rotten in my opinion, at least when it comes to being autonomous, getting endless internet, traipsing off to conferences and getting to set their own coffee appointments outside the building.)

Around this I fit wow, I’m an officer currently so most my attention is sunk into guild administration and helping our 10man raid keep rolling as well as possible in a casual-core guild. The parts of wow that I truly enjoy I don’t get a lot of time to indulge in these days, things like PVP and baby alts and crafting particular items. Instead I squeeze in just enough online time to still be useful in raids (I suspect this is in part a result of burnout that I am trying to get rid of and in part due to how much a raider has to do to keep up this xpac.) I manage to spend a lot of time on the guild forums or reading wow blogs around my usual 9-5 work – and that is my strongest connection to wow.


If I had to pick a totem animal then honest to god I am a border collie. Intense interest in cats, will eat anything, wary about strangers being where they shouldn’t be, but I like MY people, if not people in general. I am great at herding things. I’ve no interest in being an alpha, but for sure I’ll beta in any situation.

The blog was always intended to be a place where I could just blab about wow to my heart’s content without disturbing workmates  and non-wow friends – of course with the guild forums and having fellow officers/raiders in town who are RL friends now, not as much makes it into type as the old days when I was more alone in my interest.

… oh and last month I let my friends convince me to dress up as a My-Little-Pony (apparently my social personality is similar to pinkie pie according to group consensus lol) for a party…. I think despite being to old to dress up as a pink horse I can safely blame this on the college & post-college scene, because the silly parties never stop in a university town.

2012-12-01 22.50.312

Glamour Pony – blurred in the hopes that no one will see the ears and that no one will be able to identify me from this image ever.


About Bytes

Returning wow player, one of those elderly burnt out ex-officer types. My current main is a Hunter (MS the under-dog talent tree Beast Master), but thats shifting back to hybrid Shaman. Together with my virtual cat I battle evil, kick butt and take names.
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