Getting your guild members onto your guild forum

One of my self-given officer jobs was to get more activity on the guild forums happening, this wasn’t altruistic at all – I like posting on forum during the dead times at work and it’s much more fun to be interacting with people rather than commenting and replying to yourself solely like some sort of ‘forever alone comic’.

So what did I add to the forums?
As I had access to the admin side of things I separated forums a bit more to have a raider section and an officers only section.

  • As the raiders are the most likely to visit the site their section was at the bottom of everything… the raiders being sure to actually scroll through everything to find their fight strats.
  • The officer section is locked to officers only, with the exception of a help guide section… the help guides are a side project that exists because … well I am a librarian and librarians are hard wired to create use guides. The guides were in My opinion needed in any case as not many people in the guild could tell me how to operate the WebDKP addon and other tools that officers use.

So so far I have the following steps:

 Step One: Organize forums more efficiently into roles officer / members / raiders. This also made for cleaning up some guild policy documents.

 Step Two: Add content relevant to the game. Easiest to do for raiders. For our raiding community there were already fight strategy posts. I added World of Logs reports and we are currently working on streaming and linking raid videos for raiders that are benched. There is also a record of benched raiders. It is my hope to get something rolling that is related to the Guild Bank and Crafting for general members but that’s very much a cog in the works at the moment.

Step Three: Have some reward for people posting to the forums. I made the decision to trial running discussion posting competitions:

  • A thread was made for Monthly Discussion Topics. Each month I post a ‘general’ and a ‘raider’ discussion topic, any guild member that posts on these threads with more than a single sentence comment will receive a random in game care package – it can contain anything from raid flasks, to cash, to battle pets, to food items or even mounts from the blizz shop. This endeavor has been rather successful.
  • As an off shoot we now also have the “Where in the world of warcraft is your guild leader?” competition. This is where the GM takes a screenshot of some random Azeroth scenery and guild members try to locate them and replicate the screenie for a cash reward.
  • In Progress – we are working on a guild bank focused riddle game to increase the exposure of the GB. The plan is to have a riddle and some clue items (or even letters spelt out in banked items) on tabs – these clues can be used to guess an object/place/NPC or other significant warcraft thing.

 Step four: Have more entertainment posts. Have started a number of PWN that song/pic/LFR moment threads. These are yet to take off but have seen some interest.

Step five: hook into popular social media websites. We have a FaceBook group for guild members that are interested in sharing their RL selves, the FB feed can be used to advertise competitions running on the guild website. I am considering creating an officer twitter feed.

In any case with these steps we have been getting more traffic to the guild site, so I think its been rather sucessful – but the real trick is not to stop.


About Bytes

Returning wow player, one of those elderly burnt out ex-officer types. My current main is a Hunter (MS the under-dog talent tree Beast Master), but thats shifting back to hybrid Shaman. Together with my virtual cat I battle evil, kick butt and take names.
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