Disc & Spirit: do you just miss the way you wish it was

So I am in the first stages of gearing for raid, and I am being hindered by two measly points from entering LFR. Alas I need to get my Lotus reputation up to honoured before i can even craft myself items that will be of use, I am also levelling my inscriber to try and make a certain preraid staff but there is no way I can see this happening before next Wednesday when my guild kicks off again… of course give that we have more raiders than a 10man needs I may end up benched due to rotten ilvl.

My other conundrum is spirit, the general word has been that we all need to stack more of it (and unfortunately I have been reforging into spirit for hit due to dungeon running as a shadow priest.) But I know darn well a Disc priest loves mastery as a primary stat due to our style of healing…. you know how it goes… “If they don’t take damage you don’t got to heal nuffin” & “Wadda you lookin at Holy priest eh?”

In any case i have been collecting spirit gear in heroics… thank god for Ask Mr Robot for me to sort through all the minor differences in stats. Two excellent posts on the issue of stacking spirit or stacking intellect (particularly in regards to food buffs) are the following:

After these very good reads and the convincing argument of spirit flask being mentally redubbed flask of 2rejuvs, I might go and give the heavy spirit/haste gear to the OS shadow gear set and keep the mastery strong pieces in play for disc… or even better maybe I’ll set up a couple of gear profiles and use the in game wardrobe save to take them both for a spin… see what I like best.

It does seem logical that desiring “more spirit” is just desiring the fantasy of being able to throw around whatever heals you want, as much as you want and not suffer for it…. just like you used to. Lol its like I said to a grilfriend recently … do you really miss the dirty jerk? or do you just miss the way you wish it was?

Our raids healing line up currently looks like it will be Paladin / Monk / Disc Priest with an OS Shaman heals.


About Bytes

Returning wow player, one of those elderly burnt out ex-officer types. My current main is a Hunter (MS the under-dog talent tree Beast Master), but thats shifting back to hybrid Shaman. Together with my virtual cat I battle evil, kick butt and take names.
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4 Responses to Disc & Spirit: do you just miss the way you wish it was

  1. Jessica says:

    Consider tossing in a PvP piece or two, at the least for the ilvl req. You can get enough conquest to get a finger/neck epic piece in one week’s cap, and those items are actually not too bad for a healer. Also, don’t forget that the Sha drops a quest for epic boots. Either of these should bring you up to LFR level within a day or two of dinging 90.

  2. Bytes - Priest says:

    Hmmm I’ll do that, I had forgotton all about PVP – Many thanks ^_^

    Just the two tick points off /sigh.

    Currently in the process of upgrading weapon (lowest ilvl item) via the White Tiger temple quest in ‘Scenario: Arena of Annihilation’… that will give me a one handed weapon that looks suitable… then maybe I’ll have time to grind the inscription off-hand on my druid alt.

    At this rate I may actually get a looksee in LFR this weekend 😀

  3. Jessica says:

    I got lucky and somehow got three different weapons through heroics…then again, half of my guild is DKs, so there’s never gear competition XD. The easiest one is probably the staff off Whitmane in Scarlet Monastery – the whole dungeon is super quick, so you can pop out several tries in a row. Good luck!!!

  4. Bytes - Priest says:

    Well the luck helped – lol I obtained a staff from a heroic thank the blizzard skies, because I went and crafted the wrong off-hand (the red-fan with hit) as I am a duffer so that messed up the set i was preparing. Better yet I finally cracked the Golden Lotus rep up to honoured with allowed me to craft a chest & gloves. I guess i can kick back and eat cookies till raids start now (heeh heh)

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