Guild Admin Topic: Luckydoo Loot Rolls and Lootmaster concerns

Well the technical name for these extra rolls on loot bosses is in fact an ‘Elder Charm of Good Fortune’ bonus roll, but I am campaigning in my guild to refer to it as a Luckydoo roll… I campaign by using the term excessively and at the drop of a hat 😛

You receive 3 elder charms in exchange for 90 lesser charms of good fortune,  you get one charm a daily quest so that averages out as 30 dailies a reroll. You can only cash in lesser charms once a week for the 3 elder, so you have a week to collect tokens from 90 dailies … meaning you need to do about 12-13 dailies each day at the most to receive your rewards.

A character can only hold 10 of these as currency at maximum. Hoarding is not an option.

How do these extra rolls impact on Guild Lootmasters?

Well it all comes down to admin stuff, for sure I am in agreement that after 90 dailies what a player earns with their Luckydoo roll should be all theirs at no DKP  cost… however envision this scenario:

Loot drops and officers call for rolls to distribute items the raiders. A pally tier piece drops and slow-bob makes his DKP bid, being at the top of the DKP food chain he wins. However slow-Bob, being an unorganized sort, now that he has got his panic about immediate loot out of the way makes a luckydoo roll as this boss drops a shield he really wants… alas he scores the same pally tier piece that he just paid DKP for.  Slow-bob slows down the whole raid as he tells the lootmaster he would like to refund the legs and get his DKP back incase the shield drops next week. This results in paperwork (modifying the DKP tables) and redistribution of loot, amongst players that have already moved on.

The end result is that too much dickering over loot can really grind a happening raid to a halt.

There are other issues – for example how much say should a guild have in players bidding for an item even though the raid can see they just got that item in a luckydoo roll, should players be able to flesh out their OS in this fashion or should the officers enforce some sort of ‘Share the Love’  despite the fact that the luckydoo roll is a result of a players own hard work? Is building both a MS and OS gear set using your Luckydoo roll on top of your DKP wroughting the system or just common sense?

There was even some talk of players not being able to make luckydoo rolls on raid bosses if it were not for the whole party working to get there and therefore should luckydoo rolls deduct from DKP as the player is becoming geared and others who do not grind dailies do not get this gear advantage?

So that’s what’s on the officer table for discussion this week. Humm I suspect we will take the simplest solution. Call loot drop – allow raiders to conduct their luckydoo roll – call for MS DKP interests – enforce a little ‘share the love’ if it looks like the system is being abused although frankly our DKP system is pretty dang straightforward so that isn’t likely. And above all make sure the raiders know how it is going to work ahead of time and that the officers are in agreement and act consistently.

Spark Post from: [ World Of Matticus: Save Those Lucky Charms Raiders! ]


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