I accepted an officer position in my guild mid Firelands and it ate my creative wow life. Oh it was no real bad but all my good posts went to the guild forums, all my good rants to the officer emails.

Then Dragon Soul was released, with DS came the LFR tool, and we lost some raiders to real life and to sheer boredom with content they could access easily via LFR. Firelands became that raid instance the raiders would drag their heels to on officer demand to try and complete the one staff our guild was putting together – sheer officer pig-headedness made this finally happen.

I made raid leader by sheer coincidence of research habits and fell into the role of being one of the primary raid healers for Dragon Soul content and I had to knuckle down as our decidedly casual 10man guild tackled more progressive progression content and ended up clearing 6/8 Heroic … and they were dang close on spine too, making third platform at 10% on the good week. It was the first content patch that this guild did heroic content, sometime I wonder how much of that was the extended time before new material was released and how much came from my dogged posting of the next fight strategy. And how much was due to the chaff of raiders falling away so that we had left only the same consistent group of 10 players working together week after week.

I discovered that officering in a raiding guild is pretty much 60% voluntary Human Resources work and 40% playing mum to a bunch of personalities that seem to delight in miscommunicating and squabbling like a herd of inlaws and relations at a family reunion. This people herding all sits behind the scenes in a guild, most players never hear a peep of it – but oh lordy it wears on the officer team. In my time as officer I have seen two other officers retire. In all honestly this guild I am in is full of helpful well intending sorts, I would hate to see how it works in less family orientated guilds (or maybe that cuts the crap – who knows.)

Mists of Pandara has brought with it more culture shock and a complete change in mains again. Every major xpac does this for me, Vanilla and BC I was a hunter (BM then Marksmen, because I can never pick the easy specs that are having their moment in the sun /sigh.)  During Wrath I was a resto-boomkin. Come Cataclysm an ele-resto shaman… well this time round it looks like I’ll be taking a priest for a spin as the minor shaman changes were aggravating me beyond reason.

And I’ve gone Panda like somany others (let us hang our heads for the loss of one of the few dwarf females being played by the masses.) I have name changed most my toons to make officering easier – going with what they call me in guild, some play on Bytes.

As usual my gaming life is chaos and my computer exploded right before release (worn out fan, burnt a fuse and blew my power supply), friends practically ran to my house carrying a temporary computer so that I could continue raiding at the end of DS and other friends even upgraded that system so that I could enjoy the GW2 release… but its not the same – still working on fixing that.

And I want to get back into posting here – blogging was something i have always really enjoyed… i plan to make mor time for it this coming year.


About Bytes

Returning wow player, one of those elderly burnt out ex-officer types. My current main is a Hunter (MS the under-dog talent tree Beast Master), but thats shifting back to hybrid Shaman. Together with my virtual cat I battle evil, kick butt and take names.
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