I owe Enrage (with all the funny symbols) an apology

I did commit the ultimate wow social FUBAR the other day. The blondkin and I were running a couple of outlands dungeons as I had volunteered to be a raid wallflower that evening, given the good sign ups and the fact that I had excellent luck in drops the raid prior. [Lovingly polishes her new caster shield. Really this item has certainly been at the top of my acquisition list … the only item I really want more are some decent shoulders or headpiece… more in depth story to come… back to fubaring.]

Yeah so I was tanking some dungeons and the blondkin was healing (his new lazy boy role lol) and we wrapped up mana tombs nice and fast… the group auto requeues us… and as I had only intended to throw the blondkin and myself back into the PUG machine anyway I figure why not and I hit the yes button (or whatever it is). After a bit of verbal panicking over vent at me the blondkin does the same (last time a party wanted to venture onward I dropped group and he ended up with a PUG tank… he his still a little emotionally scarred over that incident.)

We must have lost a DPS here because we pop into a dungeon with a little mage called something like motorboat (a name which I honestly look sideways at and which causes my whole “don’t read the naaaames the names are dirty!” instinct to kick in lol)… confused I wander forward to see that in fact in this new instance one boss is down… and other DPS drops? At least that is how it appears because the role checker pops up in my face again … I just slap the okay button to get it out of the way (was it one of my original dps? Or did I lose two in the first move over and the dropping dps was from this obvious wipe situation…. I am unsure – in anycase I am too busy trying to find mobs.)

Of course I assume that the warrior that appears beside me in short time is the DPS replacement( 😮 oh how wrong I was), I didn’t check roles at all… after all I had just completed 2-3 runs as a tank heal comb with the blonde kin and we had I though at least originally moved our entire group over.

As we fight he pulls the odd mob off me but it doesn’t take me long to reestablish aggro … its not like I haven’t had to deal with careless or deliberately trolling melee dps before.  I
just became a control freak… snatching back mobs so that they would be planted firmly on me.

At some point Enrage haplessly enquires “Druid go Kitty?” and you know what I honestly thought? I thought “Ahhh another wannabe tank too slack to queue up as tank” /blush. when infact the shoe was firmly on the other foot this time around.

In any case my rebuttal was something like “Sorry man, I am the blondkins bear… I tank, he heals and thats the way we roll.” Afterall we had been queuing that way for… well the last month. The warrior Enrage thinks this over a bit and then replies “Okay I’ll go fury”, which I think looking back on the situation was quite graceful of him.

So anyway I drag us through the instance… we kill the final boss… short a helpful baggie as it was a requeue not a random. And then after Enrage drops group I FINALLY notice that I am in fact DPS role for the this run.


Surprisingly he is on our server… but my fumbling attempt at an apology appears to scare him into logging off. Oh well… I will think to check next time.


About Bytes

Returning wow player, one of those elderly burnt out ex-officer types. My current main is a Hunter (MS the under-dog talent tree Beast Master), but thats shifting back to hybrid Shaman. Together with my virtual cat I battle evil, kick butt and take names.
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