Adventures with a Blond Boomkin

(Aka the Blond-kin or the feather-brained beast)

So I have this friend who has been getting back into wow after a long break. I believe this friend has previously played a character to past 60 in BC, but he disappeared from the wowscape before hitting endgame. Meaning with all the cata changes I have an interesting case of semi-newbie on my hands.

Why my hands? Well it is my own fault… nostalgia got a hold of me a few months back and I waxed poetical to all and sundry about the joys of running around Duskwood in a group playing on itty-bitty-kitty druid babies… being myself, in all my shiny blabby glory, I guess I must have been rather convincing about the joys and wonders of the experience (or total woeful eyes) because now I have at least three old pros who want to hang out at lower levels (2 cross server unfortunately), one wow-suspicious level seven hunter recruit-a-friend that everyone thought would never touch wow with a six foot stick, and the Blondkin-of-booooom all eating up my wow time whenever I log in as they clamber for low level fun-times lol.

And I do mean low level. The blondkin is convinced I want to play level 1 gnomes … my fat mouth’s fault again omg. I really really don’t want to play level one gnomes that was a silly idea… I was just interested in seeing the starting area … that was it in its wholeness.

Happily I have convinced the blondkin that his high level character is in fact a low level for me… so we have been doing dungeons and out lands quests in the 55-65 level range, which indeed is baby level for me now that I have four 85 lvl toons, one of which raids. In any case the past month or so has been full of amusing incidents such as discovering the blondkin had no idea that at his level a boomkin gets an excellent AOE spell and discovering that he was unfamiliar with other the roles a druid can spec into.

Now at low levels I tend to tank my way around when I am in a group (it is good practice for my endgame tanking and easy levelling, especially since I don’t hang out on my lowbies as much these days.) Anyway for some bizzaro reason (maybe even just to keep me entertained) the blondkin sees me tanking for him in dungeons and declares “I want to learn to tank teach meO_o

Know you that he is very casual about wow … not a reader or a researcher into the classes or what not… and also honestly… his group play was very new at this stage – this blondkin doesn’t even have a recount, an omen or any of the typical little addons the pros have all set up for extras. Considering even, that he did not know about hurricane (in fact did an amusing little panic dance when he had another boomkin use in in a dungeon on top of him) and that I had never seen him use any of his druid utility… I wasn’t really feeling up to the task.

No really by lack of knowedge of his druid utility I mean that for example once or twice I even had to bully him into switching to cat and using dash for the occasional in dungeon speed boost just for getting about a little speedier (like back tracking in Black Rock)… his head is very much “I am a moonkin I walk about in feather form”. He is unfamiliar with dungeons in general, layouts, mobs and bosses and even some of the basics of group play … skull means hit that there mob first laddie.

So yeah tanking is something I think peeps should pick up when … they know either their class, the content or the tanking role well – you know it is for peeps who care to look things up or peeps that have a good grasp on their own abilities…. Or even an extra challenge for someone wanting to learn something new. So yesh while I have agreed to teach the blondkin to tank… I reckon he should tank from the start … as a new toon, so that he can pick up things as he goes and so he can read his abilities as he gets them lol. No way was I going to dive into the task with a lvl 58 boomkin with no agility gears. We have rolled yet another set of baby druid alts for this purpose.

As he wanted to contribute to the group environment and do something new I suggested healing instead. No need for a new gear set, just a simple dual spec and a couple of what I consider necessary addon installations.

It has been amusing to watching him evolve from the stage of panicking about the idea, to running in circles swearing in the dungeon group once he was given the role, to verbally crying on me over vent because I once dropped group and left him alone with a PUG tank, to now offhandedly declaring that healing is fuck-all easy-peasy and more relaxing to do than dps. (Although he still refuses to PUG it again)

Is this because healing really is just that easy, is it because I am a great teacher (lololol) or is it because I am his pocket tank and my heirlooms so overgear me for content the bondkin doesn’t get much of a challenge? Hmmm well who knows, it is probably a slice of all three factors. But it is certainly keeping me entertained, and I figure it can’t hurt to make a few posts in the future about the process and how it all went.


About Bytes

Returning wow player, one of those elderly burnt out ex-officer types. My current main is a Hunter (MS the under-dog talent tree Beast Master), but thats shifting back to hybrid Shaman. Together with my virtual cat I battle evil, kick butt and take names.
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