Ah… I think I understand now

AKA Shaman AOE DPS on Rhyolith

Raid night rolled around as it ever does and this time the guild decided to preview Lord Rhyolith (the leg boss). I started as heals and got moved to dps in favour of the light well as the RL’s tested the scenario to see what would work best for the group… then to my embarrassment I totally face pulled a couple of times (twice to my horror because I totally hadn’t realised it was my actions that caused it the first time, to me it looked like a tank pull head/desk) due to having totem placement anxieties.

But worst about this fight was that I had real trouble on the AOE phase, just after i had come to the conclusion that I was now awesome at AOE 😮 wtf

My biggest issue: Visibility was a real issue, with the boss being walked around the inner circle I couldn’t see, volcanoes, adds or even the light well due to constantly circling boss legs and crotch. I am looking at getting tidy plates set up for DPS (but as I have only used it before for tanking with threat plates I am having real trouble getting them to display.)

Because I couldn’t see anything I resorted to tab targeting…. my aoe requires that I tab target to dot up as many of the mobs that need aoe’ing as possible. This resulted in me dotting a foot head/desk. I am not meant to touch the actual boss feet in this outside of called for dps… we have melee and a mage driver for that task. I even set our hunter RL as my focus target in the hopes that I could use the assist function. Oh and I made a macro for the spark.

Not being able to see anything on the ground had other consequences, I got myself volcano’ed to death far too often. I am sure at one point I was actually stomped to death… and my tab targeting aoe attracted aggro due to us only having one tank (often busy with the spark) – NB: why on earth don’t shaman have any aggro dropping abilities??? Earth shock used to generate extra aggro for griefs sake O_o this is punishment for being allowed a shield isn’t it?

In any case all the above troubles aside my dps was terrible (new fight, lots of targets, lots of movement, lots of confusion) but i have been clocking 20+ K dps in the troll heroics when doing AOE. And this raid I had under 10K thats terrible.

Then I saw this written on an article over at WoW Insider by Josh Myers “Totem Talk

Terrible for burst, but our sustained AOE was very much improved. Now, if only Blizzard could release a tier where sustained AOE mattered and burst AOE didn’t, we’d be golden.

And it started to make a lot more sense, the little mobs were (a) all over the place and (b) often going down too fast to be any use to me in an aoe roatation. I would tab madly for an acceptable target (damn legs) wasting time, find one and drop a flame shock only to realise that that mob was near death or out of the pack. So painful. All the scrabbling around was time spent not casting which is a terrible thing for DPS.

Man all I want is an addon that makes a boss roughly pet sized – bringing some civilization and order to my battleground. Maybe I lack the soul of adventure. Sigh. 

Things to be wary of according to personal observation

  • Totems – sit them near to the tank points as they will draw aggro from spawning adds and may split the pack.
  • Lighwells can be hidden by volcanos (or be unreachable due to terrain) and mobs, trying to get to it is not worth dying for.
  • Hard to heal if the volcanos are not taken out.
  • Don’t stay near an impending stomp action.
  • Stand further away from the lava flows, I totally have a suspicion that it is possible that the damage zone for the lava flows from the volcanos are slightly larger than they appear in game (or my graphics suck)
  • Hunter pets die when summoned on the little rock in the lava moat – very odd

I did notice that all the things to avoid or stay alert for were the same colour (fire) – why Blizz, why? Currently also experiementing with inbuilt blizzard name plate display options… have noticed big mobs disappear off screen. O_o want plates that display dots… grumble


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Returning wow player, one of those elderly burnt out ex-officer types. My current main is a Hunter (MS the under-dog talent tree Beast Master), but thats shifting back to hybrid Shaman. Together with my virtual cat I battle evil, kick butt and take names.
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