Spark Post: Do I enjoy tanking and healing?

Spark post – been reading a lot of Gordon from ‘We Fly Spitfires’ today, and stopped on his post about the Call to Arms feature Blizzard recently implemented titled: The Problem Is Just That No OneLikes Tanking Or Healing

And nope nope, I am not going to argue with the generalisation made with the blog title. See I have read dozens of blog posts to do with commentary on the call to arms feature (see linkage at the bottom if you would like a reading list) and none of them particular inspired me to have a rant or response… but Gordons post brief though it was did trigger a reflective thought:  see I love tanking and healing… and I play both roles despite being “a natural-born ranged DPS player” (quote about my play style taken from one of my raid leaders.)

But I have noticed despite this enjoyment in the roles, that I am slightly more reluctant to step up to the plate to Tank in PUGs, oh once I hit what I felt was an acceptable gear level and familiarity with the heroics I was happy enough to heal, and I even jumped feet first as a healer into the new troll heroics without even reading strats (yep totally tried to cleanse the cauldron effects at least twice before I clued into what they were) … but despite levelling in only a couple of months by straight out tanking of instances on a paladin toon I found that as soon as I hit cataclysm content I got a case of cold feet.


I know tanking. I know the instance. I like tanking. I don’t like the instances all the time. What are my personal barriers to answering a call to arms? Ooh a chance to get all reflective lol.

Well personally it is not the role of tanking or healing that worries me.

Job: hold a mobs attention and read up on how to make a pull with the trash and bosses, available, easy stuff. And healing well that is just looking after group members I love that sort of thing… both these roles make me feel super useful and happy.

What I think my reluctance springs from is the fact that Tanks have become default group leaders, and at end game level being responsible for a party is not the pleasure it is at lower levels where peeps (except the odd try hard and immature person) are a little more laid back because they have less invested in the outcome. If you “Fail-tank” endgame heroics you open yourself up to unpleasant group ridicule and overbearing know-it-all back seat drivers.

I am such a little people pleaser that their dissatisfaction and irritation distresses me. Lol just like the same personality trait allows me to secretly glorify in how fantastic a group finds me at lower levels where I tank content and navigate maps I have played for five years. Ahhh EGO.

How can I get over this reluctance to play an endgame tank role… well maybe:

  • better preparation, research and reading on class and strats and practicing with guild groups until I am so familiar with content I can do it blindfolded no matter who is trying to help or hinder me.
  • Over gearing the content so any of my slight slip ups are not something that wipes a party repeatedly
  • Develop a thick skin for when I have to deal with the inevitable arse-hat that feels they can do better despite the fact they chose to run as DPS.
  • Perhaps I should raid tank… I am comfortable throwing myself in the deep end as a healer because I have successfully raid healed in the past and PUGed instances appear like a trivial challenge in comparison.


And looking at that list you know what, perhaps the role is not as popular due to the amount of work you need to put into it to avoid group ridicule. I often run as DPS and I can chose to pull my weight and play with all pistons firing… or I know that sometimes I can arse along going through the motions while nomming on my dinner or de-burring and grooming my cat.

Reading up on the Call-to-Arms dungeon finder feature in no particular order we have:


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