Sapping my will to be a shaman

It is not failure exactly and yet it is not… not failure.

I haven’t been able to dedicate the time into gearing up my shaman lately, I need a darkmoon trinket, man I am only two random cards off… but herbing is soul sapping I may actually be forced to get my socially anxious butt into trade chat and start trying to drum up a card trade. I need 2 more T11 pieces, and I need to start heroic mode raids.

Because… because… my DPS is lacking still… and because my attention has been mostly on my DPS set I am starting to feel the pinch in the healing arena too. It is odd but I heal more often than not these days despite it being an off-spec (well to be honest my off specs tend to get as much attention as my on spec :p), perhaps I really need to shift my focus to the heal gear set.

I was pushing what little online time I had this week into doing instances in the hope that I could buy one more piece of valour cost T11 and then come patch night (tonight) get my last piece for the four piece bonus with the extra JP when everything is cut-priced.

Sigh but the troll instances I have been lining up for have been atrocious the last three days (cept for one successful run.)  It has made me doubt my ability to heal almost.

Two runs in particular gave me a headache – One day was wasted on a Zul’Aman run, stuck on the last boss where we scored both Cat & Firehawk the worst combo. And we had me shaman healer and a warrior tank. We got through cat stage 3-4 times, always with me having to burn a mana totem and or a potion due to how many healing surges I was dropping.  But half the time even burning healing surge I would lose either a DPS to the cat lunges or the Tank to that last berserk damage, unable to get a heal on them fast enough to save the day. Sooo frustrating, and I was covered in adds more often than not … to the point that I even reglyphed stone claw totem and dropped my tranquil air totem, and heroed it in the cat phase.

I don’t know what it was, I have actually had this combination before and succeeded, but no matter how I pulled out the stops…. I just couldn’t do it. The group did not seem bad… maybe a little low on dps… I did have a poor melee druid to heal (Bliz hates the melee dps this x-pac), the tank did not seem bad except he was a warrior and doesn’t have the situation heal saves of a DK or a Pally.

In the end they kicked me and to be honest I was just happy to have it over. I got a real lesson in swift mend usage this run… and a headache. No points, no loot bag … heck no drop-loot either, just a huge arsed repair bill. So not worth the time sink.

The other run (well two runs) were in Zul’Gurub. Again the trouble came at the end boss which is always a difficult encounter for PUGs and groups, but it wasn’t the chaos of phase two and managing adds and chains that did us in. It was some weird issue with the bubble – I could swear in both runs that the tanks were moving to a non- existent bubble that I couldn’t see – they would get fried and then the bubble would appear and the group would move to it. More often then not also moving to the skeleton of the tank just on the outer edge of the new bubble. It was like reverse lag. The first time I witnessed this… the tank must have worked it out and followed the group on of his own accord, because the problem disappeared and we downed the boss smoothly.

The second time was the headache pug – Six wipes in and we finally trained the tank to look at where the majority of the DPS were standing and to stick with them. However the group just couldn’t manage to do adds, chains, and monster add all at once. My heals couldn’t cut it and my frantic running in circles around the tank/hunter didn’t help me from eventual death. Wipe after wipe occured – I stuck with it for a while but then decided it was like banging my head on a wall and I apologised to the group and called it quits.

I have never wanted a big healy cooldown more… and while I suppose I could have pulled spirit link out on the first related case… I am reasonably certain with the damage going around and the group spread out as it was it would only have been wasted or caused a wipe. The spirit link would totally have caused a wipe on the mess that is the last fight of Zul’Gurub. Swiftmend is sort of not good enough for this sort of thing (once a fight gift really) … I kept wishing for tree form, or for tranquillity, or one of the nifty paladin spells and all I had was healing surge to OOM me, a totem I couldn’t use safely and one swiftmend heal…. Oh yeah and a glyphed totem to give me a personal bubble against physical damage.

My Swiss-army-knife-totem-of-buffs is usually unneeded these days, my healing is okay but not fantastic (I certainly don’t have andy hero moves), speaking of hero other peeps bring that to the table… my DPS needs some serious gear to be average (not even competitive just average) and every time I drop a fire elemental and see the booger sitting there staring into space doing nothing (or worse attacking the wrong target) I just want to go have a cry in the corner.  

…. I have never felt so disheartened and useless as a class as over  this last Xpac (cept maybe as a hunter in vanilla … but I had pets dammit they made up for it.)

I don’t think I am a bad player either… I read, research, test (although I do lack time and at the moment gear) – maybe I just miss the special that comes from bring the player not the class? But the class is honestly frustrating me more than a little at the moment.

T_T sore head I has. I just want to play my level 40 druid, but I has responsibilities – main character responsibility. Maybe I should peek at Rift just for a little holiday.


About Bytes

Returning wow player, one of those elderly burnt out ex-officer types. My current main is a Hunter (MS the under-dog talent tree Beast Master), but thats shifting back to hybrid Shaman. Together with my virtual cat I battle evil, kick butt and take names.
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