On healing Goth the DK tank – Resto shaman in the making

Well a guildy asked me about what I thought his deathknight was like to heal, so here is my run down after spending the evening PUGing as resto-shaman heals last night in normal dungeons.

I love his DK tank he can be my pocket tank any day
/fangirl squee

It was pretty bad in the PUG environment. Now when running with Goth (DK tank) I didn’t know any of the new shaman resto tricks which I have since looked up, I went in cold! Still his health could be maintained for trash with nothing more than earthshield, riptide, my heal totem and the occasional happy rain puddle which was mostly used to catch melee dps. DPS really took little damage allowing me to conserve mana. There were fights where I was standing around doing nothing, I very well could have been happily casting lightning bolt to regen mana had I known about it… not that I really needed to regen mana. I was actually able to have the luxury of keeping the DPS topped up in most cases.

This was not the case with the PUG groups. The PUGed groups often had no CC, or when the tank tried to mark CC it wasn’t actually done by the DPS. There was an awful lot of DPS damage being taken meaning I was consistently very very low on mana even though I had clued into the Lightning bolt trick and that I should be dropping the mana tide totem every three mins. My water shield was constantly being taken away by mobs that hit me. While the new lightning bolt and shock tactics fascinate me – lord forbid I stop paying attention to dropping heals long enough to get a couple of shots off. I would consistently lose dps … on two boss fights with a particular group the fight ended with myself and the tank at full health… and everyone else dead as a doornail (and then we were swamped by adds because peeps had ignored boss mechanics.)

Biggest differences I have to say were the following (all positive really):

  • Goth you lovely lovely DK – you use interrupts and your cool downs.
  • You have good aggro management and awareness of what I am doing as I run frantically in ghost wolf circles looking for my pants
  • CC (you really don’t break CC after you have asked for it too – a lot of tanks do that)
  • You have knowledge of Boss tactics so that I don’t drown in adds
  • You occasionally stop for a drinking healer or maybe you just walk slower to the next pull. It does help

Bless you you will be a fine guild tank!

Funny story: PUGed dps do not see or stand in the rain puddle… I noticed on one run a hunter stepping just out of it and standing beside it whenever I cast it, until half way through the run when he notice it was always cast at the end of fights with AOE and I would sit in it drinking and he started to join me

Lol I feel I should demonstrate Healing Rain at the beginning of the run because it is now my most viable dps heal ability other then the piddle totem and dropping a riptide on someone… chain heal really is shit at the moment for me even glyphed and shot through a tanks earth shield with buffs.

Interestingly I took instant ghost wolf over the cheap cleanses… and now cleansing can run me out of mana. Thinking of speccing out of the lightning bolt mana regen talent and back into cheap cleanses.  Actually there are a few tricky choices in the resto tree at the moment. Life in group 5 has a really really good break down on some viable specs with a rundown of why each would be useful over here: http://lifeingroup5.com/?page_id=1648#Specs


About Bytes

Returning wow player, one of those elderly burnt out ex-officer types. My current main is a Hunter (MS the under-dog talent tree Beast Master), but thats shifting back to hybrid Shaman. Together with my virtual cat I battle evil, kick butt and take names.
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