Easier said than done I suspect

So… my RL friends and also guild raid leaders are in an interesting position. The guild we sit in currently (that they invited me to join) is a strictly casual guild – but months prior to patch 4.0 and the upcoming cataclysm they began to organise regular light hearted raids. After all with the buffs peeps received to take ICC content and the entire freebie loot business Blizzard has been raining down on our heads with badges, point changes and easy event boss drops, why not give end game a shot eh? And there was much success and much rejoicing.

The guild leader has on occasion expressed that this is “not a raid guild” and it is rather obvious that the feeling from that direction is that the guild peeps are not ready for ICC, that they should be doing Ulduar and Naxx and that the fact everyone wants to be in ICC is frowned upon because it must be for the loots (oh noes not evidence of a desire for the loots in a warcraft gamer O_o )

But honestly LOL on the loot comment – this guild is the kinda guild where the fights over dungeon herbing and mining is actually more aggressively competitive than the arguments of who gets what gear drops… and they are STILL playing about it. A couple of examples: the Pally healer has to be forced to take upgrades and I distinctly recall doing a pug with a fellow druid who won two boomy/tree drops from the content… only to pass one of them over to me because I was his guild mate and I hadn’t won any rolls. That’s a generous atmosphere indeed. I love seeing a lack of virtual greediness in people.

So aye in appearance the lead demonstrated an unfounded downiness there on the loot comment. And actually sometimes comes across as having an odd lack of confidence in peeps ability to do current content. Maybe I am reading her wrong.

My personal opinion is that the guild peeps are more keen for current content not because of the gear but rather because it is the Wrath endgame. The guild has only done a few of these ICC fights in normal ten man… they are not even hitting the heroics or hards for the gear upgrades. I believe these people want to see content they haven’t touched (who else is sick of running five man heroics lol), they want to play in a group and they want a little challenge and strategy to the fights instead of a dps faceroll. That feeling of “achievment” on new the highest level content. This late in a xpac gear means near to nothing afterall.

The raid leaders are chaffing under the guild leadership in what is honestly ‘not a raiding guild’ – so it is obvious that it has become time to move the raiding toons over to a proper raiding guild that can have raiding guild rules. They have wisely decided to simply start afresh to do so. I have agreeded to take my main along with them because I love the idea of hitting new content… I certainly don’t want to be running Ulduar (as wonderful as it is) as the guild lead has suggested, when I could be leveling during cata to experience the awesome new content they have no doubt prepared for us gamers O_o

Oh it won’t be a leveling race for me – I enjoy experiencing content and I am reasonably slow… but I am not particularly interested in putting on any kind of hobble on myself. Sigh aye ima chaotic neutral. I can be nice but not if it starts impinging on my fun O_o

In any case I can see the logical need for a raiding branch if these friends want to … well raid. So logically they will have to be straight with the guild lead and tell em that they need to start a dedicated raiding guild to enjoy the game and to avoid conflict in what is honestly a comfortable casual orientated home for us all 🙂 And perhaps it would be a very nice gesture that they should continue to raid lead until cata goes live in an attempt to help the peeps in the guild that wanted to kill the lich king down him before they take their leave.

Heh only just yesterday I notice that the guild lead who previously seemed a little hmmm uncommitted on the raiding business posted the most epicly detailed ‘how to raid properly’ guide.



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Returning wow player, one of those elderly burnt out ex-officer types. My current main is a Hunter (MS the under-dog talent tree Beast Master), but thats shifting back to hybrid Shaman. Together with my virtual cat I battle evil, kick butt and take names.
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