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I have a friend in my wow-player-heavy social circle that is rabidly anti-warcraft and in fact will no longer even touch online games voluntarily. For example I have been amused over the last week by watching him dilemmarise over whether or not he should load a borrowed copy of Starcraft 2 onto his computer seeing as how it requires an online connection and the internets may touch him *snerk* nothing like watching someone frustrate themselves by cutting off their nose to spite their face. Mind you there are real underlying issues to this fellow’s issue.

Now what happened to this peep to make him so pathologically phobic about a game he played hard core in vanilla? I reckon it was a number of things firstly this peep is heavily prone to reaching a comfort zone and developing patterns of behaviour… I would bet bags of raw-red-gems that he did not take well to expansion changes and having to replace the hard won purples of original raiding content. And two hard core playing will always lead to burnout and burnout can lead to hate, do not go to the darkside remember to maintain balance! Third (the biggy) his fiancé happened to build a relationship online with another player and then bought herself a plane ticket and cheated on him. But instead of the love being the big bad in this scenario it has become World of Warcraft Online’s fault in the entirety.

It can be disturbing having a conversation that is wow related with this peep… because if he is being honest (and not polite) he will rant about how people you meet in an online environment are never who you think they are, how they will portray themselves in a deceptive manner and the whole is a waste of time and only encourages the worst in an individual’s social and personal development because it is a fake insincere interaction. The humane response to this regurgitated venom is unfortunately not “your girlfriend is a cheating whore get over it.”

Aye people online can lie to you far more effectively than someone you are standing in front of and eyeballing in the flesh. Aye this alternative social interaction can be less soul fulfilling than building a deep and meaningful with someone you can take out to dinner. Yes a person will feel a lot more comfortable just disappearing on you if your relationship only exists in the online environments.


  • But online friendships while different are not worthless that’s the part I take umbrage at.
  • But online friendships can and do move your emotions and provide support in times of emotional need.
  • But people I know have MARRIED people they met online.
  • But online friendships are fun.

Meh and you know what? Currently my RL friends are chit-chatting about leaving the current guild I am nesting in (now full of online friends) to create a new guild to foster a  better raid environment…. and they would like me to follow which could mean yet another faction change if I say… okay. Sigh so many conflicts of interest all real, and honestly don’t try to tell me that because its online it is not real social emotional stress! Just because it was birthed in a virtual environment certainly does not make this social drama-lama any less real O_o


About Bytes

Returning wow player, one of those elderly burnt out ex-officer types. My current main is a Hunter (MS the under-dog talent tree Beast Master), but thats shifting back to hybrid Shaman. Together with my virtual cat I battle evil, kick butt and take names.
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