What am I?

No really I am suffering some hard core online identity crisis here.

I used to be an ORC hunter.

That was my main for 3 if not 4 years. Those years were a nice long time to develop a real sense of character identity and purpose. I may have had 5-6 alts at any given time. But I only ever had one max-leveled character.

And this hunter she was rolled on an RP server, joined the odd RP guild… she had background stories written about her and weird ingame relationships. I mean she was an orc with incredibly strong ties with the forsaken and the fel magic users. She accidently buddied up with a lot of undead throughout the years; met this undead mage dude in the local server BG’s who sponsored her first mount, adventured with an undead warrior in the barrens and subsequently joined a forsaken only guild for a year or more, she even had an undead warlock RL friend and thus when wrath came out tamed herself a devil hound to fit the theme and rode around on her undead mount. She developed personality.

Oh yeah sure I switched her specs around between beast master, survival and marksmen (with a fair preference for MM) and sure I only dabbled in PVE and PVP – but I knew my class reasonably well, knew what all the underutilized buttons and skills were for, knew about weird class specific skills like kiting, stagger stepping to have my auto shots fired, chain trapping and reaching and stacking haste to reach my own global cooldown ideal (hello steady shot.)

I was an orc hunter. But now I am not.

When I server transferred I sent over the underutilized toons – a neglected shammy and my fresh-faced druid. The Druid managed to pull off “main” long enough to get me guilded and into some casual 10mans … very very causal guild when it comes to raid content, we be talking once a fortnight meets taking down three-four bosses of old content – but I honestly find this more engaging then facing the heroics yet again. Because I’m one of those people that love learning new things – and my dps is good enough that I always get given the interesting ranged dps assignments ^_^

But my casual guild was riddled with druids (and heals-class-heavy which is my druids main spec.) So to better contribute to these little casual 10 mans which entertained me so I dusted of the shammy and got myself some PVE elemental threads to go with the existing PVP stuff. I like being a shaman because I can bring so much utility to the table with the totems, and the ranged rotation is very very straightforward – allowing me to totally ramp it up and maintain situational awareness with none of the frustration of watching eclipse procs wasted as they occur at the end of a trash battle (that really pissed me off on the druid.)

So my two underutilized toons had working specs and reasonable raid ready gears. These aren’t achievement or rep toons the idea of grinding such on them bores me stupid because they are so far lacking what the hunter has in that department (which is oodles of existing revered reps and exotic mounts and already accomplished things.) So to entertain myself I roll a little pally tank. She skyrockets to 70. I have never leveled so fast in my life.

I did get bored again and figured I would work on seeing how far I could stretch druid utility. The boomkin-dps spec got binned for a weird cat-bear hybrid spec. I want to re-learn my cat rotation skills. (And honestly I can’t believe I used to be good at this this, how the feck did I manage to keep track of all this crap and walk??) That’s a very slow project in the works it requires more addons IMO.

This week I transferred my hunter across and conducted a faction change because I missed the leet crafting skills she contributed to my alts.

Now currently I am running 2 heroics an evening and a least one normal on the tank to get frosties/triumph badges on three characters. I have a tank I am very interested in getting to 80 and gearing (say hello to weekend PVP grinds). I have a DK which honestly bores the crap outa me but which completes the jewel crafting daily faithfully and thus she may actually see 80 in the next couple of months. I have cat rotations to practice. There is a bear gear set to gem and normal dungeons are crying out to be practiced bear tanked. I wouldn’t mind collecting a feral PVP set. The shaman wants to tweak her dps spec to see what removing the OP AOE points will do for single target DPS – this will require gold, glyphs and a day making out with the training dummies and recount.

Onto into this game landscape slaughters (slip of the tounge… its an ex-orc thing) saunters my orc hunter. With an elvish makeover O_o And everything just sort of grinds to a halt.

What am I?

Guildies refer to me as Tail or T.C. because my main is apparently my druid.

However my shaman Bytes has become my raiding toon (which in this guild is considered your main, funny because they aren’t real raiders but I suspect this little casual guild has sprung from the hearts of ex-raiders looking for a casual family friendly safe place) because she fits much better with our overly healy and over druidy group makeup. But I made my Jeeves on this character and don’t really want to do anything else with her at the moment. Heck she doesn’t even have epic fly, because I don’t love her that much.

My hunter came on the scene with a long list of to dos. Every time I am invited out on an outing with guildies she has been piping up in my head “Hey I need rep with them” or “Hey you always said we would see ZG together, what’s a druid going to do with a tiger mount anyway if it does drop? I’m the mount collector here” and “When are you going to nail all these achievements with me? Eh when? When are we going to finish the argent crusade dailies for the other two cities and when are you going to get our squire a pony??”

/sigh She is right noisy.

Her gear is worse than either of the other 80’s at this point. She has also seen nothing of any kind of raid content. She will probably never get to do a weekly PUG because she can’t link squat achievements. She will never raid with my casual guild because if you think we have a lot of druids you should see all the other hunters O_o and I really can’t stand to see avoidable bad raid makeup even if I am not the raid leader.

I don’t know what I am anymore. I was always a utility player – I like filling the gaps in groups and druid suits me well (he does have epic fly), I love this new paladin character being the tank is brilliant (I’ve been tossing around the idea of acquiring epic fly for her it’s a sign.) but now this hunter is back on the scene and yes she sure is surprisingly noisy…

I hadn’t realized but the other toons really had a chance to grow without her around… and I never did anything tedious like dailies or rep grinds because when she was out of the room they meant nothing to me. I thought I was an alt-aholic. I really had no idea. How do peeps deal with these confusing conflicts of interest??


About Bytes

Returning wow player, one of those elderly burnt out ex-officer types. My current main is a Hunter (MS the under-dog talent tree Beast Master), but thats shifting back to hybrid Shaman. Together with my virtual cat I battle evil, kick butt and take names.
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2 Responses to What am I?

  1. Windpaw says:

    I don’t think we do – we just keep making new toons and leveling them up and getting them to some state of “done” and then starting over. I’ve been doing pretty much the *exact* same thing you have with all of my characters of late. Originally I was a Tauren Hunter. Then I was a Night Elf Hunter. Then Tauren. Then Night Elf. Then I got Loremaster and Seeker and said TO HELL WITH HUNTERY! Now I have no idea who or what my main is. My Paladin hit 80 and seems to be way more fun and successful than I ever imagined. My warrior – begs to be played more. My Shaman…well…she makes gems…My beloved druid?

    Well. You get the idea. I have no idea how to break out of this. How some folks stick with one toon I have no clue.

  2. River-dark says:

    I know there is a paladin in the guild who has always been a healing paladin … since vanilla O_o – and I’ve just started a newish priest again … don’t know how he does it /sigh (although maybe thats how I can keep playing after all these years hee)

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