Pet emote addon: Removing your character’s name from the pet emote.

Mostly answering search terms that have lead peeps to the blog here – the real “use the pet emote addon” guide is on another page (linked).

Pet emotes will display in the following format: Character name‘s pet Pet family type Pet name does some random stuff in an emote.

People always want to have their name removed from this emote.

Straight up this is impossible. The pet emote addon is working from the /em or /me emote system. It would be a total hack for emotes to be able to occur without having your toons name attached to it. Also there is some liability needed I think, because if your pet gorilla is flinging poop at people your name should totally be attached to that so we all know who to blame and who to /punch in retaliation.

EDIT Check out Petopia forums for news about PetEmote 2010:

EDIT Check out the Three Hammers for update on PetEmote 2010:

EDIT: Efindel & ethancentaurai’s Updated PetEmote addon on Curseforge (FEB 2013):


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