PVP on the protection paladin who is normally a tank

So I ran the odd BG in my tank spec and gear on my pally toon.

And it didn’t suck.

I didn’t even change my action bar setup or acquire any fancy addons. I suspect the reason it didn’t suck is twofold:

One – An effective tank tends to out gear the instance these days. I’m not saying I’m carrying my team through content because without good dps I cop 5 sunders or something and die and without a good healer I just die. But really to make PUGs easier and tanking less stressful this paladin toon is geared as best I can gear her and comes with plenty of stam enchants (lord forbid a piece of gear does not have the best enchant I can slap on it even if I am only leveling) and gems… epic gems. You could say she is almost the equivalent of a PVP twinkie (although not in the appropriate level range.) Most peeps do not waste money on this kinda thing at the piddly level of 70-79 so it will give her an edge against anything but a real twink or a well played or well geared level 80.

Two – Tank = survivability. Paladin also = Survivability. Man sometimes all I had to do was run into a flag node in AB and let the enemy focus fire me (zomg look a lowbie level hit me I dare you) while my team swept in behind and made clean work of the enemy. If it looked like I was in trouble well then bubble ftw or lay on hands. Not that I didn’t die… of course I did it was PVP.

You know one of the odd things I noticed (in eye of the storm of all places) people follow a paladin O_O. Bah I have never had groups tarrying off after my hunter or shaman when I leave the main pack. But an armored paladin seemed to have a different effect on peeps! They would see me there with my plate… pulling ahead with Aura of the Crusader and first one would follow me, then another dot on my mini map, and suddenly I would have a whole mini-team of five charging across a bridge to take BloodeElf tower or Fel Reaver with me…. Epic. And totally for the win – three bases trumps flag running to two bases – 2 out 3 games. (I totally made that statistic up … but it is true the tactic is far more likely to win the day in Eye of the Storm.)

I cannot wait to try this pally in PVP geared and at 80 O_O

In the meantime some usual tanking spells I experienced win with.

Aura of the Crusader is brilliant if not other pally has activated it for the initial charge and to help you get places super fast. Just don’t forget to turn it off when you get wherever you were going. All auras are situational you should get totally used to frequently swaping them depending on what you are doing. Aura of resist-their-shit is absolutly excellent. See a warlock? Slap up shadow resistance!! See a shaman casting at you? Probably best to go Fire resist to soak some of that damn laver burst no doubt headed your way. Mage? You may want to wait till you see what colour their hands glow lol, but I tend to slap up a frost resist. Rogue? Why not have some aura of more-armor-please or Ret-aura in his face ^_^ Oh yeah auras were hell-fun.

Well I just buffed everyone with kings in the big groups, I suppose for small WSG or AB groups with multiple pallys you could attempt to coordinate that if you could be bothered. I totally stuck with my tank blessing for myself Blessing of Sanctuary, mostly because it has 3% damage reduction, 2% dodge and 10% extra stamina and strength … which seemed like sensible things to want with other peeps whaling on me.

The one question I am still pondering is “which is the best seal to use?” Perhaps it is also situational. I start out with my tanking seal Seal of Vengeance which stack a holy damage debuff and gives me extra weapon damage. Then I will pop Seal of Light for extra heals. Mana is not really something you should be worrying about in a BG where it is all about survivability and burst damage… I honestly think that if you live you should fall to the back of the pack and drink, but I suppose if you were whaling on a prot warrior it might save the day if you had a seal of wisdom up … maybe O_o

Judge for Justice!! – a slow enemy is an enemy within melee range and hopefully a soon dead enemy ^_^

Hands and Misc abilities
Will save your butt:

  • Hand of freedom allows you to escape and get moving again, just like when you are tanking use it whenever you find yourself locked down.
  • Hand of Protection your nearest friendly heals (just like in an instance where everything has gone pear shape – also forces them to heal because it locks down their attack abilities… hopefully they heal you O_O Ima not sneaky or anything *cough)
  • Lay on Hands yourself or a buddy for the most epic instant heal imaginable outside of real healing classes (its like force feeding your pal a health potion.)
  • Hammer of Justice – epic stun attack, use it whenever it looks like someone is trying to heal or fear you. Use if they are one of those bouncy types and they try to run away from you and your mace face smashing.
  • Divine Shield – Pally bubble of invunerability Pally bubble of invulnerability. Use to find time to heal, or to hearth… or to throw yourself of the Lumber Mill cliff to freedom (*bwahahahahahahaahaa weeeeeeee catch me now you fools*) when badly outnumbered. This was enormous fun this is one of those buttons I am totally not allowed to use in an instance because I lose all aggro. Go to town with it I say! Go to town… err but not to Dalaran running away completely out of the battlefield while funny kinda defeats the purpose.

Bread and butter attacks were in fact my usual tanking tools:

  • Avengers Shield – my usual pull spell does in fact also slow, daze, damage and silence up to three peeps if they happen to be foolishly clustered, the only real change to this spell is I may not chose to open with it instead saving it until some time more strategic in a fight O_o or not… tank and spank is far more my style in PVP so if it’s a warlock I’m looking at why not open with this, whale on them a bit then stun them then hopefully use this again? *cackle.
  • Hammer of the Righteous – three with one blow, in pvp I wish I could spam this faster.
  • Hammer of Wrath – is a nice finishing move, hit them with it before they magically heal or something.

Now all I gotta do is remember to pop my Divine Plea for mana and my Avenging Wrath for extra damage and all will be dandy. God I wonder if Ret in PVP is even more fun than this?


About Bytes

Returning wow player, one of those elderly burnt out ex-officer types. My current main is a Hunter (MS the under-dog talent tree Beast Master), but thats shifting back to hybrid Shaman. Together with my virtual cat I battle evil, kick butt and take names.
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2 Responses to PVP on the protection paladin who is normally a tank

  1. Windpaw says:

    Pallies are just so much PvP win as far as I’m concerned. I’ve scripped and scraped as a hunter for so long – been buffed and nerfed and hamstrung and chains of ice’d and all that until my disengage and deterrence buttons are just beat to death. But Pallies? Win with extra win-sauce.

    That and I kinda find PvP more fun at lower levels. No resilience to worry about. No gladiators to worry about. Just a good mix of levels and the gear you get from questing. Kinda like the old days.

  2. River-dark says:

    I love the low level PVP it is so nice to throw yourself into a BG and have it be more about knowing how to use your class (and your utility spells) than the quality of the gear you have collected. Re-specced the pally as RET this weekend only to discover that even from the paladin side of things fights sort of still go: “yellow wtf flash of light = dead enemy”

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