I have so much to say

But I am lacking that ability to articulate it.

Life’s hectic, everything from peeps dying of cancer and donating their skeletons to science (the large) to my mother romping across the UK and trying to make me buy into her latest health fad (cell food) at $70 a pop (the small but expensive).

WoW is a lot of fun however – so many little projects in the works that have little to do with heavy RL realities. I do want to blather on about it but I can’t say I have anything constructive to post about on the topic. I need some structure to these burble posts from the view point of the Druid Boomtree, the PVP shaman, my little Tankadin. Most of what I want to say floats in my head in compact one liners that wouldn’t fill a twitter post.

Tales from the Tankadin Diaries:

“I saw a mage throw himself off one level of the Lower Back Rock Depths in an attempt to take a shortcut to reach another level and force the group follow him. He died. This is funny because the mage died.”

“I took a shortcut off the lip of Tarnaris into Ungoro crater and lived because I have a pally-bubble”

“I met a melee mage… he said he did melee to save mana… he had a full mana bar”

“Watched a warlock masterfully use portals to take half the group on a jumped shortcut and summon back to the correct path in Black Rock Depths for an optional boss. Extra loot and no time loss. Now that’s thinking with portals!”

PVP Shaman QQ:

Does alliance never win wintergrasp on my server?

Thank the blizzard god for engineering… parachutes make your day should you just happen to throw yourself off the side of the Dalaran city expecting to punch the flight form button only to find you happen to be a shaman at the moment. Just saying. O_O WTB flying astral flying-wolf form… they could paster a big S for shaman (or super-dog) on my cape.

Do people hate shamans, am I paranoid or are PVP groups deliberately targeting me? New tactic drop my totems near some OTHER Draenei (preferably a DK or warrior) and stand off to the side and heal them when the inevitable mob tries to take their head. Only use the healing snot if I am behind a mass of allies.

BoomTree? TreeBoom?

I love my new guild.

My new guild asked me what my main spec was on this druid. I did say boomtree. When I master the ability to heal and DPS I will be content, currently I can do one or the other but not both at the same time with any skill.

There is a lamelock in the guild. He does 800dps in guild heroics. It is interesting watching one of our nicest guildies help him help himself by re-educating about how to research how warlocks work in 3.3.

I am trying to build a bike or ‘chopper’ (what a misleading name that’s Australian slang for helicopter there – so confusing). It is hard.

We do ‘soft’ raids, the odd weekly and farm ICC trash for rep – this is actually a lot more than I have done with a guild for years. Much entertainment because it is content I haven’t bothered seeing before.

Hmmm REAL ID and how far you can take it – some follow-up comments:

Holy crap who knows how much of this is real (havent the inclination to chase it further) but the following tale amuses me in any case as it is a nice demonstration of what a community can do with a real name. I love information, I love chasing it just for the fun of finding things – I like saving it and collecting it, preserving it and organizing it. Having fun with other peoples real names… aye it is a hobby of mine. Never used for malicious activities but I do a net search on just about everyone I know just to see what floats to the surface of the internet. That’s a down time activity for a harmless Librarian… grief knows what other peeps do with someone’s real name. Of interest to me on this topic was this social experiment conducted where on this Blizzard Forum a Blizzard employee posts his real name (something he is obviously comfortable sharing with the internet already – Hello Micah Whipple indeed – although apparently he has deleted his facebook profile after this fiasco. Guess “he was not prepared” snort) then fans start a cycle of ‘how much can we find out’ over here on this blog – most the info has been removed but the comments give you some idea of how far it ran.

Invasion of privacy? – oh aye there is no doubt that that’s true.

Fun for the net generation? – absolutely.

*Cough did I want to get on board in what essentially comes down to harassment? Actually – yes I had the urge. It looked like fun from the doing end if not the receiving end. I wanted to see if I could if for no other reason. Could I find something they haven’t already? What systems do I have access to… I have professional systems at my disposal – databases of legal cases that I can run names through… yup if you ever committed a crime that took you through an upper court of Australia I have the case records (for fun at work we look up the case history of peeps who study at my university who happen to have a known criminal record.) I wonder is this how hacker communities start? Hmmm in any case at least I have a short attention span… I just gunna go put on my wizard hat and robes.

EDIT: oh no wait twitter stalking indicates only privacy settings on the facebook account were increased no actual deletion occured… that required no effort to find out. Stalking is scary easy in the cyber era.


About Bytes

Returning wow player, one of those elderly burnt out ex-officer types. My current main is a Hunter (MS the under-dog talent tree Beast Master), but thats shifting back to hybrid Shaman. Together with my virtual cat I battle evil, kick butt and take names.
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