The little warlock who could…

Heal… No joke.

Spark post from destructive reaches rant post.

Frankly I think the DPS is of equal importance in a random pick-up group to the ‘Rrrrranks’ and ‘Rrrrealers’ (cough don’t mind the Scooby impersonation… just practicing). Yup the leveling of my new paladin alt has been a dungeon heavy experience; it’s that whole tank thing – no downtime on instance pops so I haven’t completed any quests outside of the first 15 levels and the dungeon ones that people share with me. It is clear that the DPS in a group they can either drive me batty or be brilliant and make my runs most entertaining… or just be quietly efficient and thus not be remarked upon in any way (I myself probably fall into this category on my 80’s Ima still trying to work out how to display personality online outside of voice chat.)

If you think about it DPS holds the group majority and even if you do have a dungeon you can four man at the appropriate level it is slow going. Boss fights would suck donkey-balls if it was just me and a healer … it would take forever for one thing. In anycase lets showcase one epic little DPS: a warlock by the name of BlackkJackk (from Aman’thul – quality players over there).

My hero of the hour

Story goes that I was in black rock depths for the umpteenth time, our group had a very very ditzy tree druid as a healer in this particular run… he didn’t seem to know much about druid healing (no prep hotting of the tank) or healing in general (reaction time of a sleepy snail) or even the wow game: for example he got himself very excited over the soul stone our warlock placed on him and after our first wipe (and only wipe… incredibly enough.. for we did get very leery) Mr Ditzy-Tree gleefully resurrected himself and then spammed party chat demanding a soul stone again … like he had never had one before in his toon life… while the entire party attempted to explain that it was on cooldown, what a cooldown in fact was and assured the ditzy-tree that when the spell was finally off cooldown the warlock would in fact apply it to the druid (if only to shut him up in fact.)

Ima pretty sure this tree was a very young player and new… or on drugs and a jerk-face. Simple language… repetitive language… attracted to the shiney lights… pretty terrible healer. However we kept him… no one even initiated a vote kick (total shock that.) What happened was my dps pulled themselves together and stepped up to the challenge and they played very smart. In particular the Warlock who started taking soul shards from kills and supplying us all (in particular me as the tank) with a health stone before each pull. Those of us that could (certainly I did) would pop various damage reducing cooldowns and even use the draenei racial Gift of the Naaru.

For this particular run I had the key and we headed straight for the king. Everyone was reasonably patient with the ditzy-tree and he did throw the odd heal so we lived to actually kill the king. Not so surprisingly the tree got his dungeon achievement for the kill and seemed very excited  *cough and the warlock sent me a positive tell on the “quality of his tank” – but I can honestly say that  it was certainly the group that pulled me through that run and they were my dps. I only wish I had typed back to say so at the time but exhausted I simply de-partied and went to mine ore (my brain dead i need to recover from this experience activity.)

The effort the little warlock was putting in to keep us in health stones (remember she was having to shard to make em) was totally above and beyond. Frankly I wanted to spam /hug at her by the end of the run. If she had asked I was totally at her disposal and service for the rest of the day ^_^ So 3 cheers to epic group buddies, especially the dps – indeed a huge salute to the group hunter Kkara and the rogue Ilh!

Oh and I admit the fact that the group didn’t spew hate at the tree doofus was really refreshing.


About Bytes

Returning wow player, one of those elderly burnt out ex-officer types. My current main is a Hunter (MS the under-dog talent tree Beast Master), but thats shifting back to hybrid Shaman. Together with my virtual cat I battle evil, kick butt and take names.
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2 Responses to The little warlock who could…

  1. Sellia says:

    Once in a while we meet great player in LFD. 😀
    The sad part is that we cannot add them to our friend list most of the time. 😦

  2. River-dark says:

    Too true … i suppose I could have real ID’ed him but thats a whole new can of worms O_o

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