Black rock and meeting the depths of pugging pain

So I did the Black rock depths key quest and achievement – four levels it took that long. BRD is stuffed full of bosses… it makes Mara look under populated! A good instance MAP and another good MAP for BRD – really found I needed two.

PUG Group one: My first time in the instance and nobody knew where they were going. I myself was disorientated because of the lack of key (so used to taking the key path) and the length of time between this visit and my last. the gate to the right and the first right tunnel were both locked entrances’.

I recalled that there was a boss with dogs somewhere close by in the loop and that the baggy boss was to the first’st RIGHT. Or something. Yeah so I cleared the open area with all the pats – ran took the second right most tunnel determined to find something other than the baggy boss and ran gamely in a circle, accidently killed the elemental Lord Roccor (first red dot… err I think – problem with roccor is he is on one of the circle circuits of my first and second PUGS and he sort of just dies without me paying much attention to him at all), stumbled into the room with all the dogs to kill the hound master (second red dot), and forged onward in a complete circle to kill High Interrogator Gerstahn (yellow X) only to receive a helpful baggy and have the instance over message… every one drops group and I cannot make another group of course now that the instance is over.

This part of blackrock depths is called the ‘Halls of Law’ and the ‘Detention Block’ . All the little cells are openable but only if you have the key. Notice that a fast run is entirely possible if you take the first left. However you do not get the achievement. The nice thing about being the tank is that you can simply continue onwards having healers and dps sub in if you are bloody determined to complete an instance.

PUG Group two: This is the irritating as all fuck group. Quite a few peeps drop in and out. A hunter that is all ‘are where there yet’ every second pull, she drops out later at the vault to make room for the snide dps shaman.

So let’s see – we hit the ‘Halls of Law’ again get the hound master and roccor  but I avoid the baggie boss in  the ‘Detention Block’.

Instead we make for the second circle and find the ‘Ring of Law’. Stepping onto the central circle starts the ring event where the gates close and you defeat a couple of zerg waves and then a random boss which will open the gate to the upper level for you. We do this and go on and clear the big cog area (that opens up the main part of the instance … if you have a key) not having the key we venture onwards past the neutral ring spectators and into ‘The Domicile’ and clear this area. We go onto the ‘Black Vault’ room where we encounter Warder Stilgiss and his dog Verek  (rare spawns) so we beat them up. We had enough coffer keys to open all the coffers which started the event where the big golems come alive and Watchman Doomgrip spawns.

NB: if some opens and views the portrait at the door to this inner black vault area a random keeper spawns and patrols down to the vault – you can kill him for an extra vault key for the big safe above the one that opens after you kill watchman Doomgrip.

We leave the vault and go to the next entrance which takes us to tyhe ‘Hall of Crafting’ which is more like a downward ramp with a lot of dwarves making golems. However this area is important because we kill Fineous who (if someone has the quest) drops the quest item you use to create the shadowforge key. A rogue in the group actually has this quest so at this point we backtrack (pink path) to the ‘Shrine of Thaurissan’ (just after the spectator seating exit) and kill Pyromancer Loregrain so that the rogue can make his key. At this point I remember that I have to die to get that quest /sigh.

We continue backtracking to the cog use the key to open the way to the ‘West Garrison’ killing General Angerforge and we roll into ‘The Manufactory’ to wipe out Golem Lord Argelmach. By this point I’m sick of Mr snippy and while the rest of the team was decent I decided I needed out. Offered them a baggy boss kill which they didn’t want and dropped group.

Went off to cool my head and do some other things.

PUG Group three: Great group. The best group ever – probably to make up for the last group. Some of them very new to BRD and thus really excited over the various areas. No one has a key and no one even has the key quest. We hit: ‘Halls of Law’ and get Roccor and the hound master we do the ‘Ring of Law’ event, we visit the ‘Shrine of Thaurissan’ and kill Pyromancer Loregrain on the way to the ‘The Domicile’ and the ‘Black Vault’. In the vault the rare spawn is up again so we wipe him and his little dog out. We are one key short of opening all the coffers to summon Doomkeep. I forget to do the portrait thing. We continue down to the crafting hall and kill Fineous even though no one has the key quest and venture on past him straight down to the Dark Iron Highway and Bael’Gar… which is the end of the line for a person with no key.

So we back track to the vault (extra key dropped) and do the vault event. And head all the way up to the top towards the baggie boss, discussing how you get the key quest. We scare a little dps who drops group and his replacement is keen when one of the other members tease him about ‘clearing the instance’ we have to break it to him we have already done that and that it was out talk of ritual suicide that had scared off the other member.

We go to the ‘Detention Block’ and kill High Interrogator Gerstahn we get our helpful satchel and then we all ritually suicide to do a corpse run to pick up the key quest.

Wow we were keen.

After reentering the instance we re-queue (OMG) and do everything up to fineous again @_@ only for me to discover that I hadn’t accepted the quest properly (have to talk to the ghost dwarf twice!!! head/desk), everyone else in the group has their keys and we decide to finish up for the day… me? I have to kill myself a second time and go get the key quest again.

PUG 4 and 5 finally finally gets me my key and PUG 6 or 7 to the king. A total of more than four levels later I get my BRD achievement… and then it occurs to me I could have asked a guildie to help me make the key and avoided all the shite and no doubt cut hours off the adventure… still I feel very accomplished having done it all on my own.


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Returning wow player, one of those elderly burnt out ex-officer types. My current main is a Hunter (MS the under-dog talent tree Beast Master), but thats shifting back to hybrid Shaman. Together with my virtual cat I battle evil, kick butt and take names.
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