Using a LOLwell as a Tank

Well Hardlove the Pally lass hit 40 last weekend (48 this weekend). She has her plate and her fast-pony, and apparently after popping 41 was considered by the LFD tool to be of a high enough level to tank Maraudon. Yeah right… the mobs in this instance start at around level 45 and just get higher – they were all level red to me. I spent a lot of time missing my judgements and having things resisted, heck even my consecrate got resisted there was this little pool of scrolling resisted text with every group pull, and if you know Mara you’ll know they were all group pulls.

Interesting thing was that the first boss you touch gives you the ‘instance completed’ message and your helpful baggy indicating that the run is over baby. But Maraudon is chock full of bosses, I distinctly remember this from many years ago. Most groups broke up at the baggy boss (Lord Vyletongue) of the Purple side – Note: “purple is for easy in Maraudon”. It being that I recalled Mara (as it is known for short) having a whole horde of bosses not just the one I did find this confusing and frustrating. Here look, I dug up a group photo of the Mara-Mafia:

Yeah so that a hell of a lot more than the one guy!

So one PUG (while cycling through a number of team members) despite being serverly under seasoned, I and my little pugged supporters managed to clear most of the orange wing – hitting the bosses Noxxion (green poison elemental) and RazorLash (big plant thing) but the group broke up after that wing without backtracking. Determined to find all these other guys I looked up a MAP and the next time the group felt like pushing on past the baggie boss we took the other route down to kill Celebras (stag-dryad type) and jump down the falls to what I think of as the ‘real’ Maraudon… off to find the princess.

The mobs were quite a bit higher than the whole party, with lots of stuns and zerg type pulls.. so everyone did really well to survive – we offed Landslide as a whole party, lost a group member and still crazy determined we quested onward as a four person team to take out Princess Theradras (see if we had re-queued we would have gone to a new instance seeing as how baggie boss had already been killed… which was a pain.)

At this level the piggy princess of Mara was an epic battle where everyone’s mana pool was sucked dry and we were feared and bounced all over the battlefield – the thing is my healer was a priest who dropped a LIGHTWELL for me… never seen those outside of pvp to be honest and I tried to use it but I found using it and tanking really cumbersome.

Really really cumbersome.

Still we all got the achievement and warped out feeling like it was a job well done. Even with all those bosses beaten there were ones we missed – Maraudon is the most convoluted instance. And what was worse I muddle though instances for a few levels only to find out that blizzard has broken Mara into 3 nice bite sized chunks where most the bosses get hit as a matter of course… if only I had been more patient!

And after that epic battle I do admit in the hopes to improve my play I went to look up a macro for using the Lightwell as a tank so as not to be so clumsy about it in the future and it turns out that there are none because it would require an ‘interact with target’ string which is locked down in the wow macro setup to prevent botting.


Also people refer to the lightwell as the LOLwell in some circles… amusing.

Apparently you can script /target Lightwell and then you can keybind ‘Interact with Target’ (It’s called interact with target O_O oh my) you can also keybind Interact with mouseover, to a button or to the mouse… after which the theory is that if you set your Lightwell to focus and use interact with mouseover while running past “it it might work.” Or you can multi click a keyboard bind.


This is apparently all found in something called ‘Targeting Functions’ in your wow keybinding area… ima not even sure I will see lightwell often enough for it to be practical for me to set this up?? Or even for me to be able to test if it works… O_o

The sites warned “I haven’t tried this with a lightwell so it may not even work, I think interact with target is intended for npcs rather than lightwells but it MAY work.”

hmmm and on a side note an amusing forum quote about how to get your tank to use lightwell I found while digging in the priest wow forums:

/cast Lightwell
/cast [Target=tank] Mind Control

Now walk with tank to lightwell, click it and put back tank to his place, release mind control.
Worked very good for me in Halls of Reflection.

The helpful results of my searching:

In your Key Bindings menu, set “Interact with Target” to a key. If you use click-to-cast, keep your LW targeted during a fight. Press your keybound key to self heal. If you don’t use click-to-cast, you’ll also need to bind another key to a “/tar lightwell” macro. In this case, you’ll need two keystrokes.

Of course, you need to be standing on or extremely close to it.


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Returning wow player, one of those elderly burnt out ex-officer types. My current main is a Hunter (MS the under-dog talent tree Beast Master), but thats shifting back to hybrid Shaman. Together with my virtual cat I battle evil, kick butt and take names.
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