Free Ride in my skivvies

So I did that scabby thing I was planning to do and stripped to my knickers to sign up for heroics even though I only have pvp gear and greens (actually I had to put my pants back on to qualify to go into a heroic because apparently the LFG tool can recognise that a naked toon is below the grade *cackle… but hey it is the thought that counts, and then I flew around in icecrown mining in my skivvies while waiting for it to pop because that kinda thing cracks me up.)

Hmmm so yes it was a free ride; I was consistently lowest on the DPS meters, although surprisingly higher than the tanks most of the time even pulling only 1800 dps… which maa wasn’t completely shameful for a green wearing shammy with no enchants… no gems – okay, no I did indeed suck’eth. But it didn’t seem to be an issue, no one even commented on my un-gemmed un-enchanted PVP purples… or my nasty green trinkets (one of which is AP from when I was a melee shaman… running BGs doesn’t replace much gear while leveling unlike running instances.)

So no one jumped down my throat for being a new ding or for me not pulling my DPS weight O_o it was odd – I reckon I just got lucky. Or it could be that I know all these instances backwards so I didn’t really make a negative impact anywhere and thus was below notice. The purple drops meant everso much more to me than to the peeps just doing their daily frosty run. So I’ve decided that it is no bad thing… ima not even sure I feel like I was bludging or being carried because I contributed my best and didn’t actually hinder people… because frankly some of those groups could have probably three manned the entire run.

What did I do? well I dropped my buffing totem setup, contributed an ekk of dps, popped heroism on the big bosses, once or twice stepped up to heal if appropriate (missing that battle res the druid has.) I am a PVP shaman and it does show… one run I had as much hp as a newly dinged DK tank (maa well he was pretty low.) And I was prone to dropping the less buffy totems… you know the sort: grounding for nasty spellcasters, earthbind, resists… the occasional tanking rock elemental next to the healer if something is chewing on their face.

But no one seemed to care that I didn’t really belong.

In fact the only note worthy comment I got was from a tree about my interesting reactionish totem dropping in Drak’Tharon Keep… a cleansing totem near the… poison causing things, an earthbind at the point where the spiders want to go make babies, the usual tremor at the lizard kings feet. Mr Tree really seemed pleased about that even if I considered it standard practice.

Hmmm so was I making it harder for groups or not contributing?

My advice step into heroic when you are able as dps – you gear up faster and you are not really a burden. Oh yes but do wear your tough skin incase some elitist tries to rag on you.


About Bytes

Returning wow player, one of those elderly burnt out ex-officer types. My current main is a Hunter (MS the under-dog talent tree Beast Master), but thats shifting back to hybrid Shaman. Together with my virtual cat I battle evil, kick butt and take names.
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2 Responses to Free Ride in my skivvies

  1. Faeldray says:

    1800 dps as a new 80? Bah, no one is going to worry about that. I’m literally seen people in ICC gear do less than 1000. O.o

    The only time people start worrying is when you do stupid things like pull or stand in the fire. I know as a tank, I have absolutely no problem with new people in my group. It’s others I mentioned that get me all riled up. >.>

  2. River-dark says:

    ^_^ I had a good time but I’ve seen peeps in pvp gear run outa the pug before on my hunter – was somewhat worried about it but nothing eventuated. I probably played better then when on my main because I put 150% effort in attempting not to be a drag hee.

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