Three Things O_O

(1) Healing for Peanuts, a tree progress update thing:

Well I think I have started to get my healer rotation worked out… for one thing in the beginning I was distressed by all my overhealing (my only healer toon prior to this that I was at all familiar with is a priest) but really on the druid there is no need to be concerned about mana… I regen it fast and I have an invenerate spell O_o and now that I throw around my little rejuvs and blooms like they are free product samples everything has been working much better for me.

As a tree it is already standard play to HOT up the tank before he goes into combat… so why not HOT up the whole party? or at least the ones that are melee who consistently take damage.… it really feels wasteful but meh I have discovered that my mana pool can soak it… I’ve gotten into the habit of HOTing myself up in fights I know will cause a lot of aoe or spray damage. In all my practice since my last post I haven’t yet lost a tank (although I did die once myself but the rest of the party was able to continue with my pre-placed HOTs until someone could sweep me off the floor.)

On heroic now I have completed both the Forge of Souls and Pit of Saron (with ruddy Garfrost and his ruddy-dirty-underwear and all the other nasties) and the tail end of Halls of Reflection. I missed the beginning waves so seeing as HoR is the instance I am marking myself on guess I’ll keep at it.

Of course having a nice badge bought healing set means I tend to drop onto groups with nicely geared tanks so I can’t say that I am learning on a steep curve or anything.. it is quite possible they are so good I’m getting a free ride – maybe I will install gear score and see if it gives any perspective. I did have a little deeps in the Pit who died on each boss fight… but I felt like I did my best really in giving her the odd top up while focusing on myself and the tank, I guess with time my focus will expand to include crazy style dps characters but at the moment I can’t really do much for someone who gets two-shotted and who insists on casting at reflective shields or standing in the puddles of muck O_o (is there an addon for that one that warns “so n so the wussy clothie has aggro and will die in 5 seconds” ?)

Maa so yeah I am learning to love my tranquillity I have embraced my nourish and next I want to learn to use swiftmeld more appropriately (tend to pop wildgrowth when panicking) and after that I shall play the focus-CC game. Plenty to do as a tree long time till I get bored!

(2) Do you find moonkin boring?

Was listening to a guildie on vent who likes to play DPS toons, in particular casters (well he seemed mage mad really) and he was ranting about how limited the moonkin rotation was and how it was dull just popping up your DOTs and then casting wrath till it was time to cast starfire, then casting starfire till it was time to cast wrath again. I’m afraid my fail-druid personality wanted to play and I was all “oh yes but really what matters is they might be taking our tree form away in cataclysm” and “when I get a haircut and colour I get a whole new fur coat”… cough so shallow I am – well I admit to getting a little hyper and silly should anyone lower themselves to actually talk to me ^_^ what can I say cept /squee omg guildie chat!

Still I was thinking about it (I chew thoughts like cows chew cud) and I realized that to me the joy of the druid is the travel and the versatility. Being a hybrid class I can chose caster dps, melee dps, heals or tanking… actually I’m not sure any other class has that level of flexibility… shamans can’t tank and paladins can’t be caster dps. And Oh-baby the travel! In the water I am manoeuvrable, in the air I am the ultimate little fighter plane and herb ninja and while cheetah does not quite live up to being the ultimate in ground transport, it really is the best for making a speedy retreat (with a few bears thrown in to knock any CC off on the way – no honestly level 80 peeps would try to gank me while I was levelling in Northrend on my old PVP server and I was as slippery as a greased weasel – they never succeeded.) And finally I would have to say that a little of my love for the druid class is certainly about the ‘look’. As a Tauren I was the gentle giant, a healing warrior… as an Elf I am the noble old savage… yup if you should look at Tail’s profile you will see he has quite the snarly face. It certainly doesn’t hurt that I can pop my own personal deathstar animation over an enemy’s head (who else had a total woot-baby moment when blizzard released the new moonfire animations?)

Sides you want a dull rotation try level 74 elemental shaman – flame shock, lightning ,lightning, lightning, lightning (do I need to refresh flame shock yet? no? ahh well snap) lightning, lightning, lightning…. snore.

Yeah… I actually look forward to mass-pulls because it gives me an excuse to cast chain-lightning, lightning, lightning…. or drop my flame totem somewhere to do burst damage (lol aye occasionally drawing great amounts of unwanted aggro.) Maa oh well least I am remembering to use flametongue on my weapon these days – oh how the mighty melee shaman has fallen.

Hmm to be honest checking to make sure my hots are active and attempting to manually remember which luna eclipse procc’ed last and thus which is on cooldown (i didn’t like the look of the sqwuak n awe addon – must look into reconfiguring it) sort of keeps me entertained as a moonkin… that and trying to survive the occasions where my brilliant AOE of mass destruction pulls me masses of unwanted attention from mobs… that’s fun ^_^

(3) Getting my PVP on?

The druid I am pretty sure that I want to tank (I have this developing secret stash of bear gear in the bank) and heal on him, currently I can Moonkin and tree… but ima missing PVP – having a real problem not being able to do everything at once 😦

The answer… maybe I just found it on gnomer’s blog… PVP shaman O_O it is after all what she was rolled for originally and her levelling has dwindled now that I have met with the dungeon flameburst-lightning-lightning monotony… and aye everyone wants bloodlust… watching it come off cooldown is one of my few instance entertainments outside of dropping interesting totems like ‘cleanse’ and ‘tremor’.

You know I am thinking HELL YEAH ^_^ PVP shaman it is.


About Bytes

Returning wow player, one of those elderly burnt out ex-officer types. My current main is a Hunter (MS the under-dog talent tree Beast Master), but thats shifting back to hybrid Shaman. Together with my virtual cat I battle evil, kick butt and take names.
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