Using the Pet emote addon

What is Petemote?

Petemote is an addon which causes you pet to randomly emote. It gives your pet a real personality. The addon comes with a great number of standard emotes for hunter pets, warlock pets and even deathknight pets. But even better you can use the editor to create custom emotes for particular pets.

Step One: Go download the addon

The best place to download Petemote is from the source Ammunition Studios (far more reliable and up to date than

  • Download Petemote from Ammunition Studios (and indeed thank-you muchly yet again Jorna for all your hard work and excellent FAQ’s – look at this years later I am still using this mod.)
  • Unzip and install in the Warcraft/Interface/Addons folder

NB: the PetEmote editors apparently requires that you have a windows operating system (which thank the gods I do)

Step Two – Install the supporting softwares

  • Download and install Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 if you don’t already have it
  • Download and install Notepad++ on your computer (the petemote editor seems to like this on my computer, otherwise it kept crashing when I used the editor.)

Step Three – Create your custom emotes

  • Well this step is simple: Sit down and write up your custom emotes.

This is the absolute best part of using petemote… sit down and brainstorm emotes for your furry (or scaled or feathered or demonic) sidekick. Develop a personality; is the pet cute, funny, aggressive, a sulk, aloof? What kind of emotes can you come up with that will express this. Do you want to mention physical appearance such as a silky coat, the button nose the dripping fangs, or the battle-scared face?

The petemote addon is the closest I have ever come to relating to the peeps who wander around Silvermoon or Goldshire with their RP mods displaying that they have piecing baby blues, I have never felt the need for myself but a sharp and blazing gaze on my wolf? Oh yes gimmie.

Here is an example of some custom emotes I have done up for the Wolf Rue who runs with my tiny hunter toon in the SAN guild of Argent Dawn. I decided that Rue would be a young and very serious wolf (much like his level 20 huntress owner) and that there would be some humour in the seriousness and youth for onlookers.

Simple normal emote lines:

  • raises a paw.
  • knows many secrets.
  • huffs happily.
  • is a bit of a poet really.
  • sings.

You can set up conditions … such as ‘target is hostile’ ie: growls at %t.
Or even ‘target is friendly’ ie: wags his tail at %t.

Notice that each of these simple one-liner emotes ends in a full stop. These are the easiest emotes to set up and the full stop will prevent other random emote strings from being added onto the end.

Playing with 2-3 part complex random emote strings:

Petemote will allow you to do a three part string emote, wherein sections of the sentence will be selected randomly (much like a flow chart) therefore making more complex emotes possible (1)(2)(3). Some examples of more complex emote strings:

  • is a very serious wolf
    • he looks at you seriously
      • do NOT laugh!
      • with bright gold eyes.
      • his ears pricked forward.
    • he levels a solomn gaze in your direction.
    • for such a young beast,
      • do NOT laugh at him he might bite you.
      • he is ready for anything.
      • he is contemplating the universe and his role in it.
    • he pretends he knows nothing of play.
    • he knows his duty!

These complex emotes are a great opportunity to tie in a bit of creative story writing. For example on this toon I was also using the permanent mini-pet addon ‘PermaPet‘ to have my little horde windrider cub out at all times. Because it was always out I could write a custom emote to have my pet interact with it (heh sort of.) Of course it is best to keep it short or people might want to slap you for the ‘wall of text’.

Feeding emotes:

  • crunches the bones and gobbles the marrow.
  • gulps the food without chewing!
  • chews on the meat greedily.
  • looks for more even though his mouth is stuffed full.
  • would like dinner to get in his belly!
  • is starving, someone call DEHTA! ( 😀 reference to Druids for the Ethical and Humane Treatment of Animals)

I never got to see these because my pet is usually full of food and I had quite a low ‘chance’ on the procs – still experimenting with this.

Combat emotes:

  • tanks with his face! (Big Bear Butt reference *cackle)
  • bares his teeth of mass destruction!
  • wonders why his mistress isn’t out here with him?
  • wonders why his owner isn’t out here slugging the enemy in the face with him?
  • does all the dirty work!
  • enjoys the smell of blood and combat.
  • is full of fury.
  • will bravely defeat his foe %t.
  • will become a better warrior for his mistress.
  • snaps and bites at %t.
  • attempts to hamstring %t.
  • rips at %t’s throat.
  • searches for a throat to rip at,
    • doesn’t %t have one?
    • where is the throat?
  • will kill or be killed…
    • and he does not feel like dying today
  • plans to live forever…
    • which means %t must die!
    • he will die another day.
    • which means %t cannot be allowed to do so.

Rue the wolf turned out to be a bood-thirsty little fellow and there were a lot of combat emotes. The combat emotes cycled randomly through in the usual manner and only occured when my toon was flagged as ‘in combat’ (the amount of emoting that happens and the chance-percentage of a particular emote occuring is something you can set up in the petemote editor.)

Disclaimer: I enjoy slaughtering the english language a fair bit (I have a feeling this is an Australian trait, blame it on my nation hee), what this means I will be prone to removing the good grammar Jorna has included (such as mentions of mistress to designate owner) and replace it with terms like ‘her’ and ‘she’ (she is the cats mother as my mother used to say while smacking me upside the head.) I like the colour it brings to my emotes… but it is sloppy English.

Step four – Use the PetEmote Editor

  • Get those custom emotes into your pet emote addon using the petemote editor. You can visit the official guide or watch this nifty video I made below (err better one to come if I get my act together to zoom it etc later.)

Demo Video – sorry about the sniffing :p

Recapping on the offical warnings:

  • What you see in your emote screen is not exactly what other players see. As a general rule never use your own toons name, or the pets name in emotes because that will double the name dropping and sound silly to other viewers (although the way it displays on your screen may look fine.)
  • Jorna makes the valid point that “most good emotes are out of place in any situation. Thus random emotes are rather limited by aiming for neutrality.” Keep this in mind when creating your own custom emotes… after all a turtle can’t splash in a nearby river if you happen to be standing in… say the dark lady’s throne room at the time (a nearby puddle however that’s possibly viable… although potentially disgusting.)
  • Garbage in garbage out – if you make a spelling mistake in the emote editor that mistake will turn up in the game (there is an example of that in the video because I was too lazy to fix and  reshoot hee.)
  • The window at the bottom of the PetEmote Editor gives you a preview of all the possible emotes in a particular string. Unless you are going to ‘force continuation’ you will find that sometimes a comma in inappropriate at the end of a particular part of the emote because when it then has to stand alone it looks odd (*cough there is an example of that in the video as well.)

Step 5 – Troubleshooting

  • Why do my emotes stack in this funny fashion?

Big Bear of the Butt did up a post long ago about how one can edit the custom emotes file so that you don’t have you custom emotes stacking on top of each other, he did this from the actual file itself not the editor (good for Mac users maybe?). For example your emotes which you designed to be separate can occasionally link up to look like this :

Which is rather silly depending on what you have in the custom emotes… there is only so much one wolf should emote at one time.

So how do we go about Disallowing Following Emotes? (you will find a section on the topic in the offical FAQ.)

There are two manual editing ways to put a halt to this – (1) use the keywords option as explained in the guide, or (2) “leave a dot, exclamation mark or question mark at the end of the text”. So the answer is to just end the sentence! So easy what I had forgotten to do was put a full stop at the end of each of these emotes, PetEmote will then stop adding text to this emote’ guaranteed’. XD

So make sure you set things up to prevent your pup from waging its ears inappropriately

There is another way to play with this aspect of what slice of texts falls where in the sentence when emoting and that is using the ‘Sentence Structure Conditions’ in the pet emote editor.

  • IsFirstCall checks if the text will be the first part of the resulting emote
  • IsSecondCall checks if the text will be the second part of the resulting emote
  • IsThirdCall checks if the text will be the third part of the resulting emote

Why do I get a crash error in the battlegrounds?

Maaa…Ima working on this – best bet is that combat emotes can’t deal with %t when in the battle grounds due to the cross server names… but I am so totally not sure what to do to fix it because I love my %t’s in emotes.

EDIT Check out Petopia forums for news about PetEmote 2010:

EDIT Check out the Three Hammers for update on PetEmote 2010:

EDIT: Efindel & ethancentaurai’s Updated PetEmote addon on Curseforge (FEB 2013):


About Bytes

Returning wow player, one of those elderly burnt out ex-officer types. My current main is a Hunter (MS the under-dog talent tree Beast Master), but thats shifting back to hybrid Shaman. Together with my virtual cat I battle evil, kick butt and take names.
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14 Responses to Using the Pet emote addon

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  5. Jorna says:

    Wow. This is nearly one year old and I have to find it today. A really nice tutorial about how to use PetEmote Editor – this is what I should have done long ago. 😉

    If you don’t mind, I will link this article on the PetEmote FAQ pages. Thank you so much for writing and recording this!

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  7. River-dark says:

    Not a problem at all 🙂 – believe it or not it came about due to a work related project to test video recording softwares hee.

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  11. aosin aos says:

    Found this while looking for what ought to exist somewhere… a link to some premade emote bundles!

  12. River-dark says:

    … you know hmmm it wouldn’t be to hard to upload my own custom data. But lately the standard emotes in the original are so brilliant I have been using them mostly – for example the worm emotes can be most hilarious, I totally get guildies cracking up when they notice them.

  13. Chris Hageman says:

    Ok so in March when 5.2 released I tamed myself a Direhorn after I got my book on the Isle of Giants but there isn’t any default pet emotes for Direhorns yet & I went to try the editor but I do not have it in my PetEmote folder

  14. Bytes says:

    Hummm I am out of touch with the pet community but I would try contacting Efindel & ethancentaurai via curseforge or the petopia forums. The other option would be to edit the xsl for [custom-emotes] in notepad ++ and take a block from a similar type of animal (eg warpstalker/raptor) and copy and paste that chunk starting with EmoteConfiguration and ending with /EmoteConfiguration then change the pet family name to Direhorn and save.

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