Getting off my lazy arse and gearing for tree-juice

UPDATE for the Tailchaser:

I did get a hair recolour after watching the white drake machinima… I considered a whole new hair style but Ima kinda vain about my flowing boyelf-locks. An unfortunate side effect of styling for a wise and older appearance is that my fur coat is now white… and pink. No really check it out:

In any case I have no trouble booming anymore, err that is except in forge of souls where I consistently miss the skeletons popping that reflective shield and boom myself, usually a crit or a DOT – I must disgust the healers. I am a middle of the range kinda boom… I can AOE like nobodies business and I have finally learnt how to control the immense amounts of potential aggro at my disposal and no longer seem to pull an entire instances worth of adds into a boss fight… Ima sure all my PUG buddies are happy about that… not that they know I am the walking “Moonkin of Mass Destruction’. The guild knows… the guild knows… Ima thinking of starting my own fail-druid comic strip, except Ctrl-Alt-Delete do it so well already. On trash it is usually business as usual and I do acceptable DPS (no one picks on me) – on bosses, with all the buffs moonkins have received, I certainly pull my dps weight – unless I am with a super geared group and then I don’t have time to ramp it up. So its time to learn something new – onto greener tree filled pastures.

I have most of a badge brought healing set. I do need new tree boots (my moonkin ones have hit), and I should be ready to upgrade to the frost badge cloak. With both the moonkin and the tree other trinkets are desirable but I haven’t seen any likely ones drop in my random heroics… and even 10 man raiding is kinda out my league… see no achievements to link and I have only what 4800 GS at best O_o. Maybe I shall grind for inscription mats and make some darkmoon cards … or something.

Back to the healing thing: I started by practicing on normal randoms… and landed butt first in The Halls of Reflection, yeah colour me horrified. However despite overhealing like a bitch (my language has really gone downhill since the tanking experiment no?) nobody dies.

Aye peeps were so unconcerned they were cracking jokes about the beard on the skeleton… I was sweating buckets. However normal must be much easier than heroic… like I said no deaths. I didn’t confess I was new heals until the end of the instance… then I went off to reconfigure healbot because I had been mashing the wrong keys… and I figure its easier to move spells to where my instincts feel they should be. I suspect my interface is going to need a lot of work for me to be an effective healer. At the moment I am working with only two addons: ‘decursive’ (for removing curses and poisons with a click) and ‘Healbot’. You should be able to see healbox crammed into the right corner and decusive boxes just above it. I may trade off for some other healing mod – but I wanted simple and out-of-the-box to start with.

Invaluable macro: the mouseover rejuv FTW (this is how druids own on th BGs isn’t it?)

/cast [target=mouseover,help,nodead][help][target=player] Rejuvenation

I completed a few more normal dungeons before I felt steady enough to give an actual heroic or two a shot. Violet Hold was fine (although I almost lost the tank at one point due to LOS and me thinking this other DK was the tank and prepping him for battle instead /sigh)… but then I did Drak’Tharon Keep on heroic and peeps kept dying… never the tank… but dps people in puddles of black crap, one melee just went splat on Trollgore. Also the Novos the Summoner fight was very unorganised… first the tank went up the stairs and a not-tank was picking up the adds and taking huge damage down on the floor… then for some reason the mage decided to defend the stairs and totally died on me… I will need to think of a way to be in two places at once… HOTing everybody up would have been a good move I think. I felt like I had never seen so many deaths in this instance before (I rezzed dps at least four times)… and then just to screw with me I got extreme lag on the stairs before the final boss… and yet even though my rejuv & wildgrowth instant spells were taking as long as a regrowth to pop… everyone lived wtf??

Next step (practice practice practice), and other than gear reconsiderations I think I will model my tree around Tree Bark Jackets recs for an instance healer (with a side of tank stuff) for example I need more haste… until then be on the lookout oh-PUGers, you should fear me.


Tree Bark Jacket (I live on this webpage /lovelove)
Resto Druid Guide

Treebounds three part gear guide:
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Part 3

WowWiki Macros
Useful Macros for Druids

Healer Addons:
Murloc Parliament


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Returning wow player, one of those elderly burnt out ex-officer types. My current main is a Hunter (MS the under-dog talent tree Beast Master), but thats shifting back to hybrid Shaman. Together with my virtual cat I battle evil, kick butt and take names.
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