What tanking does to me

I’ve decided the name Hardlove is suitable for tanking after all, for I am now walking the slippery path of sado masochism O_o.

I tanked so much yesterday that I started to become a grump, is this normal? I read that tanks should be grumpy that it is a sign of a good tank hmmm.

But really the behaviour of some peeps in a group environment is soo childish, and when you are tanking you don’t get the lovely 20min break in-between pops,  who would have ever thought I would miss it. My level was the one where first you are stuck in Gnomeregan (which is ever so long, full of zergs and peeps start to feel lost) and then pop-stuck like a pop tart in a toaster in The Scarlet Monastery Graveyard for what felt like forever levels (because it is so simple people get impatient and want to round the whole instance up so they can AOE it.)

It was interesting how many times I zoned in to find the group in combat and I had to wonder did the tank drop in the middle of the fight or did they decide to AOE on their own?

The more instances I did the less tolerance I had.

  • Most annoying:  people who have tank mains and want you to do the instance their way… even though they are running as the dps.

The “Pull it all, I would” example:

Yes I am capable of rounding the entire scarlet monastery torture room up so people can AOE but I am not going to do it short an aoe dps who is going to the coffee jug… you want action when we are short a man then we can do it slow… which by the way really isn’t that slow O_o. Making chicken wings at me and trying to verbally (or typed even) shame me into doing what you want /snort that shit never works on me… what do you think I am Marty McFly and that ‘coward’ is my leash? Bah.

Okay the chicken wings came from a dps type who decided to pick up MR-MyMainISTank’s mantra of pull everything. I told them to “Shut up and let me Learn“. I hope that put the fear of the beginner tank into them *bawahahahahahahahaha. Mr-MyMainISTank was decent about it after that (I think he sensed my pissy mood, poor guy.) Mr-ChickenWings however totally deserves my shield shoved down his throat… I am writing an emote for that I think.

*cough the funny thing is of course I know I can do the whole room, hell I can do the room a toon short and as soon as my healer agreed I was okay with it… but as soon as this dps started acting like a dick I decided I didn’t want to, I decided to make him wait for the second mage… and in fact making that wait balanced out the time that a whole room pull would have saved (not much time really.) See I am becoming a grumpy-bum. And that was such a passive aggressive move too, usually I wont have a bar with passive aggressive bull shit because my parents wrote the manual on that crap and I’m allergic to it. Colour me a little worried.

  • Next annoying: in-group fighting and demonstrated shitty interpersonal skills

The Ninja VS Potty-Mouth example:

A hunter-loot ninja combined with a foul-mouth belittler who frothed over level 20 blues and had some kinda tantrum spaz (and if he had been decent and not a caps-lock feral I probably would have agreed to kick the hunter or offered him a second run for blues or something.) As it was with the fast tank queues I was a little *F this Ima going to go mine ores till that nonsense is no longer aggravating* which became an absolute “Yep ima leaving chow all“. I felt sorry for the other deeps after i left so I guess you could call it a grumpy-rage-quit on my part… next time ima going to experiment with the ignore button (like does it work in parties?? O_O please blizzard-god say yes.)

Take note of Jille from Sen’jin she was the nicest person in the group and more of a lady than I was, she was the only one I felt bad about walking away from 😦

What is he so angry about?

Oh right thats what he is angry about (I had to check after the instance)

Is it bad that I found it funny the verbal-feral lost in a need roll against the ninja-hunter?… it is isn’t it O_O… finding that funny is the sign of a sick sick twisted sense of humour.

The hunter was a puzzle really, he didn’t speak (why would you if you had to deal with the caps-locked-frother) but i am not entirely sure he was a loot ninja because I didn’t pay attention to the loot (I rarely do and this lovely display of humanity was a result of only two blue drops.) See the hunter had the most interesting set of strength gear – actually it reminds me of what I was wearing in low level battlegrounds when I was experimenting with the whole melee-hunter takes on the rogues (dun-dun-arr) thing. I was actually interested in that – was it for PVP? or did he really not know agility was the hunter-kibble stat. It looked like his gear had been thought out – all pieces were strength heavy, meaning he had picked intentally for strength stats… maybe he was making the most of the noob lowbie-hunter leveling style where a new hunter thinks he has a warhammer-white-lion-style class due to the way you are forced to play the first 10 levels and then wades into battle with his pet to do melee forever after. Or was he finding the strength stat boosted the pet or something? See he was using ranged in the instance, and he had a wolf too they are the top dps pets, he didn’t have pet pathing issues despite us all jumping erratically from level to level and he never had aggro on him… he really didn’t strike me as a stereotypical noob or a bot.

The whispered advice was more me trying to egg a response outa him (man usually i don’t believe in giving advice unless someone asks but his gear was really odd) – I should have just asked upfront, but the NOOB yelling was kinda putting me off my game.

There were so many ethical issues in this run that my head hurt – is the hunter a ninja?should I help kick him? The hunter didn’t communicate so it was hard to tell. Jexi came across as a complete toss if anyone was going to be kicked I would have liked it to be this individual… but really if the hunter was a ninja he has a right to be upset… but not to be a little spaz about it. And Jille she deserved a whole run… I was the tank that walked away so I feel bad about that. Grragh I should have kicked everyone but Jille and made a new group somehow.

Ah well time to take a break then get back to that tank queue.

Oh huge wait, longest yet… I nearly made it to the mail box.

  • The third type which I really hate is the DPS that is obviously a tank or acts like a tank (other pally’s are the worst for this) why are you in my group? Sod off!

So I really can’t say anything negative about it -it not like they are a clothie grabbing aggro… but frankly playing ping-pong with a boss and someone labled as dps is really fricken annoying. For one thing these peeps act as though they are the tank, they pull before I have mana and they help me waste my ‘save-the-healer’ taunt because I use it on them getting aggro back only to lose the aggro again when they use some taunt ability in their dps rotation… I can’t imagine healers enjoy having to work out who is the real tank O_o.  Also an organised pull can become a mess if the ‘off-tank’ runs into the next room or I go one way and they make for another.

Now I never queue up as tank/dps anymore mostly because having another tank in my group is irritating as all fuck –  I pick my roll as one thing or the other and thats what I do in the instance outside of emergencies. When I have to play tank-yo-yo with these types of players I really just want to piss off and find a group that actually needs me to tank for them. I know there are a heap of dps sitting around waiting for a tank to queue… I am usually one of those dps types.

  • The last “oh noes” group member to have in a pug I am actually fairly ambiguious about. Its the dps toon that makes it their job collect more groups of mobs for you after you have pulled.

I have had excellent team members (partiuclarly in graveyard) who collect the trash by lightly tapping them and leading them back to the tank. I like this… I have just the taunt and aoe aggro for this situation, if you can do it neatly without landing the group in a shite-fight the healer cant heal through we are golden. I can see what you are doing and I can work with you. In fact I lovelove you.

But the deeps who charges off along the known path collecting the next lot of mobs without checking what the tank and the healer are doing… who doesn’t give me time to mana up when I want to (fucks sake it doesn’t take me that long and I rarely stop) and then you who stay out of line of sight forcing me to follow you and save you… you know what next time I think I’ll watch you die … just because you really fucking piss me off.  So what if I could do it, pick up and save your butt – you are being an arse… I can be an arse if you are being an arse. (\sigh and so I become grumpy and petty indeed.)

But honestly Most PUGs have some truly excellent players in them… see there was this one time in Gnomeregan…

In gnomer three times the group somehow managed to pull what felt like half the instance O_o I couldn’t pick who lit the combat most of the time … other times I could because I spot checked using good ole ‘Righteous Defense’ which only works if the peep has some trouble on his tail.

But this one time… well one instance was spectacular, mobs coming from all directions in packs just next to the cog right as i pick up the boss there, we have no idea why – the heals dropped immediately (might have been their doing?) and then another dps fled… leaving me the tank and two dps toons. My feral druid (mine! I shall keep him and call him my squishy) went heals, my warlock hellfired like the hell-demons worlocks are and I did my best to be the only person getting aggro… wow that made me punch every oh-fuck button I own. We lived… well the warlock hell-fired himself dead (thats what warlocks do) but other than that we lived. I was so impressed I re-queued us and we completed the instance with steadier companions.


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Returning wow player, one of those elderly burnt out ex-officer types. My current main is a Hunter (MS the under-dog talent tree Beast Master), but thats shifting back to hybrid Shaman. Together with my virtual cat I battle evil, kick butt and take names.
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