Where are you now?

…um… well … yeah… updates I has them:

There i was waiting for some RvR to pop (warhammer battlegrounds) moping over the lack of open Tier 3 RVR (warhammer wintergrasp style zones for the level 22-31) and staring in contemplation at this inn sign I find really disturbing on a personal level in Altdorf (no really really – it is a dog’s arse with a face protruding from where the arsehole should be @_@ it draws my horrified gaze like a bloody and burning traffic accident @_@) when I realised that warhammer will never hold me.

Warhammer is fun, especially if you have a chatty group of friends to hang with who burble and slurp noodles on skype while questing together. That part is awesome because warhammer is totally MADE for guilds and groups… but it is really lonely if you log in @ midnight on a work day. Warhammer just doesn’t seem to have the population density of warcraft… which is well demonstrated by how they have reduced the number of available servers and implemented a weekends-only for some of their RVR scenarios (battlegrounds.)

I am adoring the open RVR zones it is like old style south shore from vanilla wow, bands of chaos clash against bands of order and people gravitate to where the action is.

However warhammer is also not really an addictive game… everything you need to be successful (i.e gear) comes to in the natural order of things… there’s no grind for mats to create a piece of epic gear nor any real need to chase the epics at all to participate in the RVR. The crafting frankly sucks balls although it does remind me of Nintendo games (like Pokémon poffin creation on the DS) and because it is so lack luster I feel no need to develop my skills in any craft. I like games to avoid reality and forget my worries… I need something to obsess about that doesn’t really matter in the scheme of things. My goals are almost non-existent in warhammer, other then levels there is not much I really want for my toon.

I wanted a pony. Now I have a pony (in fact I have ponies on about three toons) and now I have no real aims in the game. I am finding Warhammer is one of those games you can pick up and subsequently put down with very little regret.

Solo play is pretty poor and due to the lack of player density it can sometimes be hard to find action outside of the weekends. And I am really a bit of a solo player.

So I sit around staring at this dog-arse with the protruding face and reflecting on what I could do to make this game more fun for me. I did considered a blog… the first post would be a picture of this … dog-butt-face O_o I did realized that I frankly really enjoy being the boss and tank (loven this blazing knight character)… but I am missing the wow world and the blogging (I like typing shit at work I do!).

But in short I think I am back. If changed.

It is all thanks to the great dog-butt-face that I have realized I still want to play wow.

I have decided to create a new blog (because hunters are not the only class I am fascinated by these days) and I have decided to pay to server transfer and faction change so I can socialize with some other friends and still have my happy solo warcraft life (and keep my weekend only warhammer life lol)

Didn’t take long did it? Guess after five years I am still in love with the warcraft… i love its funny little ugly cartoon toons, and its vibrant unrealistic coloured trees, and its funny NPC political dramas… and even its occassional TARD players O_o

I should name this blog dog-butt-face or something O_o: https://realityafk.wordpress.com/


About Bytes

Returning wow player, one of those elderly burnt out ex-officer types. My current main is a Hunter (MS the under-dog talent tree Beast Master), but thats shifting back to hybrid Shaman. Together with my virtual cat I battle evil, kick butt and take names.
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4 Responses to Where are you now?

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  2. furnurgler says:

    Great to have you back. 🙂

  3. River-dark says:

    hee i feel abashed because i really did mean to move on – but i think i must honestly love the combination of game and blog ^_^

  4. Adahn says:

    Hope you’re still doing well. Really enjoyed your blog, definitely found it cute.

    Reminded me of something I saw, running around Durotar just a few weeks ago: As I stampeded around on my deathcharger, glowing with power, completing the Elemental Invasion quests with the effortlessness of a fledgeling demi-god, I saw a /say: “Oooh slow down: more herbs! I love this game!” Two level 8 toons, both orcs. Warlock and hunter. The Orcish pair were running around, questing together, possibly a couple. As she gathered, her partner stood around, looking at things.

    I passed them later, in a different part of the zone, drawn by overhearing a /say: “Hey look! A tower! We should go up the top and see what the view is like!” “Yeah!”


    Always being in such a hurry, dripping with epics and unfathomably powerful, wealthy and accomplished to the point of boredom, I couldn’t help but feel incredibly jaded by comparison to these two. Just getting a kick out of gathering herbs and exploring.

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