Surprise PUGing with bloggers you read OR “hey wait that Lizard is famous”

It started with the raptor (I like looking at and buffing pets… signs of the hunter main I guess.) I click on the raptor and think *hee another raptor named Walsh – wonder if they got the idea from firefly or pikes hunter blog* and then it was all double take time… see I am alliance now not horde… so weird… but the hunter was a blue haired nelf named ‘Tawyn’ from the silverhand server…. 2n2 right? Ima thinking this must surely be pike, but at the same time thinking no it cannot be for she has taken a leave of absence… probably just a copycat with a similar style name… yet still I was thinking it ‘must be pike’ enough to be sidling over for poser reflected-glory screenshots :p but I wasn’t sure so I kept quiet. Guess I’m still somewhat shy online. I did a happy cat dance at the end of the run though (cat is for lovely dancing), couldn’t contain myself.

It is really strange actually crossing paths with known blogger toons in pugs… and a well known blogger toon at that. Actually I was mostly preoccupied with the incoming undead pixilated waves and the RL cat on my lap… zee cat likes the texture of my new winter dressing gown and is fricken hard to dislodge… and for a cat it really milk-treads like an Olympic weightlifting champion… seriously I have bruises. So yeah preoccupied, so preoccupied that I didn’t even notice until the instance was mostly over. So Pike is back on the Warcraft scene.

Top of the DPS charts she was – so proud on behalf of the hunter community (hee I was at the bottom in overall dps – seriously the better everyone else is in a group and the faster things die the less deeps I pull /sigh and I am utter crap on trash) Still Gooo hunters! … hunters are totally awesome, I am actually missing my orc n wolf combo … maybe I should look at transferring her to Alliance as well.

I didn’t actually get time to say hi between being somewhat dazed, running from the Lich King *cough… and trying to pose for a photo next to her (I bet Pike was thinking *Why does the giant chicken keep sidling up to me* snort) Ahhh creepy stalker chicken photos away:

Helloooo my fine friends O_O

Self inserted Pike-creative-voice-over *Did that chicken just back towards me??*

Self inserted Walsh-creative-voice-over *My lady let us move from this spot the chicken-beast is getting too friendly with your person*

Everyone in PUG: *Why is the crazy Moonkin just standing there?*

* THE LICH KING is coming!*

No really one guy kept screaming for aspect of the pack as we were running, I get the feeling the Lich King has stomped on his face personally a number of times in the past – he was really stressed… despite the fact the group was nailing stuff with their eyes closed.

Walsh is such a handsome guy isn’t he.

Running around without your UI off makes it hard to beat on things :p no really it does, being distracted by portrait clicking totally doesn’t help things die. Boring old heroics still occasionally novel and enjoyable = WIN.


About Bytes

Returning wow player, one of those elderly burnt out ex-officer types. My current main is a Hunter (MS the under-dog talent tree Beast Master), but thats shifting back to hybrid Shaman. Together with my virtual cat I battle evil, kick butt and take names.
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13 Responses to Surprise PUGing with bloggers you read OR “hey wait that Lizard is famous”

  1. Pike says:

    Oh my gosh, I *did* notice that you specifically buffed Wash at the beginning! I was so shocked (haha) and grateful. Didn’t notice you being creepy though =P

    Also I specifically recall you kicking my DPS butt on some trash mobs ❤

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  3. River-dark says:

    ^_^ do love the buffing of pets! Hee and I do love my badge T9 gear and the recent star-buffery – it was awesome to cross paths!

  4. Capn John says:

    When I run on my Pally if there’s a Hunter in the group I always make sure their Pet gets Blessing of Might, but then I used to be a Hunter, so I think that just further proves your point 😉

  5. That’s an awesome story! It’s too bad that there are so few folks that I read who are in the Shadowburn (Malfurion, Moonrunner, etc.) battlegroup. I really don’t want to transfer again either.

    Oh well, guess I’ll just wait and see if I get lucky and run into somebody 🙂

  6. Anea says:

    Actually, I was very bad at buffing pets for the longest time. Then I had a hunter in a H-HoR group with a pet named Buffmetoo – I laughed and buffed him and always made a point to buff pets everafter.

    However! How fun to run into Pike!

    And also:

    *My lady let us move from this spot the chicken-beast is getting too friendly with your person*


  7. River-dark says:

    Haa Buffmetoo!! that is excellent ^_^ It was fun (heroics get very old after about three alts)

  8. River-dark says:

    Those transfers cost a heck of a lot if you do a number of toons @_@

  9. River-dark says:

    Oh yeah I display more then the average interest in people sidekicks I am pretty sure – has to be the have-a-hunter thing

  10. Shayzani says:

    omg I’m changing my hunter’s pet name to buffmetoo immediately. Best idea ever!

  11. River-dark says:

    I do like that pet name too ^_^ it is utterly practical.

  12. Neko says:

    Warlocks if you want your Minion buffed take them out of phase shift or invisable.
    I try and buff everones pets.
    Sometimes the non combat ones too

  13. River-dark says:

    I always wondered why some warlock pets I could buff… and some I could not O_o hmmm

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