The tail end

And seriously may my life always be this harsh because it isn’t really that bad.

Picture is worth a thousand words hey so I hope the one above (where I am lacking the dead fish eyes and snotty nose lol) goes to show I’m at least 80% happy with the direction ima choosing to take today.

Just an update on where the warcraft and blogging thing is standing, the gist is at the end of the post.

Ima finding I really can’t play on my old server – the only thing I’ve done in the last two or so weeks was log in and open an oracle egg.

Early on, right after the crap went down, I played a few dungeons on the SAN server alliance-side where I shot at things on my baby hunter and randomly burst into tears (surprised I didn’t cause more wipes really.) I met this cute gnome called Candyman (hum yes… a few peeps in the blogging sphere have really given me a fondness for the little sods,  feelings contrary to my original take on the common gnome which was something along the lines of “omg brightly coloured hobbits! Get me outa here’ lol) in a random PUG, we bonded for a short space of time as an ego hissy fit and personality conflict erupted over our heads in the stockades. Tank and healer conflicts remain full of drama and amusing (so long as you have crafty ways to avoid the inevitable wipes) at any level.

Drama Lama Game On!

It starts with GOGOGO

They almost try to make the hunter heal O_o

The stereotypical conflict amuses my gnome buddy

I book it because they are giving me a headache

I also logged my neglected druid in over on Aman’Thul and met a nifty hunter randomly in a LFD PUG, I proceeded to tell him he was a nifty hunter and was then surprised to get a tell from him worldside after the dungeon ended… it really wigs me out when the randoms have toons that are in fact living on my own server these days because it is so incredibly unexpected. Anyway me and Mr ‘Quite a good hunter really’ hung out for a while before he out leveled me in what felt like a day.

So heres a shout out to that nelf with a mohawk Mr Huntchoo of Aman’Thul (aye I though it sounded like a sneeze too), for knowing how to pull, how to trap and mark in the PUG group and for dragging my miserable butt out on a questing outing even though you didn’t know I was miserable ^_^ it was nice… especially since hunters solo particularly well and you didn’t really need my under-geared healing ‘not-even-a-tree-yet’ self along for the ride. Yar the dude really cheered me up.

With all these good experiences why am I finding it so hard to continue on with warcraft you may ask? Well my guild was made of local RL friends so this isn’t just happening on the virtual side, it is in my RL too. Sadly on my home server I even recognise the ex-guildy toons as they walk past in Dalaran even though I am pretty sure they totally do not recognise the big cow-man druid sitting in the middle of the road or outside the Dalaran bank. Not really a conductive environment for me to be moving on from crappy feelings and the like hey.

Unfortunately the toons on this particular server, well these are also my favourite top end toons. I could transfer them off to a server that I would actually be comfortable playing on, without the headaches of ‘yesterday’ getting in my face,  however all my other servers are alliance. So I would be facing the costs of server transfer, and then if I want to get down and social, a faction change. I feel I would have to move 4-5 toons because they all have professions dependant on the others… hmmm so costly.

As to hunting a new guild, well apparently I’m not really up to making new connections although I did think about it, and made a few false starts on the issue… but I am so tired of rejection, the social muck and the like I don’t even want to make the effort anymore even with online-only relationships – it’s a pity and I’m sure it won’t last forever but that is how things stand at the moment. Ima tired, I’d rather go it alone… but that stinks of the taste of giving up and “what’s the point of playing here”. I think for me personally, at the moment solo warcraft play would become an angst-wank fest where I begin the think along the lines of “oh poor me, I am so alone, fuck the world” – I don’t want to encourage that in myself. Or more to the point my personality can’t operate along those lines for long anyway, so there is no point going there – I may as well move along now as wait for an ekked out painful mopy end.

Another local friend has extended the hand of socialisation over on Warhammer online MMO or alternatively I can go play the Aion MMO with this fluffy female friend I have…

…okay I kid on the Aion angle as a viable option…nah I am not that desperate. Honestly playing Aion makes me want to stab myself in the eye with my wow authenticator (closest thing to hand). In fact even this particular fluffy female friend found the actual game sold in Australia so bad that she plays on an illegal(?) Asian rip off using a client patch O_o yarr. I have issues with that as I am not particularly comfortable playing when I am sure it is not 100% kosher on the legal side of things. But on her server they have removed most the Aion grind of misery by giving you unlimited fly ability, 6000 times the exp from mobs and all spells that are learnt automatically for free… to be honest even if it wasn’t as dodgy as all fuck it’s hard to get interested in a game that flys by with the ease of a greased pig.

But I have taken the warhammer offer up.

Reloaded the game, resubscribed, found that they have merged all my old servers meaning I can’t play any of my old toons, and that they have changed a lot of the ground I discovered during my 15 levels of witchelf / witchhunter leveling back when the game first  came out. After fossicking around on the net and discovering that the warhammer blogging community doesn’t appear to be as well developed as the wow one (maybe I just have to try harder) I am also reasonably sure the friend that invited me over did so because they are bucking for a special mount you get if you can sign up five or so players… of course I could just be jaded because I am having social apathy but I don’t really think so – sadly by reactivating my old account and not signing up under a new name I am reasonably sure I won’t help em qualify for that one – they’ll just have to deal with me as I am, foot sore, heart sore, matted fur, warts and all. *cackle. So yeah I’ve rolled a Shadow warrior order side which seems to be the equivalent of a petless hunter. I am even an elf.

And in conclusion: I think I’ll be taking a break from wow until I no longer have any negative emotional kicks when I touch it. Still not sure what I’ll do with my toons (keep em? close the account? Try to find a new server and regain my love? I remain undecided.)

The end: The blog will have to come to a halt as well  – when not playing wow it is reasonably hard to blog about it.

Thankyou for all the fish: I just want to thank blog commenters because really you do brighten the day… especially since I know that this blog doesn’t really contribute to the wow piggybank of wisdom (more it’s just me blabbing on about stuff I’ve experienced in game hey) and I want to thank the owners of the 360 odd wow blogs I have in my feed reader (particularly the hunters and the gnomes and the healers and the druids and the warlocks, and the hordies  ^_^)  – my god you lot made life and long night shifts entertaining! Your efforts really made warcraft more fun for me – like icing on my cake, awesome nation-spanning icing that you can read.

Some timewaster sites in the meantime if you need a laugh 🙂

All that is left is for me to take my druid on a cruise of the best sights of Azeroth, you know the ones that may never been seen again come Cataclysm. Druids are made for the cruising.

Its been a great five years hanging with the wow community.

A pretty good couple of years on the blogging end of it.

I don’t feel like any of it was wasted time!



About Bytes

Returning wow player, one of those elderly burnt out ex-officer types. My current main is a Hunter (MS the under-dog talent tree Beast Master), but thats shifting back to hybrid Shaman. Together with my virtual cat I battle evil, kick butt and take names.
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11 Responses to The tail end

  1. Faeldray says:

    Awww, I’ve going to miss your awesome ramblings. They are always so entertaining. Well, whatever you decide to do, I hope you really enjoy it. If you do decide to come back to WoW and want a change of pace, you could always jump over to Wyrmrest Accord and join my little guild of craziness. 😉

  2. Sellia says:

    Take care of yourself. I’ll keep your blog on my reader. Cya ! 🙂

  3. Furnurgler says:

    Dam….will definately miss your blog and everything you have to say. Good luck on whatever path you take and hopefully you’ll find your passion again come cataclysm. If not then find happiness in whatever you do.


  4. Lactic Acid says:

    Thanks muchly for the invite ^_^ – means a lot to me at the moment. I may indeed take you up on it someday (can’t see myself resisting the worgen come the new expansion) In anycase i shall still be reading your blog too hee

  5. Lactic Acid says:

    🙂 Take care as well!

  6. Lactic Acid says:

    Cheers Furn 🙂 & Thankyou – hee am thinking of starting a tongue in cheek “things I dislike about warhammer” or “warhammer cultureshock’ blog.

  7. Windpaw says:

    well hell – another blogger I enjoyed moving on. I get the reasons why though. When you start getting negative vibes from just logging in and you swear you’ve seen every fail group / fail player / fail situation a million times – well there’s just not much left to do but back off for a while.

    Oh and hey – *fuck* the collective WoW wisdom piggybank. Write what you enjoy – ramble about what’s important to you. Who gives a rats ass if or the hundreds of other popular blogs out there think it’s worthwhile. It’s your blog – which makes you the most important person to write for.

  8. Lactic Acid says:

    /love Windpaw – cheers indeed 🙂

  9. Brigwyn says:

    Wait.. Really?!? Another one 😦

    Well, /hug! I wish you well. You’ll be missed you truly will.

  10. Pingback: Steeds, Sunders, Sorrows, Sighs « Lyraat's WoW Reprieve

  11. Lactic Acid says:

    Thanks for the well wishing Brigwyn – stay happy as well hey ^_^ I’ll miss the most excellent wow community myself (still read all the blogs I am subscribed to hee)

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