Levels 1-10: I am HUNTER!


It is I, Fessran the little, hunter noob of Argent Dawns SAN guild.


Oh and meet… hum Chucky? – the horde wind rider cub. He is filling in for the position of Pet bodyguard until I hit level 10. He is a little useless in that regard, but people like to talk to me because they think he is cute so he is a bit of a conversation starter.

So a rundown of the hunter levels 1-10?

It was bloody painful!

I have gotten so used to running around with a level 80 hunter who is well geared enough to at least two or three shot most northrend mobs on the outside of instances O_o that this experience was… well it was like my main had suffered from the grief of having the Lich King eat her pet wolf or something which caused an orgy of despair driven boozing and gambling leaving her destitute, gearless, skilless and talentless. I hit keys that weren’t bound because the skills didn’t exist… and I was well kinda lonely if a funny way. No pet you see… which resulted in me running around with a companion pet out at all times. But back to the experience.

When you roll hunter you get a couple of wins:

  • One you have a ranged attack right off so mobs are half dead before they reach you and you have awesome pull ability.
  • Two that ranged attack is autoshot… once you get it rolling there is no need to keep hitting keys. This helps make hunters feel like easy drive in comparison to a lot of other classes.
  • At level one you also come equipped with ‘Raptor Strike’ the hunter melee ability which gives you a cool sword attack animation (but which has an annoyingly long cooldown/use timer) and the track beasts ability… which is brilliant for either avoiding wildlife or finding particular types of wildlife. Before the new quest help addon that Blizzard has implemented hunters had a real advantage in “finding” the beasties we were required to harvest eyes etc from heee. It is still a useful ability when taking cross country shortcuts and looking for particular beasts to tame.
  • You get an extra bag purely for stuffing ammo in

Levels 1-4

So yeah levels 1-4 you shoot at stuff and whack it with your whacking stick when it gets in your face.

At level 4 you get an aspect: Aspect of the monkey. Keep this turned on so that the mobs hitting you in the face hurt you less. You also get Serpent Sting… the basic tactic is to nail your target with this first once you have it because it is a DOT (damage over time). At this point in your leveling career you may consider the strafing shooting tactic (running sideways to get in those few extra shots on the mob)… or you could just flog stuff with your melee stick as usual… up to you.

Levels 5-6

At levels six you get hunters mark and arcane shot and really having these you will find that ‘run shooting’ (kiting or strafing) things will be a faster way of killing mobs, well so long as you don’t run your butt into something else. Mark the mob and start running. Serpent sting and arcane shot can both be fired while you are moving so you only need a shot timer (see addons below) to tell you when to pause to let auto shot smack your enemy in the face. Hunters are a reasonably mobile class this is why we start bouncing like rogues after we have been standing still for too long in an instance. Standing still is not really what the class was designed to do.

Level 6-8

At level 8 you get concussive shot… this is going to make your life wonderful and easy… well not as easy as that pet you actually rolled the class for but so much easier… Once you have concussive shot on a mob you are faster (at least for a little while) than anything you are hitting. Shooting things while moving away from them is easy now. Feel lame just running? Well then check out Pike’s Jump Shot training video… jump shot is 133T hunter move!

Levels 8-10

DING level 10 is the glory level!

You get Aspect of the hawk for you are a real hunter now!

And you get the chance to tame your pet!

Oh they make you do three annoying quests to give you the idea of how to tame a pet but eventually you’ll be left alone and allowed to select your bosom buddy. You have no trap, so slap on aspect of the monkey to make the inevitable beating you are going to cop hurt less and set out to find your perfect pet.

If you’re like me you will have a particular type of pet in mind – boars and bears are good for leveling as they eat everything and are of the tenacity (tank) class, or you will have scoped out Petopia for something colourful that is level appropriate… if not the best for the job.

So yeah you will have an epic adventure, I walked all the way to Ironforge to get mine.

Had to stop for this sun rise/set.

Stormwind’s new docks are really epic.

Apparently the deep-run tram scares wyvern cubs and they hide between your hooves O_o

The cub and I rounded up some rats because travel is all about the experience as well as the destination.

I was level 11 by the end of it – but I am happy with my choice.

While you are sitting back and admiring the new pets most awesome skin and pixels hopefully you’ll also notice the dang thing is starving and unhappy. Yup you need to visit your hunter trainer to learn how to feed the beast. Else that pet will run away… and in any case an unhappy pet does less damage.

Congratulations you have stuggled to level 10 and now you are a farming machine … you are also fairly nasty on the battlefields but more on that later.

Addons for this level:

Omen – A most important hunter addon. Omen helps you maintain an awareness of your treat in comparison to your tank’s threat… that includes your pet. With omen you will never pull agro unless you are being lazy and not paying attention.

Recount – you’re dps, surely you are interested in marking how well you are doing?

Any kind of shot & ability timer – I have Quartz at the moment (pretty sure that’s what is giving me my timers… maybe) this allows you to run but not miss your autoshot while retreating, see auto shot requires you to stand still for it to fire. The most simple method of kiting involves you ‘strafing’ (running sideways) and firing shots. With a shot timer you know when to pause to let autoshot go off before continuing to flee. At this level since you have very few shots auto shot is particularly important in damage contribution.

Permapet – for fun because I was lonely and on an RP server! For a permanent companion pet I have selected the wind rider cub for it is very cute and shows a little of my hordie background.

Petemote – because it is classy (A GUIDE)

Macros for this level:

Feed Pet

# Feed Pet
/cast Feed Pet
/use [pet:cat/wolf/bear/spider/bird of prey/nether ray] XXXX
/use [pet:warp stalker/rhino/gorilla/wasp/crab] XXXX

(Where XXX = the food you have that is meat or vege, just shift click on the food pile while writing the macro to add it or type it in case sensitive. You can add as many pet classes as are in your stables really. Heh this macro came from my 80 its a nice snap shot of the pets I’ve had over the last two years.)

Call Pet Macro

# Call Pet
/cast [nopet] Call Pet; Dismiss Pet

(Alternates call and dismiss. Its just a way of making space really)

Pet Attack Macro

/cast Hunter’s Mark

Casts hunters mark and sends your pet in, should be your standard opener.


Best twink for a hunter is mobility. Get that lowbie run speed enchant for your boots 🙂 and you will find the fighting marginally easier. Other than that you want agility enchants the most… or stam for survivability but the idea of huntering is that you let nothing touch you.

Engineering is the commonly used PVP twink profession as you can create and wear headpieces at a low level and craft some interesting utility items such as rocket boots, nets, parachutes and lasers etc. It is a nice profession for hunters because you can make scopes and ammo for yourself. Heh and hunters have so much utility already that throwing engineering in on top of our natural talent… well that this can make us feel like MacGyver… or Chuck Norris if you prefer .(Not what I took this time around however.)

Bandages, I kid you not. Max out your first aid it really gives you an advantage in PVE and PVP. Check out Bear’s article on the issue: The Fine Art of Bandaging

I hear heirlooms are the new twink items in any case. I put some shoulders on my baby mage and hit a battlefield to test it out… everyone targeted me 😦 it hurt. The resil on the heirloom gear didn’t seem to help the hurt.


About Bytes

Returning wow player, one of those elderly burnt out ex-officer types. My current main is a Hunter (MS the under-dog talent tree Beast Master), but thats shifting back to hybrid Shaman. Together with my virtual cat I battle evil, kick butt and take names.
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